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If you follow Monday Moments with Monica, you may have noticed our progression this month from identifying high performers to developing your leadership brand to the value of improving communication skills in the workplace. To be a good leader and become a better leader, one must focus on all the facets that make this possible: communication, confidence, reputation, perception, delegation and of course, action, among others. Once you have the desire to be a leader, if it is a new role, perhaps a simple leadership training class IS your next step. Leadership is a series of steps and actions that are ongoing and continually molded into what is needed by you and those you lead.
This quick online assessment shows you clues as to how you lead and why employees respond the way they do. Menstrual bleeding is a totally normal process in lifecycle of a woman of fertile age, but it often is complicated by excessive flows which exhaust the woman and affect her well-being, and in such a case we start to consider how to stop a period.
Considering that menstrual cycle launches for women starting approximately from their 12 years of age, and may go on up to quiquagenarian age, we may calculate that an average women experiences 8 years of courses at a stretch, so if you ask yourself each month how to stop your period some days earlier, welcome to the club of those who want to live these 8 years with maximum comfort.
Online learning is a method of delivering educational information via the internet instead of in a physical classroom. Northern Arizona University offers a full 45 bachelor’s level degreesthat can be completed entirely online.
The length of period is considered normal if courses are flowing 3-8 days, and probably you would like to know how to shorten your period and make it less uncomfortable. When the period is being late for several days, the first idea to consider is gestation; but what if you have reasons to be certain that pregnancy is excluded and the issue is narrowed to how to make your period come?
Sometimes period falls on long-expected vacation, or wedding day, or romantic holiday – this is not the complete list of situations when you wonder how to make your period come faster so that it comes and end before the important event. It is never easy for women to deal with their period, which often makes you look for ways to stop or even shorter the periods.
Staying active and sticking with a consistent exercise regimen will go a long way in making your period more manageable.
You may think that hormonal supplements and pills are effective only when you don't want to become pregnant, but you can take those pills or supplements consecutively to shorten your period. Taking large doses of vitamin C will decrease the amount of progesterone in the uterus, which in turn will help break down the walls of your uterus faster. Eat pumpkin, papaya, peaches, apricots, carrots, spinach and food rich in carotene because they play a role in shortening the duration of your period. Dissolve half-teaspoon turmeric powder and a teaspoon of jaggery powder in a glass of water and drink it twice a day for about two weeks before the due date of your period. Reduce or at least limit the intake of salty food because excessive sodium will lead to fluid retention that will make bloating worse. Taking ibuprofen proves beneficial because it reduces the pains caused by your period and even reduces the flow to 50%. It may sound strange, but yes, you need to have sex to learn how to make your period end faster. Here are few tips that will help increase the flow in uterus areas to end your period more quickly.
Take a heating pad and place it on your lower abdomen to ease menstrual cramping and dilate the blood vessels in that area, which in turn will help make blood flow quickly. I here what you are saying about womens ups and downs being normal but I also think our lady symptoms are getting more severe due to the un natural environments we live in and the typical western diet. I know there are some Holistic docs that treat minor hormonal imbalances by adding things like natural progesterone creams,and supplements and bio-identical hormone therapy. The 2-3 days before, I just eat all the chocolate in the world, and watch terrible rom-coms (which I usually hate). Your sister is right, just be more kind to yourself (which is really a good motto for life broadly as well…). I’ve had the same problem, my period stopped for three months and then lasted for six months , on September 26th2013 it stopped and now I feel dizzy when I walk and it scares me ?? Dont know what to do.
It sounds like you may be anemic due to an iron deficiency caused by having your period for so. Thank goodness for my understanding husband, who cuts me some slack when my hormones go crazy. Back in tthe olden days women did not use anything special to catch their flow, so they just bled through their skirts.
Claire’s right a WFPB diet really helps a ton check out dr mcdougall with his it has cured endometriosis, also slices away any risks of breat it ovarian cancer. Aunty Flow stopped visiting me a couple of years ago, so now I’m free to be a cranky bitch (or not) whenever I want. Really after all us women complained about being tired, you have new stem cells for more kids?
I think sometimes our period might be trying to tell us something, but in some cases it might not be what we think. I have noticed if my exercise levels are up, and my diet is optimal, that I have far less discomfort during my period.
But anyway, regarding PMS… yeah, I totally lose my edge for the week right before my period (and sometimes for 2 weeks before) but I begin to feel normal again as soon as my period starts, so I actually prefer the week of my period to the week leading up to it. And, whoever came up with that “Have a Happy Period” campaign can bite me no matter what my DefCon rating is! I get what you get too – however, luckily (sorry), mine only lasts a day or 2 at most. While exercise helps in the moment (sometimes), it doesn’t do anything long term and I usually just take it as a rest day, or at least, do something mellow like the elliptical. Women of Color trying to make their natural hair grow longer have a hard time hearing the words: trim your hair. If these issues cause the ends of your hair to become damaged, you may notice small knots at the ends.

