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October 5, 2012 6 Comments Share this:TweetEvery manager wants to be the best and those who aspire to become managers want to be the kind that are hand-picked for projects and new opportunities. A good manager has earned his respect and creates an workplace that is comfortable for all employees. Integrity-with this quality, a manager becomes the go-to person, while still managing to maintain the official boss status. Loyalty-while it is good to have a manager that has an impressive CV, it also has a downside when he is the type who can easily slip away and work for a competitor. Empowerment; when you are a good manager you will help nurture the skills and talents of your employees by creating the environment that will empower them. Delegation; you should know who does what best and be able to trust them enough to hand them some responsibilities.
Understanding of business; the main reasons they are managers is because of their understanding of who’s who in the business environment and how things go about. Motivation; a good manager is himself motivated towards finding greater opportunities for his boss. Value in people; managers understand that people move business not the figures and the profits. Networking; a manager has plenty of contacts in the business, which help in problems solving and making sure he has the right people who will make things happen for him. Challenges his employees to put in more; he encourages calculated risks by employees and getting out of their comfort zones.
Flexible; he allows creativity sometimes, not necessarily the rules and procedures of the corporate world. SB is a husband and working as a software professional for a Fortune 100 corporation in Florida. You can receive free full-text articles from One Cent at a Time in your email inbox by entering your email below. Great list of desirable qualities though I doubt every successful manager has all these qualities. Now I would love to find an employer looking for a manager with all these qualities and then I would love to meet him or her and learn from them.
Do you have a pile of business cards on your desk that you would like to add to Outlook at some point when you have time? Today most people have their contact details in their email signatures (at least they should).
You can then copy and paste in the contact information in to the appropriate fields from the Notes field. The new People View in Outlook 2013 automatically combines contact information for the same person from various sources into a single view. If you often communication with a group of people it can be beneficial to group contacts together. It’s a bit time consuming to create contact groups, but once you’ve created one you can use it to communicate with the people in the group without having to add everyone manually, which can save you a lot of time. If you have a group of people that frequently update their contact details it’s better to use categories to group contacts together.
Having your contacts synchronized to your smartphone is key if you want to be connected on the go. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. Increasing consumer expectations and competitive pressures are driving the need to release right-first-time software, faster. While analysts and product managers translate Agile team progress into clear business terms and expectations, shifting business priorities and expectations mean frequent requirements changes.
Gathering, managing and understanding the impact of these changes on backlogs and delivery is a challenge – Borland Agile tooling automatically captures and tracks changes for Agile development delivery assets.
Accurate progress checking is all about transparency, and linking stories with requirements enables business users to review and refine requirements throughout the project. Relating the state of any Agile delivery asset to a given business need or requirement underpins project success, and automatically capturing and tracking changes using the development team Agile tool of choice simplifies the process.
Read how improving collaboration between business and development teams can help you to react faster to business change.
Take a detailed look into Atlas and see how easy it is to capture, share and track the progress of ideas, concepts and requirements. Atlas eliminates potential confusion between business and Agile teams, captures and tracks changes made to any requirement and ensures maximum value from delivery teams.
An Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) integration solution that unites diverse application life-cycle tools and environments.

