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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Prior to getting into the meat of your conversation, be sure to express your thanks for the other individual’s time. While it’s sometimes necessary to be assertive in order to make your point, don’t be aggressive. Effective clear crisp communication, getting your message heard loud and clear for the majority is an extremely difficult thing to do. While we’re conscious about why we do things, such as needing to brush our teeth so to avoid tooth decay, what we forget is to apply the same principles and process when it comes to our communication skills. The majority of individuals believe that being flexible in speech means using all of the words which are listed in the dictionary. Instead, what having a good vocabulary means is that you’ve learned and saved enough words in your particular language, so that it suits the particular listening or reading audiences requirements. Becoming as flexible as possible is also required in your approach for better communication, while developing several different variants is always better.
Give it your best shot and effort to using the distinctions of a particular different tongue.
Once you’ve practiced a few accents, then switch between them as often as possible when practicing. One word of caution is that you shouldn’t measure any new skill you learn by the initial response that you get, this since any new skill needs to be naturalized before it becomes completely effective and a habit. As you begin to develop this flexibility, you’ll then start to find yourself a lot more comfortable around others as you speak, and vice-verse.
People will always get conditioned to one particular behavior over time if you continuously use it over and over, so this or any other technique will begin to lose its impact over time. Using these certain techniques is similar to the classic story of instead of feeding a man a fish every day, rather teach him how to fish, so you could feed him for life. So for you to become the sole survivor of the fittest in the field when it comes to developing better communication skills, always begin with intent first.
The last and perhaps the most important step is to always develop flexibility when it comes to your choice of language and approach.

Understanding how to be a good communicator can be an important productivity tool, one that’s frequently neglected.
Time is an extremely precious resource, and it important to be respectful and considerate of that.
Lack of eye contact, distraction, or fidgeting are often signs of restlessness or impatience. We often think that we’ve reached a resolution and come to an understanding, only to find out that we have completely misunderstood the other person’s thoughts. This with anything and whatever that you choose to do, which includes our communication skills having a valid reason along with a directed starting point. And if you continue to do so, you’ll then diminish the power of it working altogether when you really need to be heard. But having an extensive polished vocabulary doesn’t mean that we need to use all of them whenever we speak. So if your style of approaching the opposite sex has always been the nice guy, then try mixing it up by being funny or arrogant instead. If you find it difficult to watch BBC programming and then attempt to imitate them, then try sounding like an American with a southern accent instead. After doing this for a while, you’ll then begin to notice how you naturally begin modulating your voice, and find how easy it is to use different tonality. Since the original version still works fine for us, we get accustomed and possessive about it, finding ourselves bound to it. A person who remains in that particular thinking pattern then has limited scope as well as limited awareness.
So instead of getting cluttered with techniques, understand the various principles which drives them.
This way, you’ll then tap into the source of the power itself, rather than just being a branch. What doing so does is it will maximize your capacity so you can reach out to your audience better, which improves your power and communication skills.
Poor communication can often have disastrous results; lost time, injured feelings, frustration, ineffective meetings, unproductive teamwork, resulting in a general lack of career advancement and goal achievement.

Even in a professional situation, there may be some personal interests in common, hobbies, sports, children, etc.
People shut down, effectively ending any real communication when they feel attacked or criticized. No one likes being interrupted and though it’s natural to want to rush in to make your point, it’s very disrespectful of the other person’s thoughts.
A quick exercise on how to modulate your voice differently is by practicing to speak in a British accent, for instance.
What we then eventually forget is that they’re just techniques, and are always replaceable. What we provide are complete and accurate informative reviews and information of current topics and relevant news. To become effective communicators we need to be aware of a few fundamental tips we can use in our work and life interactions. When you notice these types of non-verbal signals, it’s a sign that this conversation is not going to be a productive one. This not only confirms that you have successfully communicated; it also makes the other person feel that they have been heard and understood. A clear understanding of what is supposed to happen next can help avoid a conflict later on. A real sense of connection makes a difference in the tone and outcome of the current conversation and most likely future communications as well.
Quickly wrap up the conversation, postpone the conversation, or inquire about the discomfort if your relationship allows.

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