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Photo: ShutterstockAVOID JARGON Too many terms and phrases used to say very little can bore or turn off people.
And how is it associated with furthering or else disrupting one’s communication skills? Body language is the language that the body speaks to the eyes as either opposed to or conforming to the language that the tongue speaks to the ears. Various body expressions like the overall posture of the body, certain specific gestures, expressions on the face, and the ways the eyes move themselves while looking around form the entire gamut of the discipline called the body language. According to James Borg 93% of human communication comprises body language whereas only 7% comprises the tongue with the words it uses!
Some of these expressions are universal in their meaning while a few others might vary from culture to culture.
Humans have a much more developed mind than their biological counterparts; and the more it is developed, the more it goes complex. This is the reason that often the body language contradicts the language of the tongue, and here in lies the clue to read between the lines when communicating with others.
Think how much power it will give you in your communication skills if you are able to read between the lines not only at the level of ‘feeling’ but also at the level of both apprehending and comprehending these signals that speak of the total meaning that is really being conveyed by the person speaking to you! By mastering body language you will become a master in communication skills as well as be able to win friends and influence others!
With proper communication, our interactions with friends, co-workers and other people, will be a lot smoother. Effective communication is where individuals take into consideration how the information being transmitted is being received or processed. Likewise, it is important to allow each party to say what they need to say without interrupting.
Occasionally summarizing or restating what the person has said is a good way to show that you have understood what it is that they are trying to communicate to you.
Body language is an extremely important, but often overlooked, factor in successful communication. While subtle, having an open stance will have an impact on the person you are communicating with. When communicating something that is difficult or negative, it’s easy to let stress get the better of you. Another way to catch stress as it is happening is by checking whether you have any muscles that are tense and actively let go of it.
Having good communication skills will help in all facets of life, including in relationships, the workplace, with friendships and even when meeting new people.

An excellent post, it makes the idea of communication blocks and how to get rid of them far simpler to understand than anything I’ve read before. Risk Reversal GuaranteeAll our training is 100% guaranteed, If a training solution does not meet its agreed objectives or if at anytime you are not happy with the service we are delivering you don't pay. Keep your communication brief, courteous and geared towards a call to actionAN enthusiastic job applicant once wrote in his cover letter: “I am about to enrol on a Business and Finance Degree with the Open University. Such a complex mind houses a large subconscious part of it in itself that generally wants to express what the conscious mind does not allow it to do. Even if you don’t know reading the body language at a conscious level, your subconscious mind does receive the hidden signs that the subconscious mind of the other person in communication with you is trying to express. It certainly gives you a decisive benefit and privilege over others in that your words can be more persuasive as well as more impressive at the subconscious level for others. But when good communication skills aren’t being used, our relationships can begin to break down.
With effective communication, you will be able to deliver bad news or negative feedback and still be able to solve problems without causing unnecessary conflict or eroding trust. Communication involves more than just yourself, so both parties will need to engage in active listening. It goes without saying that doing other tasks during this time (texting, doodling, etc) won’t go very far in making the other person feel like their thoughts are being considered. If each side has a chance to communicate fully, then they will have a chance to present their information in the way that they intend.
While staring at the person is not needed, you should always give the other person some solid eye contact to let them know that you are focused on what they are saying. Sit forward on the edge of your seat, keep your arms open and avoid crossing your arms and legs. Before going into the dialog, remind yourself to take things slow and to ward off any tension or stress as it is happening.
Over time and with practice, your communication skills will improve and you will find you have an easier time overall with your interactions with others.
This qualification will prove detrimental to me for future success.” The prospective employer wondered - why would anyone enrol for a course that is “detrimental”? Hence the human body language has both the expressions, the universal biological ones resembling those of animals and the specific cultural ones which are unique to various different cultures around the globe. As a result, it tries to express itself in less obvious and partially hidden ways ditching the conscious control mechanism and thus satiates its urge to express itself for various different expressions of resentment, boredom, amusement, anger, lack of attention, attentiveness, interest, focus etc. Communication is more important than ever with the increasing use of technology, social media and the information age in general. It is important to understand how your messages will be received so that you can present your thoughts and ideas in an appropriate way.

When both parties are good listeners, the flow of information reaches its intended target and intentions are made clear. Crossed arms indicate that you are closed off and not willing to hear the other person’s point of view. While in the middle of communication, check periodically to make sure that you are breathing regularly and deeply. While we are exchanging large amounts of information via these channels, communication isn’t always being used effectively.
Make sure you are keeping your physical body calm and you will have an easier time of staying positive and focused.
Sadly, as first impressions go, the damage was done and the job applicant did not hear back from the potential employer. Hence, any effort to improving one’s writing skills is invaluable investment of time and effort. Business communication follows the same principles of communication: gentle, persuasive, mutually beneficial. Where it differs is its emphasis on formality and protocols.Here’s a quick checklist for sound written communication.
At the same time, informal shouldn’t mean unprofessional – there is no place for personal comments, off-colour jokes, and gossip in your business mails. If you’re not certain about the spelling of someone’s name, their job title, or their gender, check with someone who knows (like their assistant). He encourages people to label things “Action required” or “No action — FYI only,”Pause to think while keying in the “subject”. The receipt must get an idea of the subject you will be dwelling in the mail.Using capital letters either on the subject column or the body of the text is rank bad manners. Most business communication is meant to achieve some purpose, so include a call to action – something that the reader is expected to do. Don’t assume your readers to act with the information you’ve provided – most don’t bother or share your sense of urgency and intensity. On occasions when you write an especially good letter, email, memo, or other documents save it as a template for future use. Short paragraphs with section headings, sub-headings and bullet points are a lot easier to read. These visual aids keep the reader engaged; they communicate important information more quickly than text.

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