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Youth Basketball Practice PlansBasketball practice plans and award certificate templates for youth basketball coaches.
We took 4 of our most popular basketball products and bundled them together, and tried to price them at an irresistible number.
This season, you’re hoping that your players will learn and play to the best of their abilities, parents will enjoy watching the action, and everyone will have fun. How to keep you players engaged throughout the course of a long season and at every practice.  How to balance repetition with variety so that kids stay interested. Preparing your team for different situations that come up in the course of a game and season.  What should players do when they face a zone press?  How to inbounds the ball from the sidelines to create a scoring opportunity?
A guide for volunteer basketball coaches — especially those coaching girls in 4th – 8th grades — provides an easy to follow approach to coaching and managing your team. O’Halloran’s “Never Forget They’re Kids” philosophy places an emphasis on learning, having fun and creating memorable experiences for players.
This basketball coaching book covers important fundamental basketball topics like defensive and offensive skills, rebounding know-how, shooting technique (including the 2 most common shooting flaws for this age group and how to address them), your coaching approach on the bench and practice preparation.
Includes 114 basketball  certificates to recognize players — both boys and girls — coaches, team parents and more. Most coaches teach plays for inbounding the ball underneath their offensive basket, and have structured plays for inbounding against a press after a made basket against their team. For many teams, especially at younger ages, some of the best open looks players will get at the basket will come as a result of defense.
If the best ball handler and playmaker on your team happens to be the tallest, don’t be afraid to have that player bring the ball up.
Without wearing your team out, you can still cover a lot of topics in some pre-game warm-ups. Teaching players the importance of being in position to shoot, pass or dribble with each possession is one of the strongest signs of a well-coached, offensive basketball team. Basketball is inherently a fun sport, and typically youth basketball coaches will find ways to make it fun for players.
We all know the type of youth basketball coach that stands up the entire game — every game.
It’s as if they’ve watched NBA games or ESPN’s Sports Center and taken their cues on how to coach by listening to the broadcasters and by watching the sideline antics of some coaches. What’s not shown during games and highlights is that there’s so much more to coaching than what happens during game time.
In the same way that the most critical factor in determining the quality of an education is the quality of the teacher, the most critical factor in determining the success of a season is the quality of the coach. My wife works at a wonderful school where the motto is “Not for school, but for life.” The school’s founders clearly understood that students’ time in school was really preparation for something much bigger. There’s a reason that classroom teachers plan out their year, plan out their month, plan out their week and plan out their day. A school teacher will collect materials for their class from various sources including training materials, other teachers, books, seminars and from materials used in past years.
From grade school thru college, it’s not uncommon for teachers on the first day of class to review their expectations with their classes. By coming to class with a sense of purpose, some organization that enables them to use time well, and real enthusiasm helps great teachers get a lot out of students. Finding ways to engage students might mean being able to relate on subject matters beyond the intended course. At certain points in the school year or season; great teachers and coaches reflect on their own work.
Just as most great trial lawyers will tell you that cases are won or lost before they reach court in research and preparation, most great basketball coaches know that games are won based on practice and preparation. When coaches come prepared with a practice plan, players learn more, coaches can focus on teaching in the moment vs. The appendices include diagrams and graphics to enable you to quickly grasp and explain coaching concepts. The topics covered in these practice plans, and the order in which they’re taught, have led to many a successful season, dozens of tournament trophies and a Minnesota State Championship title.
By having a complete plan in place for every pre-practice meeting and every practice, you’ll be more relaxed and be able to enjoy the process more. Basketball is a fun sport, but even the most dedicated players can get bored or not feel challenged unless the coach keeps them engaged throughout the season.  These practice plans will keep your players involved as they improve their games and have a lot of fun in the process. You’ll learn successful strategies and tactics to use for your team on offense and defense to make your team more competitive.
A guide for setting team objectives, running your first meeting with players, and your first meeting with parents.  Includes a template for your first email to parents.

