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After years of writing professionally in the corporate arena, I was determined to “write a book.” Each time I would start it, I would hit a brick wall. Writing too much: Thinking that you need to write everything and not knowing what to write and what not to write.
Perfectionism: If you feel as though you must do things perfectly before you publish your book (or even begin it) can lead to massive procrastination.
It was years before I recognized that if I was going to be happy at work – whether I liked my job or not – I was going to have to discover or uncover a way to do that. By the way, I couldn’t write about happiness at work if I wasn’t happy “at work.” My learning to be happy inspired others so much… and, being known for my joyfulness and happiness at work I wrote a book about happiness to provide further tips and steps for you to be happier too and not just comfortable. This MP3 AUDIO (LESS THAN 30 MINUTES) teaching is based on the live class that I teach in the ATL.
Think about what you are contributing right now and if you are ready to handle that promotion. Resist the urge to quit (unless your health is suffering or you know that you heard from God for real) or say or do something you might regret. While you are waiting, be grateful for what you have right now and prepare for that wonderful dream job that’s on the way — after all, your dream job is right around the corner.
In all fairness, I have had my share of managers who did or didn’t do a “good job” in my estimation; but, then, who was I to judge?
Should companies and management step up to the challenge of making changes to improve workplace life for their employees? Do you believe that you have a purpose and are graced to do something outstanding in this life? When I recently interviewed  Mimi Sagadin, who plays Corrie ten Boom in the new movie Return to the Hiding Place (wide release on February 6-12), I had a deep sense that this was more like a divine encounter than a business-style interview. Mimi shared that she had prior experience in a lesser role in a play based on Corrie’s courageous (and now widely-known acts) that helped save almost 1,000 Jews from the Nazis. Sometimes, you can be so caught up in helping and gifting others at this holiday season, or anytime for that matter, that you forget about doing for yourself.
There have been many books and courses that teach thinking positive and the power of positive thinking (The Power of Positive Thinking is an excellent example).  In fact, positive thinking versus negative thinking is really quite beneficial.
Second to quiet time, is “me time.” “Me time” is the time that you can take to do something just for you.
It's time to take your life back from the people that are causing you pain and making you unhappy. It's time to take your life back from the people that are causing you pain and making you unhappy.
These days between technology and self-publishing and the testimonies for what writing a book will do for a career or business, everybody wants to “write a book.” Besides, everybody has a story and there’s someone who needs to read that story. With a good outline, and a plan for writing each day, and not writing too much, the writing can flow and before you know it you’ll have your first draft. Once I learned how to do that, it didn’t take long for me to not only become happier at work – but to be known for my happy demeanor and attitude of joyful working.
As a Woman of Faith, I am particularly aware of my thinking and how it can or can’t affect my emotional state.
Sure, the world has a lot of things going on right now that could be “scary.” I choose to be grateful for what I have now. You have been thinking about it for days, months, years… you may even have some notes. I had an MBA degree (not a lot of women had them in those days) and I was doing work that was not my yet my dream work… not my dream job(s).
It’s perhaps a season in your life that is preparing you for bigger and better — and the dream job.
Take some time to think about what you are thinking about — and what is the source of your unhappiness. Revisit your “why.” Les Brown put it this way: If you know your WHY, you can endure almost any HOW! So, I changed my attitude and worked at my job – to the best of my ability – not because they were “good” or not because I agreed with the company rules and policies. I believe that the good preparation was helpful, but was only a step that was just one of several on Mimi’s path to her destiny.

