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Put easily held things like a book or a cushion between thighs, and stretch your leg forward one after the other keeping the posture. Although, every woman does not have bow legs, relatively many women have been worried about bow legs. Next, cross your arms and push your right knee with your left hand and push your left knee with your right hand, this time push from inside of your knees. Although, this is the continuation of the topic “Do not cross your legs”, just to sit putting knees together can lead to make your legs slimmer. I guess that wearing high heels is the most common style of dressing for making legs look longer. Every day exercise, stretching and the style of dressing for making your legs look longer will be meaningless, if you do not walk properly because it is a chance to make your legs look longer while you are walking.  Just changing a way of walking affects leg’s looks.
Walk in the posture of straightening the back and throwing out the chest trying not to look down, seeing a far distance will be better. 7 ways how to make your legs longer Changing lifestyles habits little can make your legs look longer and make your legs longer. 9 Bad Common Points People with Smelly Scalp Compared with Westerners, Japanese people are quite sensitive to smell. 7 why slim legs make women more feminine I believe every woman has dreamed about thin legs of magazine models.
9 ways to slim legs in 3 weeks easily The cause of fat legs is “swelling”, enemy for women.
7 Ways How to Cure Acne Found to Be Effective People who have been worried about acne have a constitutional weakness of acne.
If you’re wearing multi-colored clothing, wear tops that end at least 1 inch from your mid hips if you want to appear to have longer legs. Dress and skirt should be kept just above knee or knee length to make your legs appear longer because the ‘showing of skin’ will visually elongate your legs – vertical lines. For more impact, try asymmetrical (hi-lo) skirt or evening dress where the diagonal lines at the hem will soften the strong horizontal line.

Wear pants or jeans with long vertical lines as it draws the eyes looking up down, making you seamlessly long. A cropped pants with narrow hem will make your legs appear lengthen while cropped pants with wide hem will shorten your legs. If you’re wearing pants or jeans, wear shoes that blends with the color of your pants or jeans. A vamp is the front area of the shoes from the end of the toe that come up to the front foot or ankle (depending on design).
To appear to have even longer legs, dress your clothing in monochromatic color or column of color to create a never-ending vertical line. Raised waistline (high-waisted) pants, skirt or empire evening dress have the waistline at a raised position. Actually, people who have slim legs seem to look long-legged compared to short-legged people. Proper walking provides the effects of stretching the legs, sliming the legs and raising the hips.
Imagining a straight line in your mind, try to walk in the line putting your legs inside.  It may sound strange to you, but it is not that strange waking with the way.
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The different color of the rolled jeans and the big horizontal cut lines will only make you look even shorter no matter how tall you are.
A low vamp shoes which cut across the front of the foot has shorter vamp, making your legs appear longer due to the fact that it makes your legs appear like it starts from the toes. Steer clear from ankle straps shoes as the horizontal straps will snip your legs making it shorter. Wear black or darker shade pants with the right slimming cut to appear having slimmer and longer legs. Since thighs are the thickest leg parts, making thighs slimmer is an effective way to make your legs look longer.

That is because, when you are sitting crossing your legs, the body weight heavily applies to one leg, and which can cause imbalanced muscles of legs.
Although, it will take you long time to correct your legs, you can make your legs look longer soon by wearing some cloths.
Wearing short length of bottoms can turn other’s eyes on the waist and wearing rolled up pants can make your legs look longer. It might be good to choose shoes whose the whole bottom of height is high with little lifted heels not high heels, if you are not used to wearing high heels. Although you need to keep in mind at first, you will become able to do it without thinking anything. Calf-length boots is best for long skirt or pants so that where it cut off (at the widest point of your calves) are remain hidden. A high vamp shoes meanwhile come up to the front of the foot or ankle will visibly cut your foot making you shorter.
Unless the ankle strap shoes blend in with your clothing or skin tone, you should avoid this type of design if you want to appear to have long legs. But if you make it a rule to sit putting knees together, you will get used to it like crossing legs.
You could also go for other shoes color but blend your shoes color with your hosiery to create an unbroken vertical long line. Unless you have very slim calves, you don’t want to wear calf-length boots with short skirt or cropped pants.

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