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The efficient production possibilities for a single producer or group of producers can be shown graphically.
To find the efficient possible combinations of X and Y that the available resources can produce, we must remember to use them in the order of comparative cost advantage.
If we want any X produced, the comparative advantages (costs) would require that Red produce the X, since Red is the lowest cost producer. Here, the red numbers represent Red switching from making Y to making X (the first five Xs must be made by Red in order to be efficient).
If we graph these efficient possibilities, we get a diagram called the production possibilities curve, which shows all of the combinations of flats and lubes that are possible and efficient. First, the slopes of the three segments making up the PPC indicate the costs of having the producers make X. Third, all of the combinations below the PPC (which are also described as being inside or to the left of the PPC) are possible, but not efficient. Fourth, points to the right of the PPC, (which could also be described as being outside or above the PPC) represent combinations of X and Y that are not possible using the resources or producers available. In addition, if new resources are employed, or if other things change, combinations which are now impossible might be made possible in the future. In addition to having more resources, the possibilities might be expanded by having better technology, education (training), weather, or infrastructure (such as communications or transportation of parts and the like).
The curves shown above are smoother than the Red, Purple, and Blue curve, reflecting the shape we would expect if there were many more resources or producers (actually, the smooth curves are made up of many tiny segments put together instead of only three). Production Possibilities Curve in Excel: A creation options curve [ likewise contacted a creation options frontier ] shows the feasible mix of products a economy can create, based on resources constraints. Select each of the values in the sheet with a click and pulling the mouse all over the columns in excel: A and B, that include the quantities of pie [ excel column A ] and beer [ excel column B ] the theoretical economy can create.
The Production Possibilities Curve (PPC) models a two-good economy by mapping production of one good on the x-axis and production of the other good on the y-axis. In business there are many key concepts and terms that are crucial for students to know and understand. Often it can be hard to determine what the most important business concepts and terms are, and even once you’ve identified them you still need to understand what they mean. To help you learn and understand key business terms and concepts, we’ve identified some of the most important ones and provided detailed definitions for them, written and compiled by Chegg experts.

How does a person or a company or an entire nation make smart decisions about tradeoffs and opportunity costs? Production possibility curve represent the production of an economy by using the all possible factor of production and Opportunity cost curve show that a person move from one …department , industry etc to another for better opportunity or better salary. The producer or resource that can produce X at the lowest cost (in terms of Y given up or not produced) should be used to produce the first few units of X.
That is why Red's segment is flattest (Red's costs of making X are least), Purple's is steeper than Red's, (because of Purple's higher cost of making X). If we are producing a combination of X and Y that is on the PPC, and is thus efficient, more of one good can be produced only by producing less of the other good. If such changes make greater production possible, a new production possibilities curve must be drawn, as is shown below.
These might reflect the production possibilities of X and Y for a large factory, a large city with lots of producers, or a whole country. The chart likewise can display regardless of whether a society is utilizing the full productive ability. The production possibilities curve will show the combinations of every 2 products a theoretical economy can create. The results within column A will correspond into the X axis [ horizontal ], whilst column B in excel values correspond into the vertical Y-axis. The combinations of outputs produced using the best technology and all available resources make up the PPC.
It is based on this idea: for any amount of one good that is produced, there is one efficient (maximum) amount of another good that could also be produced, given the resources and technology we have to use. The purple numbers represent Purple then switching from Y to X, at a cost of three Y per X. For example, if we are producing 5X and 50Y and wish to produce more X, we can do so only by reducing the production of Y. An inefficient combination might be produced if resources (producers) are used in a way that does not consider or exploit their comparative advantages, such as if Blue (rather than Red) is used to make the first X.
The creation options curve shows the commercial basics of industry offs [ directing productive resource to make even more of one very good necessarily actually means making much less of additional very good ] and deficiency [ elements of creation aren’t inlimited ]. Actual life economies, certainly, create big quantity of products, however the creation options curve simplifies commercial problems by depicting problems of deficiency and industry offs in creation among 2 products.

Points inside the PPC result from inefficiency; output combinations outside the PPC are impossible to produce.
For example, if we wish to produce a particular amount of good X, there is a maximum amount of good Y that could also be produced. If a combination is inefficient, it is possible to produce more of one of the goods without producing less of the other good.
This commercial diagram could be made making use of the well-known excel spreadsheet application office Excel.
Enter the results of the creation data, utilizing column A in the sheet to mean one very good and column B to mean additional. The guns and butter PPC, for example, illustrates tradeoffs between producing goods for peaceful and military purposes.
B marks the spot where the country maximizes its production possibilities by making equal numbers of cars and refrigerators. Most PPCs will be flatter at the top than at the bottom, indicating that the cost of making X (the good on the horizontal axis) increases as more of it is being made. The fact that producing an additional X requires us to produce fewer Ys indicates that the original combination (of 5X and 50Y) was efficient. You certainly will then like to choose regardless of whether you prefer the finalized chart showed on new sheet in the excel document or in the identical page with the information you typed in A and B.
This PPC illustrates opportunity cost in that more guns cannot be produced without reducing butter output; further, the slope of the PPC indicates the nature of the tradeoff between guns and butter (that is, how many guns must be given up to obtain an additional ton of butter).
C shows what happens if the country opts instead for more cars and fewer fridges; A shows the opposite.
This also means that the cost of making Y (the good on the vertical axis) is decreasing as less of it is made.
Any economy whether actual or theoretical can create a restricted quantity of products since elements of production like labor and assets are limited.
Suppose the theoretical economy, utilizing the full productive ability, can create an optimum of fifty bottles of beer, hundred pies or some mix.

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