I believe that it is one that will inspire teens and adults alike to take a stand for others and to rise up and walk courageously. There are some simple things that you can give yourself that won’t mean laying out a whole lot of bucks. Some people make affirmations and visualize good things that they want to happen in their lives.
In fact, these days, life is happening so very fast that sometimes there is one problem to be solved after another. And, sometimes, it is hard to go “without” something that you have been yearning for – for days, weeks, months, and years.  One theory is that it’s because of a wrong focus. Now, I am in the process of readying my sixth book for publishing (I write more than one at a time) and the process is so simple that I love teaching book writing and coaching them to get ‘er done.
If you can work with a writing coach like me or someone else, that will help the flow and will also allow for accountability.
I’m not saying it was “easy,” but I am saying that it was my choice and a lot easier and less painful than being miserable where I was. If I think positively (for me that includes the Word of God (Bible), then my attitude towards “stuff” will be more in line with the good in situations. Complimenting others takes my focus off of the negative things they do and the things others do as well.
I am grateful for my workplace consulting and writing clients — even if I don’t yet have the kind of income I am anticipating.
Or maybe you have been writing and writing and writing AND STILL you don’t really have a book completed. Much is being written on how to work with millennials and other age groups (this is not meant to be a criticism of any or all). But, the issue can sometimes be that companies can change all that they think needs to be changed and still have unhappy employees, right? I was so happy to speak with her and listen to her express her passion –about the movie and her work as an actress. Sagadin continues to work in feature films, short films, commercials, industrials and plays. In fact, you can start today even if it’s giving yourself just one of the gifts on this list. You can choose to think positively and even talk to yourself in a positive way.  You can catch yourself talking to yourself negatively (oh, that was so dumb of me) and replace it with good thinking and loving talking about yourself. The new attitude can open up many doors for you and lead to you having a peace in your life that surpasses the circumstances that might be overwhelming at times. You have so very much to be thankful for – it makes for a happier you to focus on the good in your life and take your focus off of “what’s not” or what is missing. Well… I mentioned that I was going to go and make a pot of coffee as soon as we were finished with our conversation.
You can get going today and be up and writing really quickly with an awesome outlining technique: Write that Book! It may not be perfect on the first draft, but it can be great.  And, besides, your message has an audience waiting to read it. I was waiting on being in the right place at the right time doing something other than what I was doing then. I have even heard the story of one employee who didn’t want the job she was on if she couldn’t bring her dog to work with her. I was not there to get my way but to do it their way – yes, I made suggestions – and, yes, they were not always accepted… but, I did my very best. And, so, the work that you do should be significant, and you want to be using your gifts and talents to bless the world.
The influx of family-oriented movies with a good message has been increasing and so I am back to the movies again. But, deep down inside, she had a knowing that it had been a God-move based on her passion for acting and her destiny. The past fifteen years, she has volunteered at the annual Karitos Worship and Arts Conference as the film and drama department head and teacher. Put your money back in your wallet – you don’t need another new toy to be good to yourself.

One thing you can do right now is to see the solution and yourself happy and out of the problem. You might find that something that you choose not to do – and you might love all of the noises – even when you sleep. Having a new attitude will give you a whole new refreshing way of looking at what “is” and knowing that you can be happy right where you’re at.
After all, there are things you can reach for in life – today, make it your business to be thankful and to reach for the stars – after all, it’s a gift to you. Here are five tips that I have learned that helped me when I was on a job that I didn’t particularly like or feel “appreciated” on.
After all, your gift or gifts are meant to impact others and “solve” something that is just waiting to be solved.
And, so, when I heard of Return to the Hiding Place starring such actors as Mimi Sagadin, I was elated to have the opportunity to interview her and share her thoughts and mine with you. You can do this – you can be good to yourself and give yourself some gifts that don’t cost much of anything – well, maybe a few minutes. Having quiet time can include reviewing the events of the day or week at the end of the week. Take on the mentality of a winner, a champion, a forgiver, a merciful person, a person who is not a whoosh who is easily offended and let the stuff go. Spend time taking a long look at what your attitude is right this moment.  As humans, we can always choose to think differently. Well… while I was brewing a pot of coffee my friend went to use her Keurig and make a cup! And, besides, my attitude in those days was that I was “owed something” for all of my years of school. It can include being reflective and looking objectively and subjectively on what you’d like to change in your life.
Those mistakes that you made – forget them – learn from them – and forgive yourself.  This might be the best gift of all. That doesn’t even mean that things are “perfect,” but it does mean that I can be happy in spite of my circumstances. Consider signing up for my unique online learn while at home Great Employee School where we will be increasing your understanding about being that happy employee and working on certain employee stuff that will amaze your employer.
What does that look like to you?  Problems are there to be solved and there are solutions all around you. Once you find yourself forgiving yourself for mistakes that happened even years before today, you will experience a new level of freedom. The money “stinks,” they overwork you… or don’t keep you interested in the work by the assignments and projects that come forth. You can do this – turn off the ringers and the alarm clocks and every other reminder of time — and just sit quietly. Oh, and this is not an ego thing – love yourself but still care about others – just not about what they think.
Usually, they are people who are close to you – friends, relatives, co-workers – because those who are not close to you can’t really hurt you the way those who are close to you. Many of the most highly successful people had a lot to make them miserable; but they chose to be happy and continue on their journeys. Sure, it might have stung for a minute… maybe even you are still experiencing the ramifications of the mistake.
Forgiving yourself doesn’t make a wrong “right,” but it frees you to be happier – and healthier.
Maybe even slacking off because after all they don’t care about you and your work in your mind isn’t very important.
And, if there are opportunities that you have missed, forgive yourself and watch for the new ones in your environment.

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