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Business analysts, also known as management analysts, analyze an organization and propose ways to improve its structure, efficiency, and profits. Common college majors among business analysts include business administration, accounting, economics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. Self-motivated people tend to do well in a business analyst career, because the job requires you to work with minimal supervision.
The rise of information technology has expanded employment opportunities for business analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of management analysts is expected to grow 22% from 2010 to 2020, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Business analyst jobs are attractive to many people, because they are challenging, allow you to work independently, and have a high salary potential.
If you are considering becoming a business analyst, keep in mind that there is no road map.
When it comes to college reading, speed isn't always the objective — especially if you're reading about something complicated, like quantum physics. Skimming is a reading method that can help you uncover the main ideas of a text very quickly. Scanning is used to locate specific data or figures that you already suspect you'll find within a text. Close reading is the kind of reading that English students use in order to interpret works of literature. In order to become an efficient reader, you need to eliminate the distractions and roadblocks that sometimes cause readers to lose their place, to reread the same lines, or to mentally "check out" from the words and their meanings.
If you're reading from a textbook (as opposed to a computer screen), don't follow the words with your finger.
Some experts report that reading text from a computer screen is slower and more stressful on your eyes. Still, if you prefer to read on the web, bear in mind that flat screens are better for your eyes than traditional computer monitors. If you're reading online, you should also make sure that you eliminate all computer-related distractions.
Business analysts determine an organization’s needs or objectives and then improve its ability to meet them.

There is also a non-mandatory certification for business analysts called the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation offered through the Institute of Management Consultants, which may give job seekers a competitive advantage. You also need strong interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills, creativity, and time management skills. Other areas in which a business analyst may specialize include human resources, marketing, and logistics. Despite rapid growth in this sector, the competition for business analyst jobs is expected to be significant, because the pool of applicants is so large and people from diverse educational and career backgrounds can qualify.
While there are many “soft” skills that you need to develop, such as organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills, it is not necessary to pursue a specific educational or career path to become a business analyst.
But if you have to read Moby Dick by the end of the week, you can't afford to spend 20 minutes dissecting every page, either.
Depending on what you're reading, you'll need to utilize different types of reading and reading techniques.
If you're asked to read an entire book, look over the table of contents, paying attention to section titles and the progression of ideas that will follow. Textbooks usually supply their own unit quizzes and lists of vocabulary terms, but you can reinforce your memory by creating your own, then matching them against the book's version. Other experts say that online reading offers less of a connection — if only because there are no material pages to hold in your hand. They help an organization solve its problems by analyzing relevant data, reporting their findings, and recommending a course of action. Some employers require business analysts to have a master’s degree in business administration.
In addition, business analysts need project management, analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking ability, as well as the capacity to work well with different types of people. Business analysts working at large firms in major metropolitan areas typically tend to earn the highest yearly salaries. One of the best ways to build a career as a business analyst is to pursue a degree in a related field and then gain experience working in the industry in which you wish to consult.
If the material seems relevant, you may choose to go back and read the entire text closely. You might scan a book that you've already read, in order to find a piece of information that you can't fully recall.

They also pay attention to how written material is organized and how it relates to other fields of study.
Obviously, you need to be looking at the words in front of you, but your head shouldn't swivel back and forth with each new line of text. If you're reading a chapter or an article, take a few minutes to observe how the text is organized. Plus, each new day of reading is an opportunity to review what you learned on the previous day. The most effective note-taking involves changing the language into your own words — or paraphrasing.
Research shows that memory improves when you engage with the material, using multiple learning cues.
Business analysts may work as solo practitioners or as part of large organizations that employ numerous consultants. When you're collecting sources and quotes, you need to read texts like a map — zeroing in on your destination. Questions that can't be answered — even after you've returned to the text — will make great contributions to your online class discussion. This way, you'll be less tempted to check your bank account, surf celebrity gossip sites, or take a break for online shopping. By pursuing a career as a business analyst, you can help organizations remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. Few schools offer formal training for business analysts, but many fields of study provide a suitable education for aspiring business analysts, because the occupation encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Whenever you are connecting ideas and reading in between the lines, you are engaged in close reading. You'll absorb more information if you're able to make predictions about what is coming next.
If you can translate the author's words into simpler language, then you can be sure you've understood the passage.

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