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Unfortunately, many of us are being made to believe about get rich quick schemes or businesses. Most often than not, the targets of these get rick quick schemes are people who are known to have lots of money but without enough knowledge on business and investments. Email marketing: In this world of digital age, email is one of the fastest and easiest ways of communication. If you easily get trapped in this get rich quick scheme, they will start collecting some of your sensitive financial information and when you already detected that it is indeed a scam, then you are left sliced with a big amount of money in your bank account. Another way used by these scammers are through various fake overseas job opportunities advertisements for those people living in the Third World country like the Philippines.
One way not to become a victim of these get rich quick schemes is to stop thinking of getting rich quick! I agree with you Tyrone, people who have the money but often lack financial intelligence often fall prey to scams. Yea u r right tyrone, most of all this ponzi schemes are full of shit most especially in my country they attract d attention of d noobz with different kind of strategies!
This is very tru Tyrone, I have encountered an email that asking me to invest an amount of money in nigeria then I would be able to withdraw a million dollar. The only way to get rich is to be a harder worker and a more clever businessman than anybody else that is out there. Same, here I never attended any sessions because I always out of the country but given the chance I will attend the sessions, it gives new perspective, that is why I am telling many times Mr. There is nothing wrong with people who are talking about money and getting rich, as long as they do it in the right and ethical way. I respectfully disagree that MLM or Network marketing is a scam, it is actually the best things ever invented or created in this world.
Millionaire Acts is a personal finance blog authored by Tyrone Charles Solee as he shares his learnings and passion in money management and investments.
November 21, 2012 By Mike Cernovich 11 Comments I once drove a 33-year old friend of mine to the ER. The first thing you’ll notice about How to Get Rich (here) is that the author did not get rich selling people self-help advice on getting rich.
How to Get Rich is something ever-so-slightly new in the world, or at least I have tried to make it so.
My book points out, in harsh detail, the damage to your present contentment and the risk to future and existing relationships that you run by seeking to get rich. Getting rich means getting divorced, paying alimony and child support, having nervous breakdowns, using massive amounts of drugs, paying whores to have sex with you (there’s no time for game when you are chasing real paper), never being able to trust people who claim to love you, dreading talking to people because you know they are all looking for a way to get into your pockets.

He tells you to work 14-18 hour days, ruin your relationships with friends and families, destroy your health…all for the chance at being rich. Read this book awhile back and it is a great read because it is not the usual inspirational BS that anyone can get rich with ease. Motivating but also makes you question if you are really willing to pay the price that it will take.
Of course it may happen, but the point is you will have to commit to risks that may ruin them.
But when I see and hear about the hours some guys are working to make someone else rich…What the fuck? I agree with him, they’re is absolutely no way of becoming rich quick (unless you have some shitty parents who are always giving you money). But what I tend to disagree with him on is, these two points that I read on the amazon summary for his book, and yes I am judging the book by its cover(summary?).
The reason I disagree with his philosophy on great ideas being overrated is because if you believe your idea is great enough, then shit by all means take it to its limits, and people will see that. Read previous post:Hating on the Military Makes You a WomanSomehow guys got in in their minds that making fun of the military is edgy and cool. In his heart everyone knows that the only people who get rich from the get rich quick books are those who write them. Having said that, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the world are number one on the list. In my personal experience, I have received a lot of emails from different countries claiming that they have come into a lot of money and need help in investing. Increase your financial intelligence, get educated, and learn to scrutinize each opportunity that comes your way. The mechanics of how to make money seems a lot easy because of the system or the leverage principle applied to MLM. There are a lot of empty promises in the MMO niche, and you highlight a great example in network marketers. However, I have received lots of mails stating different schemes to get rich or be a millionaire headings. Tyrone’s Millionaires Acts helps a lot of people all over the world by giving vital information’s, discipline on how to be what you want to be.
It gave me additional motivation to continue writing articles to help other people achieve financial freedom. However, in any deal, If the deal is too big to be true, it’s too big to be legal, then back off.

We all know that getting rich the right way will not only increase our financial wealth, but also improve ourselves, so that we can also develop others. It is an anti-self-improvement book – because it admits openly that the chances of anyone reading it it and then become rich are minuscule. It also deals with the coarsening of your nature that will accompany the rough and tumble of acquiring a piece of pie from another’s table.
His point was you have to be a covetous asshole and screw a fair number of people to get that kind of money. And if you end up failing, you’ve still succeeded by gaining experience in what you were doing, and using that for next venture. Without enough financial literacy education, these preys are bound to be victims of these get rich quick schemes sending their hard earned money to misery.
Speakers in the seminars they conduct looked like they earned their huge paychecks without much hard work to entice people to join them. If you want to be Rich, join an MLM company because this will test and strengthen your character as well as prepare you for bigger things that will come in your life, such as facing your fears, dealing with failures.
It points out, too, that avarice is tremendously time-consuming and that time is in somewhat short supply – our lives are way too short.
But $10M is totally achievable without being a dick to anyone, and sane people would regard that as rich. If this is the kind of network marketing you belong to, I think they are one of those get rich quick schemes known as ponzi schemes. And yes, it’s better to get rich slow so that when a misfortune comes along the way, it will not hit you hard.
Started saving when I was in grade school; for now real estate investing and renting business woks for me, We can diversify whatever suited for us, it just a matter of focus, taking the risk and knowing what we really want in life. I did join because of the good compensation but that is just secondary, what i enjoyed most is it helped me in my personal growth. Never let my emotions rule any decisions or transactions in any aspect of life, it could lose focus and eventually wrong choices.

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