Even if your mane is perfectly healthy, you still may need to trim your hair if you notice unsightly flyaway strands. If you want a healthy head of hair under that gorgeous weave, then you have to take care of it.
It may seem to be a disjointed direction, but they are all connected and the crux of real leadership skills. This is why as a leadership development expert I often receive feedback that my posts seem all over the place. That means that no matter if you’re driven, ambitious, type A, or a Commander, or quiet, conservative, laid back, loyal and a Relater, you can lead.
If you’ve been a leader for a while, frolic in the executive ranks, then your need is more geared toward an individual, credible, executive coach that can help you develop the finer skills of leading you can’t see simply because you’re too close to your own behavior. You might be the most fantastic leader to the team you lead now, but what happens when they promote you to lead a different area of expertise?
It is commonly known that women practicing sports professionally apply some little tricks, but is it safe and what consequences can be? There are many different applications for online learning, ranging in scope from simple downloadable content (like iTunes U) through to structured programmes that include assessment and award.
Ranging from hotel & restaurant management, to liberal arts, to computer information technology, mostdegrees offered are skill-centered and geared towards your future career.
It is obvious that your plans to travel, have sex, or even participate in sports will suffer a lot if you have your period.
Some hormonal pills can even make your lining to shed quickly, which will make your menstruation to happen faster. It is an alternative medicine technique that involves pricking needles into specific pressure points in your body for pain relief.
Orgasmic contractions will ensure that the fluids go out of your body faster, which will end your period more quickly.
Soaking in hot water is a great way to increase your body heat and relax your abdominal muscles.
For 20 days of the month I am a writing machine, coming up with posts, working on my book, doing research, conducting interviews and enjoying every second of it. My little Earth Mother sister might be onto something.  Historically in many cultures women were given a break during That Special Time.
If you lose your period it could be because you’ve over-exercised (ahem), dropped your body fat too low (learned that lesson), have an underactive thyroid, are overly stressed or even have cancer. I am almost considering this option because I am tired of the Rollercoaster, I have seen women on the PMDD forums saying that it works wonders.
I took Yazmin for about 7 years, and it really messed with my mood (my anxiety is infinitely better since going off), but also, both are linked to blood clots, and a bunch of other heart issues (though cancer was not mentioned…). The week after my period im super cheerful, very energetic and my sex drive is through the roof. It’s trying to tell you to look after yourself and stopping running round like a headless chook. So I asked my yoga teacher (another earth mother) about PMS stuff, and she said something similar- that basically your period is really hard on your body too, so to take a little time.
Courtesy of the pill, I barely have any other symptoms, but the day before my period or sometimes on the first day, I feel deeply sad and dissatisfied with myself.
I have to remind myself of this before I send off e-mails (because man, can I get defensive)!
The odd month on the day or two before I’ll get cramps or a bit sensitive, but most months I just get rediculous hunger cravings. I definitely agree, women on their periods get treated like they have a terrible disease, and that is really unfair, since it’s a perfectly natural thing. I was told it was okay to use a cup…until it dislodged my IUD and I had to go to an after-hours emergency clinic to get it removed.
The latest example is this video via Jezebel, which is an ad for HelloFlo, a company that sends customers all of their period needs in the mail each month, and also offers care packages. Leadership is just one thing and the simple and singular concept of leadership, isn’t everything we need. Whatever the skills are that you need to become a better leader, remember that skill development is only one aspect of how well you lead.
What happens when a layoff is announced and you must counsel those who are RIF’d and work through survivor’s guilt of those who stay? While the statement “leadership is not everything” may make you tilt your head to the side like the old RCA dog, the point here is that talking about Leadership as if it is clearly definable and single dimensional isn’t reality. Monica Wofford is an internationally acclaimed leadership development expert who engages audiences and teaches them how to become better leaders.
Study2U helps people who are looking to study online find accredited online courses and programmes. Northern Arizona University is also one of the most affordable schools of those surveyed, with highly competitive costs for online degrees and NAU’s competency-based programs that are available for an estimated cost of only $2500 per semester. Even if you're staying at home, it is quite annoying to deal with unpleasantness that comes with menstruation, such as back discomfort, cramping and headaches.
Strength training, cardio exercises and anything else will make it as long as the exercise keeps you active.
Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking vitamin C, and ask your doctor if you can take larger doses of vitamin C or not. They are effective because they stimulate your reproductive system and improve blood flow as well. Just be sure to avoid taking more than 3-4 pills within a 24-hour period, and always talk to your doctor to confirm you can take a heavy dosage of ibuprofen. Just keep in mind that having sex during period can be quite messy first, so be sure to discuss it with your partner first.

PMS is seen as a weakness, something that needs to be fixed, covered up or ignored – a disease even. If your period is irregular it can be a sign of fibroids, nutritional deficiencies, stress and (again) cancer. I end up sitting in my office feeling nauseated from being so dizzy, it’s absolutely terrible. I find that during the first day or two I have to spend a good amount of time sitting down or resting or else I start feeling like I have the flu. I then even out for a while til the week before my period when i get sore boobs, a crankier mood and a low sex drive. I was on juliet pill and took ponstan prescription tablets at that time of the month for 10 years because I had such bad periods. Also the age of menarche for plant based cultures is very much later inset and earlier finish.
I totally have the over-sensitive, someone-broke-my-shell, weepy moments often in the days leading up to Shark Week. I guess (purely guesswork) that it’s because my nutrient levels are better suited to prevent problems (maybe naturally higher in minerals like magnesium?), and that my muscles are in better shape to deal with potential problems. But, if you don’t cut your split ends, the will eventually turn into what experts refer to as “split hair strands.” These are strands of hair that are severely damaged. How that Commander does it will simply look different and attract different followers than how that Relater does it. The same is true of communication, delegation, recognition, motivation, strategic planning, determining compensation, managing public persona, interacting with your boards even when you don’t wanna… okay so that was just so I could rhyme… these are all skills, not the sum total of what you need to lead.
You’ll have new opportunities to practice new skills from new circumstances as often as you can keep up. Perhaps it is best said that while leadership as one concept isn’t “everything”, indeed it is possible that everything is relevant to leadership. No matter what makes you think about ending or shortening your period, the good thing is that you can actually find many answers to how to make your period end faster. Some women think they should not be exercising on their periods, but that's not the right thing to do.
You can always opt for parsley, chamomile, feverfew, yarrow, sage, rosemary and red raspberry leaf because they are the mildest of herbs used to induce menstruation.
Sure I get all the usual PMS crap like cravings (for like two weeks, so basically half the month I’m fighting sugar), bloating, moodiness and cramps.
But either way women were generally expected to be different during their periods. It was normal to not be your normal self.
If your period is excessively heavy then you could possibly have polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, are overly stressed or (you saw this one coming) cancer.
I also hate how it feels trying to live in a society that expects women to be on a perfectly even keel 365 days a year. I almost wish I had worse cramps, and no dizziness, because at least I can help cramps with advil, I have no idea how to cure dizziness (more water, etc. If the dizziness is severe, constant, gets worse, etc PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go see a doctor. After being kept at the same hormonal level for so long by the pill, im really enjoying the super positive week of the red-ruled-roller-coaster.
You’d treat it differently right before and after a hard race, so kind of do the same thing at your period. And yes, I’ll probably treat myself to a whole row of silly TV shows on hulu ?? and I indulge in copious amounts of expensive dark chocolate.
I started journaling to vent my feelings so that I don’t accidentally say wrong things to the people I love. Eventually, they split more and more, until they just fall out, or get pulled out in the comb, brush, scrunchie, rubber band, etc… It’s so much better to have a head full of short, healthy hair, than long, straggly strands of hair. A split end will look just as it sounds: two separate hair strands at the hair shaft’s bottom (the end), looking as if they were torn apart from each other.
In fact, I’ve often wondered what it would look like if Ghandi had been this aggressive, fast talking, action-oriented type of guy. Don’t let your desire to be “done” with learning leadership keep you from learning and practicing the new skills you might need. Other stronger herbs include pennyroyal, juniper berry, asafetida, angelica, black cohosh, tansy and saving. The lack of sleep then necessitates OD’ing on sugar and dark chocolate to keep moving.
Us ladies are fine-tuned machines and perhaps our menstrual cycles are the canaries in the coal mines. She also said that the foods they say to avoid because of bloat (like salt, caffeine and bready starchy foods) can also make emotional roller coasters worse, for what that’s worth.
Not in a way that demands we become all things to all people, but in a way that clearly shows us leadership isn’t a one sentence conversation or five minute training class. Be sure to consult with your doctor because these herbs can affect your hormone levels and may create some other side effects.
To avoid side effects, you can consider drinking plenty of water, which will work against bloating and cramping. The side effects felt too scary and I already have an IUD for birth control so the risk wasn’t worth it for me. It’s gotten so bad that I actually have a calendar alarm set up to remind me not to send any ill-advised e-mails for those couple of days.

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