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Imagine having a rewarding, high paying job coaching people to achieve success in their work, relationships and life.
People use life coaches for the same reason that they use sports coaches: they want someone to work with them, to encourage them, to push them.
Other people want a life coach to assist them in achieving a more rewarding job, better relationships, more free time, or to improve some other life area. Likewise, successful companies (such as Kodak, IBM and Marriott) hire corporate coaches to help employees achieve greater success in a variety of areas.
If you would like to be paid to coach people, the FabJob Guide to Become a Life Coach is for you! To give you insider advice on how to get started as a life coach, the author of this FabJob guide interviewed numerous experts including psychology professors at various universities, instructors at coach training schools, and administrators at the International Coach Federation.
Where to get low-cost coaching instruments, including tests to measure stress, leadership, personality, coping, time management, etc. Links to the information you need about business matters affecting life coaches including licenses, legal structures, etc.
The information in this guide can save you many hours of research, help you avoid costly mistakes, and give you information you need to become a life coach. SPECIAL OFFER # 2: Although this guide has previously been available only as an e-book you can get a print copy together with a CD-ROM that includes sample checklists, forms, and more.
Only a very limited number of copies of this popular guide have been published in print, and are available on a first come first served basis. You can earn back the price of the guide many times over with your very first life coaching client. We are so confident that this guide can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a refund if you decide within 30 days of purchase that you are not satisfied with the information contained in the guide.
We are so confident this FabJob e-book can help you achieve your dreams, we will give you a full refund if you tell us within 60 days that you are not happy with your purchase. I received the Life Coaching Guide and am so impressed with how complete it was and all the areas it covered. As someone who has trained and certified coaches for many years, I know quality information when I see it. I’m Sunshine and I am a Southern California girl that has been called to the life coaching profession.
March 6, 2015 by Fred Phillips 2 Comments Do you need an accredited life coach certification?

There are no legal requirements to be certified if you want to enter the life coaching profession. Your accredited life coaching certification is much more than a piece of paper you can hang on your office wall. An accredited life coach certification gives a potential client confidence in your coaching abilities and it allows them to trust your skillset. Now that I’ve told you that having an accredited life coach certification is important, I’m going to tell you to watch out for accredited coaching programs.
Because the coaching profession lacks regulation and universal legal standards, coaching schools also operate on their own terms. The best way to avoid low quality coaching programs is to only look for ones that have been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Once you finish your coaching program, get a nice frame, and pick the perfect spot to hang that accredited life coach certification on your office wall.
Clear, Comprehensive Certification gives you a recognized Life Coaching Accreditation within 6 weeks! I know that I did - I was sick of being stuck in a job where my opinions and life experiences only meant something if they landed the lead story on the evening news. I wanted freedom over my time, freedom to work hours which suited my family and the freedom to work from home.Freedom to help and be a real difference in the world - and the carrot at the end of the stick was that I also really wanted Financial freedom.
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As a life coach you will help people identify what is holding them back from having everything they want in business or life, and coach them to overcome those challenges. Senior executives, for example, often want the unbiased feedback a coach will give them through executive coaching. They may have difficulty setting goals or finding the courage to do what they want instead of what others expect of them. For example, as a relationship coach, you might work with married couples, gay couples, singles who are seeking a partner, or anyone else who wants the guidance a coach can give to improve relationships.
In addition to executive coaching, many corporate coaches get paid thousands of dollars a day for leading training programs to help employees reduce burnout, improve customer service, get along with co-workers, and maximize performance. In this e-book you will discover how you can get started and succeed in this rewarding career. The previous edition sold out, so if you would like to have a print copy, we strongly suggest that you purchase it immediately.

And this guide can help you get hired as a coach or start your own life coaching business much more quickly and cost-effectively.
Focusing on popular careers that don't require a college degree, a FabJob guide can save you many hours of research, help you avoid some costly mistakes, and give you the competitive edge you need to get started and succeed in your dream career. Well, if you want to become an accountant, a doctor, or a nuclear physicist, then no, you don’t need an accredited life certification.
Well, taking an accredited coaching program will help you learn the skills necessary to become a good coach.
It says to any potential clients that you have taken the time to learn the information and skills needed to be successful in your profession. The certification won’t automatically make you a successful coach, but it will open up doors for you on your journey to success. Many coaching programs use accreditation as a marketing tool to lure in potential customers. The ICF is one of the largest governing bodies in the coaching profession and only accredits programs that meet its high standards. You may not need it to open a life coaching business, but it will certainly look nice, and it will definitely help you attract and retain clients. UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too.
The FabJob Guide to Become a Life Coach contains some of the best career advice you could get from other sources, plus much more. Bureau of Labor Statistics, competition is expected to remain keen in the consulting industry through the year 2016.
I wants to now use my gifts and experiences to coach and help other women learn how to improve their lives and their businesses using my signature Rock Star Goddess system.
Coaches across the globe recognize the ICF as an industry leader and turn to it for help with training and education. After being through some rough times herself and bouncing back, she wants to help other women learn how to improve their lives and their businesses so they can live their dreams.
But, as the field gets more and more crowded and the competition increases, being certified will become more and more crucial to your success.

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