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The demand for mobile applications like iPhone apps is at an all time high, but the cost of developing iPhone apps can be a major deterrent for small to medium sized businesses. Not willing to allow sky-high price tags to squash their dreams of going mobile, these smaller businesses have found a way to get their messages right into their customers hands.  Saavy entrepreneurs look to the various app development templates that they can customize at a fraction of the cost rather than creating one from scratch. In 2006, Donald Trump made plans to purchase the Menie Estate, near Aberdeen, Scotland, aiming to convert the dunes and grassland into a luxury golf resort. For centuries, philosophers and theologians have almost unanimously held that civilization as we know it depends on a widespread belief in free will—and that losing this belief could be calamitous. Today, the assumption of free will runs through every aspect of American politics, from welfare provision to criminal law.
One evening in November of 2002, Carol Batie was sitting on her living-room couch in Houston, flipping through channels on the television, when she happened to catch a teaser for an upcoming news segment on KHOU 11, the local CBS affiliate. The subject of the segment was the Houston Police Department Crime Laboratory, among the largest public forensic centers in Texas. The ruins of ancient Roman barracks discovered in Italy, a toddler tied to a rock in India, the South Sudan Wheelchair Basketball Association, a nude Shakespeare performance in New York’s Central Park, and much more. A new report estimates that by 2050, drug-resistant infections will kill one person every three seconds, unless the world’s governments take drastic steps now. In recent years, the idea that educators should be teaching kids qualities like grit and self-control has caught on.

The truth, as many American teachers know firsthand, is that low-income children can be harder to educate than children from more-comfortable backgrounds.
Few RuPaul’s Drag Race fans could have been surprised Monday night when the show crowned as champion the 29-year-old New Yorker who goes by the name Bob the Drag Queen. But the most memorable moments of the night belonged to a runner-up, Kim Chi, as had many of the most memorable moments of the season. Apple is charging between $199 and $399 for its new iPhone 4S, but how much does it cost to make? Those wireless components are among the pricier parts of the iPhone 4S, coming in at $23.54 across all versions. The Avago component, meanwhile, is notable because it can support 2G and 3G technologies across multiple bands, reducing the required PC board footprint. It seems that anyone asking about the price of an iphone app these days will likely be quoted an astronomical figure in the tens of thousands, citing the countless hours of development and graphic design work. Our codes of ethics, for example, assume that we can freely choose between right and wrong. It permeates the popular culture and underpins the American dream—the belief that anyone can make something of themselves no matter what their start in life. By one estimate, the lab handled DNA evidence from at least 500 cases a year—mostly rapes and murders, but occasionally burglaries and armed robberies.

The Simpsons is so astute that, 16 years ago, the show predicted Donald Trump’s run for president. A former chairman of Goldman Sachs with no scientific training, he was an unorthodox choice to lead an international commission on drug-resistant infections. Winter Han, the author of a book on Asian American gay men, analyzes the RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite Kim Chi.
Griffin recalls that Trump was a hard-nosed negotiator, reluctant to give in on even the tiniest details.
Acting on a tip from a whistle-blower, KHOU 11 had obtained dozens of DNA profiles processed by the lab and sent them to independent experts for analysis.
Korean studios take the voice recordings and the storyboards, and their artists draw out each frame—on paper. The great Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant reaffirmed this link between freedom and goodness.

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