Suggestions on how to create a team website easily, incorporate film sessions for your team and more. They were always well-received but I can’t wait to hear the reaction to these awards. Print as many of these basketball award certificates as you like on the paper of your choice.
These professionally designed certificates look great on refrigerators, bulletin boards and bedroom walls. You may want to slow down a scoring run of the opposing team, rest your players after a tiring stretch, switch your offense or defense approach, or prepare your team for a critical possession. Teach your players how to steal off the dribble, including which angle to take and how to tip the ball without fouling. Because of the player’s height, many coaches might tend to play this player in the center position. If the other team’s frontline is taller at every position than your team, but your guards are taller, consider posting up your guards on offense. Don’t be afraid to review key concepts, inbound plays, zone offense, etc., during this time. For passes over 15 feet long, have your players ask themselves 2 questions: 1.) Will the completed pass give our team a distinct advantage? The success of a coach at any level of play isn’t as dependent on their coaching from the bench and how well they can work over the referees during a game, but rather how they prepare and teach their players before the game begins.
Great teachers and coaches know that certain times throughout the year will present great teachable moments where life lessons can be taught.
Likewise a coach will use materials from coaching books, websites, other coaches, and clinics. To get a lot of people moving in the same direction, it helps to have some shared understanding.
Giving players and parents an early review as to how things are going on the basketball team is also important. Great basketball coaches like John Wooden, Dean Smith and Don Meyer were all great teachers.
He authored Never Forget They’re Kids — Ideas for Coaching your Daughter’s 4th ? 8th Grade Basketball Team and co?created “The Well?Prepared Coach™” line of coach handout and award certificate printables. As a coach or team manager, you’ll look polished and well-prepared with these awards. They look great and there are lots to choose from; some for boys, some for girls, some for all players and even some for assistant coaches. Don’t lose sight of the opportunity to call a timeout to simply save possession of the ball. When the opponent’s best ball handler is taking a break might be the time to apply a full court press. If your center has a speed advantage over the person guarding her, pull her out, feed her the ball and let her drive around the slower opponent.
If you add up all your pre-game, warm-up time over the course of the season; it’s a significant chunk of time. It can be embarrassing for a player, parents, team and community if some players don’t handle this component of the game well.
However, along the way, some coaches find ways to cut into the fun players have and the effectiveness of their team.
The game of basketball presents some wonderful opportunities to teach the value of winning and losing with grace, understanding that hard work and purpose can lead to success, and knowing the value of teamwork – everyone can make a difference.
A successful coach will not only share expectations with players, but also with the players’ parents. If a couple players were out of line, the entire team was punished, thereby creating some peer pressure for the offenders to watch their ways. I’ve always found it valuable to meet 10 minute before court time for practices in order to not only cover the practice agenda, but also to connect with players on something different than just basketball. Usually, after the first tournament, I’ll send an individual email out to each player’s parent letting them know a few of the good things that their player is contributing to the team.
There’s a big difference between these professional looking award certificates and the ones I prepared.
You can personalize each certificate with players’ names, team names and your personal comments. As a coach or team manager, you’ll be better organized and look polished and well-prepared. Some examples: if you’re team has nearly exhausted the 10 seconds it takes to get the ball over the half-court line when the other team is pressing, or a player is double-teamed in a corner with no good passing options, or your player gains possession of the ball but is laid out on the court without his feet on the ground.

Also, try to put your best on-ball defender in the position to guard the other team’s point guard. As a head coach, you might assign an assistant coach to highlight where the advantages are in match-ups so that you can focus on overall team management during the game. Telling, demonstrating, reviewing students’ work in action, and repetition can all be keys to learning. Topics of conversation have included what’s going on at school, pop culture and news events.
Sure, there were the pre-test instructions, but after the test was handed out, most teachers sat back at their desk and just monitored the test taking. If you don’t have time to go through the entire post make sure to bookmark this page and come back some other time.
Each form can be personalized, either via printer or hand-written notes, with your own personal agenda topics. Using timeouts to save a possession here and there might be the difference in winning or losing a tight game. Well-constructed sideline inbound plays can put the defensive team on the defensive, and at a minimum, reduce the risk of turnovers.
From a player’s perspective, to receive positive feedback from both the coach and a parent can frequently be a huge boost to their confidence.
Compare that type of approach to many youth basketball coaches who are screaming instructions at players every 10 seconds during games. Avoid patterns by sometimes passing to the post, sometimes to the wing, sometimes have the point keep it off a pick, or just replace positions with the wing. When kids are fidgeting too much or down in spirit, it might be time to try something new or move to an activity that is a class favorite. Teaching some of the fundamental skills with the number of repetitions required can get boring without adding some element of creativity, e.g.
Legendary basketball coach John Wooden knew that nearly all of his work was done by the time his players prepared for the tip-off. When a child is involved in track or running on a regular basis she needs a quality shoe to help keep her feet healthy. Sturdy, ankle support shoes are also beneficial to prevent turned ankles along with other foot and leg problems.
Having themed practices ranging from “Hat Day” to “Motown Appreciation Night” helped many players look forward to our next basketball event practices.
In reflecting on the losses, we decided we needed more time spent in practices on breaking presses and better techniques on how to break them. These adjustments made a big difference and we didn’t lose another game the rest of the season. Today’s youth basketball coaches should be sitting down more and letting their players be the focus of attention. Whether your child participates in a summer hiking camp or runs within the snow during the winter, his athletic shoes should circulate air to avoid sweating, which breeds bacteria and micro-organisms, and also to prevent dampness and moisture from becoming locked inside the shoe. Running shoes having a Velcro strap are ideal for young children and may reduce accidents that can occur from an untied shoelace. The Velcro strap is made to secure your child’s foot within the shoe regardless of the level of his activity. Find footwear that can be cleanedKids are notorious for locating mud puddles and wet, grassy areas, which can be hard on shoes. Check your children’s shoes for fit regularly and, is they’ve become not big enough, replace them right away to prevent injury. Jack Ramsay Quotes “Basketball, like all sports, is predicated on the execution of fundamentals. I didn’t play against the toughest competition in high school, but one reason I was able to do well in college was that I mastered the fundamentals. Your goal is penetration, get the ball close to the basket, and there are three ways to do that. I didn’t have full control, but I got so I could move the ball back and forth from one hand to the other without breaking the cadence of my dribble.

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