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For most of us, there is a point in our lives when we do not have enough money to buy life’s essentials. Get Email UpdatesEnter your name and email below to receive The Kick Ass Life newsletter and updates to the community!
6 of the top 10 clubs come from the Premier League with Man Utd leading the way with $3.317 billion. Being a€?richa€? can mean different things to different people, but I believe it means having the financial freedom to achieve your goals and live the life you want.
Regardless of our upbringing, education, profession or lifestyle, most of us are not where we want to be financially and our reasons are probably more similar than different.
Sure, it feels good to buy expensive things, whether ita€™s a luxury car, designer clothes, a big house in the burbs, or a tropical vacation. Without clearly defined short, mid and long-term goals, becoming rich will just seem like an unattainable fantasy. I know, youa€™ve heard it a hundred times: you need to have at least six months of income saved in an emergency fund.
With every year or month that goes by without saving, your chances of becoming rich decrease. You might be lucky enough to become rich by betting all your money on one type of investment.
One of the worst financial mistakes you can make is putting all your money eggs in one basket. You might think you dona€™t need to worry about getting out of debt or saving because someone, or something else will save you.
Maybe you live with a chronic overspender or a typical day out with your girlfriends involves shopping. Leading family entertainment company Classic Media and Ape Entertainment have recently announced the digital debut of the Richie Rich comic on Apple’s App store.
Luken Communications and RTV (aka Retro Television Network) has big plans for the upcoming year. Christy Walton has replaced Liliane Bettencourt to become the richest woman in the world in 2014. I am great at giving advice; I am not always so great at taking my own advice (know anyone like that?). The good news is that it is never too late to become rich if you, like me, are ready to own up to the reasons youa€™re not and do something about it. Even if you dona€™t necessarily buy pricey items, if you consistently buy stuff you really dona€™t need, it still adds up fast. And that turns into your go-to excuse for why you shouldna€™t bother saving or stops overspending.

Time and compounding interest are your two best friends when it comes to growing money, so wasting them really hurts.
Ita€™s easier to be lazy and let bad habits fester than to commit to a€“and follow through on a€” changing them. It is really hard to think about retirement and other distant fantasies when we have needs and plenty of wants now. Doing so puts you at too much risk, whether it is being too conservative or too aggressive. Maybe ita€™s a pay raise, a new job, an inheritance, a rich spouse, or the lottery youa€™re counting on. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The new comic app will feature digitally restored and color corrected master copies of the original comic series, as well as a new set of adventures entitled Rich Rescue.
Magoo, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Rudolph, Frosty, Transformers, Voltron, and so many others. So, when it came to helping my clients understand why they werena€™t rich yet, the easy part was explaining the culprits, because I was all too familiar with most of them. But the shopping high only lasts until the guilt and regret set in or the credit card bill arrives. However, Ia€™ve seen too many people (including myself) get hit with a major unplanned expense, whether ita€™s a car or home repair or a medical bill, or an unexpected job loss, accident or illness thata€™s led to a drastic reduction in income.
Ita€™s no wonder obesity and debt are epidemics in our country, and that millions of Americans have had to push off retirement.
The bills have to get paid, the family must be fed, momma needs a vacation a€” and a new wardrobe to go along with it.
Sure, the stock market is on a run and real estate is on an upswing again, but are you prepared for when the tides turn?
Whatever a€?ita€? is, you use it as an excuse to put off taking steps on your own to become rich. Most of us are guilty of living beyond our means, borrowing and using credit cards more than we should. Creating a financial plan may seem overwhelming or intimidating, but it doesna€™t have to be.
When these things happena€“and they do, more often than you might thinka€“not having a financial safety cushion can make the situation much, much worse. Even if youa€™re in debt, making little money or have a lot of expenses, you can still always save something a€” even if it is a small amount.
As long as the complaining, excuses and finger-pointing persist, so too will not becoming rich.

The problem is that impulsive and overly-indulgent behavior commonly lead to credit card debt, spending money you might have otherwise saved and, yes, not becoming rich. The superficial, materialistic, sensational culture in which we live is probably the biggest one. The problem is that as long as we continue to spend more than we have, we cana€™t start building wealth.
Whether you do-it-yourself or decide to work with a financial professional, the process simply starts with prioritizing your goals and writing them down.
If youa€™re forced to rely on credit cards, youa€™ll end up sinking deeper into debt instead of, yes, saving to become rich. The sooner you get yourself into the habit of saving a€” regardless of how much a€” the easier it will be for you to continue and eventually increase those savings.
Instead, take responsibility for your bad habits and focus on what you can do to change them. Do yourself a favor: Ditch the a€?buy now, worry latera€? mindset and instead, adopt a a€?save now, get rich latera€? mindset. And if you are invested in all fixed-income securities like CDs, bonds and annuities and think youa€™re safe, inflation should make you think again.
Who knows what will actually happen, or not happen, so why not focus on what you can control now?
Chronic overspending and high-interest, revolving credit card debt are your worst enemies when it comes to financial success.
Your investment portfolio needs to include a good mix of investments with varied levels of risk and return potential and liquidity (so you can get your money when you need it). And all it requires is setting up regular transfers from a paycheck or bank account to a savings or investment account. Even if it is a seemingly small amount that you automate, those steady investments can make a big difference over time. But most of it is having the willpower to keep the goal of becoming rich in the front of your mind, especially when you are tempted to sabotage yourself. Automate whatever you can whenever you can; just be careful to avoid overdrafting your account and try to increase your savings amount periodically.

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