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2015 chevrolet silverado 2500 crew cab duramax diesel 4x4, Certified used 2015 chevrolet silverado 2500 crew cab certified used 2015 chevrolet silverado 2500 crew cab duramax 135 point inspection, lube oil. The bypass oil filters - onboard clean oil power, The liquid contaminants from motor oil i never thought a system could remove the sludge and soot from the oil of my twin-turbo duramax. 2015 chevy colorado, gmc canyon to offer i4 duramax diesel, All-new 2015 chevrolet colorado and gmc canyon diesel power imminent for 2015 chevy colorado, gmc canyon 89.
Chevy and gmc duramax diesel forum, This is a high powered sited dedicated to chevy and gmc duramax diesel truck 04-08-2015 11:17 am last post. 2016 chevrolet colorado duramax: firing up the 2016 colorado duramax awakens a crisp grunt, much different from its tahoe 2015 blind spot and. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. We've said it before and you've read it before: You can't just bolt on a random combination of parts and expect to see serious performance gains. Here we've got the scoop on 18 different parts combinations that will improve the performance of a wide variety of 4x4 vehicles. I went to the local Honda dealer and found I could get on a new Shadow 750 Ace for around $5,500. This year Honda did something new with the Shadow and while it seems they are still following trends instead of creating them (the all-black bike thing is already at least two years old), at least they picked a trend I like. I have a great allegiance to Honda, as I’ve owned no other bike brand in almost 25 years, but my concern is that the Phantom costs eight grand. I hate to cover up the piece but it will be coated before going on the car along with a downpipe and some other misc.
A democracy, in its purest form, is well represented by a group consisting of 2 wolves and 1 rabbit. Most late-model Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and Dodge pickups and SUVsHorsepower gain: An average of 40-50 hpTorque gain: An average of 60-65 lb-ft What's in the box?
For trucks with big-block Chevy engines Horsepower gain: Varies dramatically depending on your combination, but this kit can produce as much as 1,500 hp-and it will make 500 hp with ease-depending on your cam, cylinder heads and so on.
From deep, sticky mud to craggy canyons strewn with Jeep-sized boulders, we’ll take you places we guarantee are Prius-free and t-case-required! Even so, I’ve told many a new rider looking at cruisers to check them out for their first bike.

They gave it flat drag bars, a sleek and low one-piece saddle, and black rims (a very nice touch). The fuel injection should give it a bit more torque than the carb version while making a more maintenance-free bike; unless you change the exhaust, then you know the drill. By purchasing parts that were designed to work together in harmony, you'll be spending your money wisely, and you'll be getting the grunt you and your rig deserve. This setup is able to tolerate lots of heat and make more power, plus it dramatically improves driveability. The extreme torque gains make it easy to power your truck over obstacles and navigate difficult terrain-not to mention tow or haul heavy loads and pull your friends out of the mud.
Because stroking your engine is the perfect way to produce gobs of bottom-end and mid-range torque, which is exactly what you need. The combination works well due to the increase in airflow-both on the way into your engine and on the way back out. By improving your engine's efficiency, this easy bolt-on, smog-legal package provides more torque, more horsepower and 15-25 percent better fuel economy.
These packages are particularly well suited to four-wheeling and heavy-duty applications, since they increase horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range. This setup gives you a solid increase in horsepower and torque at a reasonable price, and with a minimal amount of work.
These systems are dyno matched so you gain the maximum safe horsepower and torque from your specific drivetrain combination.
Torque gain: Varies dramatically depending on your combination, but definitely oriented toward extreme bottom-end torque What's in the box?* A 4340 forged-steel crankshaft* Eagle H-beam connecting rods* JE or Wiseco forged aluminum pistons* JE or Speed Pro rings* Clevite bearingsWhy would I want it?
Honda also gave it grey matte color on everything that used to be chrome except the exhaust (should be grey) and mirrors (should be black). Until then, I’m going to lay down on the sofa and watch TV, hoping to feel better tomorrow morning. After a long wait for the flanges and several different piping layouts, this is the finished piece. You'd be getting a seriously torque-oriented setup that's still mild enough to run happily on pump gas. In fact, the wastegate actuator helps your engine produce tremendous torque right off idle.

Plus, the computer tuner makes sure your engine takes best advantage of the increase in air. Efficiency gains come from 50 percent better air intake flow, reduced exhaust backpressure and changes to the fuel and timing curves that produce a better burn of the intake charge.
Every Opti-Max Performance System optimizes the fuel delivery, injection pulse width, timing and intake and exhaust flow through electronic and airflow modifications.
Because this is a torque-oriented package, it's ideal for most four-wheeling situations.How much does it cost? It also enhances your truck's exhaust tone and reduces weight, thanks to the change in exhaust and intake systems. Not only will you have more grunt for four-wheeling, you'll be able to haul heavier loads and tow far more easily, while getting better gas mileage too.
A little under-powered but it looked cool, got great mileage, was cheap to insure, and chicks in San Francisco liked it.
If you're not building a super-high-horsepower race engine, these parts will deliver all day long. Each kit comes prepped for final assembly, including high-speed balancing, and buying all the parts at once saves you a bundle. It went over 100 miles an hour and was my baby for almost two years as I put on over 20,000 miles. But it does allow you to correct for wheel-and-tire changes and gear-ratio changes, as well as change the transmission shifting load, firmness, rpm and line pressure. It's even ready for additional modifications to your truck, including the addition of an aftermarket supercharger, high-flow injectors, headers, an after-cat exhaust system, larger tires, gear changes, a cold-air intake and more. It provides an improvement in torque and power from just off idle to 6,000 rpm, thanks to Quick Lift rocker-arm geometry. It accelerates all of the lift events and causes the cams to have power outputs equal to cams 6 degrees larger at 0.050, while still retaining the short seat-to-seat valve timing that allows custom tuning without any degradation of driveability or compromise of the OBD-II engine control system.

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