Some entrepreneurs often get the impression that proper financial budgeting forecast is only for big businesses. You should try to account for as many types of expenses and all possible revenues you could think of while setting up a budget. Planning – A budget helps you plan your future activities and helps you in determining how much you can invest in future and how much portion of revenue should be reinvested to grow the business.
Financing – If you are starting a new business or setting up a Limited Liability Company, you will probably need financing for the initial capital to begin with. If you have created a previous budget, you can review it to get an idea of what needs to be included and your growth rate. You will also need to research the usual costs of material and labor for your industry and an estimate of sales trend.
You can also review some small business budget spreadsheets available on the internet and other business sources to get an idea of how to manage them. Look for avenues where you can cut back costs as much as possible without compromising on your quality level too much. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of payment options offered by your creditors or suppliers.
Look around the market for a complete package which includes price, delivery, quality and a lot of other factors. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He creates trust among his employees.  A manager with employees who trust him gains their loyalty and so they become very efficient in their work. He understands that you cannot expect certain behavior if you are not practicing it yourself. He knows that compensation of employees is according to market standards and individual performance as well as company standards. Your email will only be used for subscription, and each email will include a link you may use to unsubscribe at any time. I may agree that successful managers may have some of these qualities, or most of them probably, but not all.
If only every manager could have all of those qualities you list, they’d be the world’s most awesome boss! Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. The opinions expressed herein by him are his own and not those of his employer or anyone else.
Is your contact folder in Outlook filled with contact details that might or might not be up to date?
Connecting Outlook to social networks is a great way to stay connected with people and to have access to their latest contact details. Today, when most of us are equipped with really sophisticated smartphones there is no need to manually enter data from business cards into Outlook.
If you get an email from someone you want to include in your network, I recommend you add their contact details to your contact directory right away. So for instance, you will see information from your various contact folders, as well as other contact sources like SharePoint, Lync, LinkedIn and Facebook all in one view. Create a new category, in this example I’ll use LBS for my class mates at London Business School.
In general, only contacts that are in your primary contact folder in Outlook are synchronized to your mobile phone. With Borland tools, responses to requirements are shared with other stakeholders and are gathered through an email client.
Product teams using Atlas can constantly stay in sync with Agile teams and organizations can better respond to market pressures. Business budgeting is often the most intricate business tool you need to plan before starting a business. If you find it too difficult to handle the financial side of your business, you can look for help and you can easily find it all around you.
Your revenues are usually generated from your sales, investments, account receivables and interest.
It helps you in determining your lead time, your business cycle and managing the inflow and outflow time gap. You can compare your financial outcomes with your budgeted ones and determine whether your operating costs are higher than they should be or lower than that. If you are approaching a bank or investment broker, you will need a proper business plan, which includes a projected business budget for upcoming years.

If you are starting a business, you can also look for sample budgets of other small businesses in your industry to get an idea of general expenses you may incur. A budget may be your best tool to evaluate your performance on very concrete, quantitative basis. However, every employer wants a manager who will exercise some form of loyalty to the business-not necessarily limiting himself from career improvement and seeking better opportunities.
If they add a new telephone number or email address to LinkedIn, the contact details in Outlook 2013 will be updated automatically. To do that in Outlook 2013, copy the email signature, right-click the email address and select “Add to Outlook contacts”. Outlook uses email addresses as a unique identifier to decide if the information belongs to the same person or not. If you have a group of people (whose email addresses are unlikely to change) you can create a Contact Group in Outlook.
So if you change the email address in the contact card, the email address in the contact group remains unchanged. Forrester has identified a 70% increase in Agile adoption, making it a business imperative for many. These Agile management capabilities will unlock the full potential of your Agile environment, to provide greater organizational visibility and accelerate time-to-market.
Small business budgets should include an account of all possible revenues and expenses your business will generate during a certain time frame. A budget, just like your business plan, keeps you on track and provides you a quantitative guideline to assess your performance from time to time.
A number of business budget software are now available free of cost like PearBudget and Budget on Web. Highlight quarterly check-points on your budget and review your actual performance compared to it at the earliest so that changes can be made before it is too late. It can make you help any changes and provide you with the result immediately without going through any hefty calculations. Also take into consideration any change in taxes or inflation factors when planning a budget. A loyal manager can be trusted by his bosses and this creates a very healthy working relationship between them and the staff too.
However, having a large network and having people’s contact details readily available is a large asset so I highly recommend that you invest some time in managing your contacts. To learn how to connect Outlook to social networks, see the above mentioned article if you are using Outlook 2013, if you are using Outlook 2010 see the blog post, “The Outlook Social Connector – a hidden jewel”.
The People contact card will open up pre-populated with the name of the person and the email address. Click “New Contact Group” and then add the people you want to include in the group from your Outlook contacts or by typing in their email addresses. You can create additional contact folders for people whose contact information you want to save for future reference, but you might not need accessible through your smartphone.
Developers must know what the business requires and business leaders must be able to check what’s being delivered. Less re-work, shorter release cycles, regulatory compliance and improved customer satisfaction all come as standard. In this week’s blog article I’ll share some recommendations for how to effectively manage your contacts using Outlook. To paste in the rest of the fields I find it easiest to go to the “Notes” section and copy in the email signature there. I recommend you name your contact group starting with an underscore (_Marketing Team) or some other symbol so that your groups always appear first in your contact list, that way they are quicker to find. Micro Focus tools simplify requirements capture and management while enabling a faster reaction to changing business priorities.
This is essential if organizations are to react quickly to shifts in business priorities and improve business agility.
There are a large amount of apps available for capturing business cards, just do a search on the app marketplace for your phone. Read about Improving Business Agility: How stakeholders and developers can talk and think the same in our free white paper. This way if you have a person’s email address in one contact card, and their address and phone number in another card, Outlook shows you the information in a single view, without you having to manually combine the information.

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