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Except there is this one organization with an ad campaign that gets under my skin: the Arizona Lottery. It turns out that the Arizona Lottery has a whole YouTube channel, with several videos showing how the money gathered from lottery tickets fund great programs.
But when state governments create a gambling system that takes money from the poor, it violates the social contract. The argument can be made that lotteries are simply a creative tax: a way for citizens to voluntarily contribute to the state coffers while playing a fun game, and giving themselves a remote chance to strike it rich. If programs are in need of funding, there are better options than state-sponsored gambling. I presume that most of the readers of this blog do not participate in lotteries or many other forms of gambling. Here's what to do with the money if you ever win the lottery Get the Full StoryREUTERS Las Vegas Sun Steve MarcusFA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors. LPL Financial has landed Scranton, Pennsylvania-based Peoples Security Bank & Trust for its institutional platform. After a few months of trying to avert my eyes when passing billboards, and changing channels every ten minutes in the middle of football games, I am throwing in the towel.
One of my favorites is the Audubon Center, which takes inner city children and connects them with nature, teaching them science in an authentic environment. And since some of the money goes towards education and programs that help citizens in need, isn't it justifiable to fund these programs via a voluntary tax? According to this Salon article, the majority of collected funds are paid out to the handful of lottery winners and to the stores selling the tickets.

But if you agree that lotteries are not for the public good, I'd ask that you click this link to find and contact your district's state legislators.
But instead of compromising their wealth with impulsive purchases and regrettable gifts, winners should instead take some practical steps and make responsible financial decisions. The old-age dependency ratio could rise 70 by 2050 and the government forecasts that the population could halve within 70 years. I am one man against the thousands and millions of advertisers, and their millions and billions of advertising dollars. I found a video of one of their older ads which, I think, based on the video game graphics and the actor with the humongous plastic glasses, is trying to target gamers, or hipsters, or both.
Lottery monies also fund Arizona Healthy Families, a fantastic program that addresses various issues with at-risk families. But here's the rub: the dollars that the state gets from the lottery aren't coming out of thin air. But because, by definition, lotteries take more money away from citizens than they can possibly give back, nearly all winnings are gone after the first five years, and lotteries are linked to serious gambling problems, they violate this core responsibility. With 8% going to administrative costs (and, presumably, advertising on prime time television), only about 30% of all ticket revenue goes to the state.
If such a step is necessary, legislators should have the courage to raise income taxes, rather than to take the easy way out via a voluntary, but regressive, tax like a lottery. I'll be sending this post to my State Senator Katie Hobbs, as well as State Representatives Chad Campbell and Lela Alston. Charles Schwab analysts write that first and foremost, winners should figure out the tax implications which vary state to state .

It was never a fair fight, so rather than continuing to aggravate myself, now I am just watching playoff football like a normal American, and watching the stupid commercials. Individual citizens have to spend their after-tax earnings on tickets, if the lotteries are to raise funds.
And while it might be excusable for private casinos to make huge sums of money off of their customers, it's quite another thing for a state government to run its own gambling scheme, and to promote it on the public airwaves, using funds already garnered from that gambling. So the lottery system is a great way to take a lot of money from a wide group of citizens and to concentrate it with a few winners, who are likely to spend every penny in the next half decade. Naive dreamer that I am, there is a part of me that thinks the practice could be stopped if enough people voiced their opposition.
And then people who come into money suddenly should re-think their asset allocation, update their giving strategy, re-assess insurance needs, and smartly pay off debts.
Disproportionately, lottery tickets are being purchased by low income households, the very people who can least afford to gamble with a negative expected return. But with only thirty cents of every dollar making it into the state budget, it is an awful way to raise money for education or social programs. In keeping with the theme of this post though, maybe one of you readers will want to bet me on it.
Ironically, the tickets are being disproportionately purchased by the same disadvantaged groups the government wants to help via these programs.

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