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See what our readers are saying about the Windows XP My Pictures Slideshow screen saver topic.
I love this screensaver but would like to have my photos displayed in chronological order rather than in random sequence. While picsaver will show your pictures in sequence, they will not necessarily be in chronological order. If these are digital camera photos, your camera software will likely name your photo files in a way that allows picsaver to play them in chronological order. I have created collages for all my photos and named them so that sorting them by name puts them in chronological order so this should do what I want. In researching your problem, I found a free slideshow screensaver that claims to supportat least 68,000 photos. For example, I set up my slideshow screensaver, pointed it at c:\photos\dogs, made a shortcut to desktop. It seems there is an associated file the the .scr files call, and when it is changed in properties, it changes it for both. Remember, you are playing with the registry, so the usual disclaimers apply- Carelessness could corrupt Windows, lose data and cause serious injury or death (OK, probably not the last two).
I will take your cautionary advice on messing around with the registry, as I lost years of work in an attempt to mess with it on my old 'puter. I had a Gateway computer and the picture show worked fine for years until the hard drive crashed. In the External Links section of this topic, there are currently four totally free slideshow screensavers. Two of them, picsaver and JPEG Saver, are meant as replacements to the My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver (I believe picsaver supports a wider array of picture formats).
A screensaver program need only be present in the Windows System folder for Windows to show it in the list. If you find it in dllcache but not system32, Windows File Protection (WFP) must be disabled.
If you find ssmypics.scr in both places, I suggest that you reboot your computer and look again. If all of this is too daunting, you may just want to give up on My Pictures and install a new slideshow screensaver. When I want to go back to a picture I've just seen on the My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver using the arrow keys, it often goes to the wrong picture. You mentioned that My Pictures Screensaver wont show certain files - which ones are compatible and which aren't?
If file incompatibility is your problem, IrfanView is an excellent, free tool for converting between file formats.
Of course, my standard answer applies if you just can't get around My Pictures Slideshow's limitations: Try another free photo slideshow screensaver.

Does your screen turn off or go blank?Unless you change your power settings, Windows XP only gives you 10 minutes of screensaver enjoyment. Hopefully your screensaver is running when you want it going through these troubleshooting steps. It has as many, if not more, features than picsaver, including 8 different ways to sequence your photos (see screenshot).
JPEG Saver's biggest drawback is that it doesn't support a wide variety of picture formats.
If your photo collection consists of digital camera pictures and e-mail attachments, JPEG Saver will probably do the trick. Can anyone let me know what is the best or recommended image (JPEG) size and resolution can be done for Windows XP Screensaver? Another anomaly in regards to screen resolution is that, by default, the My Pictures Screensaver only uses 90% of the screen.
I installed MySQL, PHP and Apache on Windows 7 as per your instructions without any problem. I've been meaning to put the instructions on how to install phpMyAdmin on a Windows 7 computer for some time now. I thought this should be a fairly simple thing to do even for someone who is just starting out. Before we run through the detailed step by step instructions (below), please note that I've assumed you've installed PHP, MySQL and Apache as per the instructions I provided in other articles (links at the bottom).
Move to the blank phpmyadmin folder you had created under the document root in step 2 and paste the contents of the clipboard (right-click and choose Paste OR the Ctrl-V shortcut).
As you can gather, phpMyAdmin installation on a Windows 7 computer is a simple matter of unzipping the file to the document root. If you have a collection that comes from a mix of sources (photos from e-mail, downloaded from the web, etc), you are less likely to see them in chronological order. It appears that you found the maximumnumber of pictures that My Pictures Slideshow supports, though Microsoft doesn'tofficially state a limit. But if you wantto push the limits, your only hope is to turn to alternative software such as JPEG Saverand picsaver. Then I created a second slideshow screensaver (ssmypics2.scr) which showed up on the screensaver tab in display properties. Make sure to double up the backspaces! Save the file to the desktop or somewhere convenient.
If this is the case, you may need to try some of the free alternatives to the My Pictures Slideshow. Google's Picassa has an excellent slideshow with many cool effects, though the set up process is quite different from My Pictures. If you are on picture number 2 and tap the left arrow key, you will not return to picture number 1.

The My Pictures Slideshow has existed for about eight years and Microsoft either hasn't noticed this problem or hasn't fixed it if they have noticed it. There we list other free slideshow screensavers that are not likely to exhibit the same problem.
Step 3 of our guide shows you how to adjust your power saving settings to keep your monitor on longer.Are you back in Windows when your screensaver quits?Any Windows program can prevent the screensaver from showing or stop it while it's running.
If the photo's resolution is bigger than your screen, it will shrink down the picture to fit the screen.
While the picture size setting is useful, a better default, in my opinion, is 100% of the screen. It is designed to work just like the My Pictures screen saver and includes some bonus features not found in My Pictures. I then tried to install on phpMyAdmin on the same Windows 7 computer using instructions from another web site as I couldn't locate these on yours. You might have changed this when setting up Apache - check the web server configuration file, httpd.conf. To make the contents more readable, open the file first with WordPad (found under Accessories) and immediately save it without making any changes. I'm also a big fan of Google Photos Screensaver, though it has limited configuration possibilities. If going back to the correct picture is of critical importance to you (and not just an annoyance), a new slideshow screensaver is in your future. If the picture is smaller than the screen, there is an option to stretch it to fit the screen (this is disabled by default).
The My Pictures screensaver has an option to stretch small pictures to fit your screen's resolution. I could have downloaded the 'all languages' file but English is all I want and will ever use. You would find another folder - double-click on that too till you get the list of files and folders.
But the picture will look blocky and distorted because the detail in the picture just isn't there to fill your entire screen. If you find yourself back in Windows when you expect your screensaver to be running, reboot your computer and see if the same thing happens with no programs running.Have your installed another screensaver recently?Some screensavers don't interact well with Window's built-in screensaver facilities.
Select all the files and folders (use the Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut) and then copy everything (right-click and select Copy or use the Ctrl-C shortcut) [Slide 3].

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