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In today’s Coffee and Customer Service Hangout, we discussed some of our favorite insights from the book, Integrity Service by Ron Willingham.
In a world of poor customer experiences, the rare occasion arises where I can’t help but write a follow up post about a recent experience.
You want to know something that isn’t very easy to do but is absolutely, totally doable? ICMI recently asked ten of their customer service thought leaders to weigh in on what’s important in 2016 for building exceptional customer service teams. Being first chair means you’re not only the best at your instrument, but you’re also the leader of your group. I was recently interviewed by Jim Rembach of the Fast Leader Show and it went live a week ago.
In every corner of our day, we have the chance to express our creativity and bring light into people’s lives.
When it comes to customer service, we have so many opportunities to kick things up a notch. We have opportunities for self expression, sharing the vision of our company and bringing a ray of sunshine to someone’s day. I am a HUGE fan of their humorous and catchy way to hook their customers in with funny ways of saying every day normal things about shipping their products, return policy and even general questions about how to use.

Poo Pourri does a great way of tying their vision, branding and customer experience together with a shared voice. BarkBox, a dog treat delivery company, is another company that I feel does an incredible job with their voice.
How can you incorporate humor into your branding, while still remaining professional and getting the work that needs to be done, done? It’s a difficult thing to admit given that I generally consider myself a happy, likable person. I didn’t want to go dumpster diving in the high desert of Southern California, with the rattlesnakes and tarantulas, so I opted to purchase a box.
I approached a store clerk who tried to help me look for a box that might work, but nothing would make the cut. See, super easy ways to help you customer, even when what you need may not be available right away.
With over a decade of customer service experience, Jenny has been recognized through social media channels as a thought leader.
Negativity spreads- If you entertain those negative thoughts long enough, you become a virtual TMZ for your friends, family and colleagues.
Negativity is a choice- Oftentimes when I am negative about something, it’s a situation I have no control over.

The lie we tell ourselves is we’re mostly positive, but as you point out, our behavior often disagrees. We can’t control our instincts, but we can become more aware of them and do a better job of working with them. I then eventually returned the very next day to ship the box from the same store (instead of another one closer) as a thank you. When I post to twitter and FB I like to add a pic often times that is humorous, inspirational and branded. Sure, they made no money off of me at this point, but they sure did turn my impression of Staples into a positive one–that I shall remember. You may not always have what fits right in front of you–but what can you find behind the scenes, a work around so to say, that may also do the trick?

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