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You are reading my guidelines for how to pick winning lottery numbers, which is surprisingly easier than I originally thought! I was very sceptical about so-called winning systems and guides to lottery success – I mean surely we would have heard by now if there was a secret code or some magic formula to winning lottery numbers? One of my dreams was to be rich, and the quickest way to that in my opinion is to win lottery jackpotsA (or at least one jackpot!), but I wasn’t even buying a ticket!! This was quickly followed by a grim realisation that I did not want to spend weeks analysing previous results, and despite knowing statistical theories, the thought of doing the undoubtedly necessary calculations brought me out in a cold sweat!!
As anyone would, I began my research online and was not surprised to discover many guides claiming to show how to pick the winning lottery numbers. Whilst reviewing his system I noticed that he implemented the same theories that I had thought of, and added a few of his own ( admittedly even better than mine ). The crucial selling point for me was that the calculations to find the best lottery numbers were already done for you, and you were told step by step which numbers to play each time. Ken also had some pretty impressive testimonials of past winning lottery numbers and win rates to back up his claims. Ken is quite an interesting guy and after reading a bit about him it seems I was right in my original reluctance to try any calculations myself – apparently it took him about 2 years to fine-tune his system. But seriously, even though I am still waiting to hit the jackpot so to speak, I definitely feel that I have the advantage over most players who do not know how to pick winning lottery numbers or have a system in place – at the very least the system will pay for the cost of the lottery tickets.
Numbers released by Lotto ahead of its 2,000th spin might give some clues on how to pick the winning ticket.
According to Lotto, 38 is the most drawn number ever, with it being pulled out of the pit 318 times so far. Of all the winning numbers, only 5% have apparently been chosen as a mix of dates and ages.
Birthdays are just as unlucky as dates and ages, with just 6% of winning numbers actually being birthdays the winner picked.
Even if you don’t let a machine choose random numbers for you, randomly plucking figures out of the air has apparently proved the best formula for 15% of winning numbers.

Obviously, there is no winning formula to win the lottery really, but good luck if you’re taking part in the 2,000th draw.
Insert your first name and e-mail to receive your 100% FREE eBook packed with secrets and tips from REAL lottery jackpot winners! If you're really ready to start making money from the Pick 3 Lottery, then I urge you to listen to what I have to say. Yes, by using simple mathematics and my system, the pick 3 and cash 3 lottery can be beaten.
For the average joe not using a system, the pick 3 lottery is very hard to beat over a period of time.
By simply using a mathematical formula that has taken years to develop, I have figured out how to predict the winning pick 3 lottery numbers. It's really simple, there are MILLIONS of lottery players who are not armed with this system. 99% of addicted lottery players are long-term LOSERS feeding money into a lottery that is practically unbeatable until now! After purchasing the system, all you have to invest in is your first set of lottery tickets. IMPORTANT: After payment, you will be directly sent to our encrypted download page where you can download your product instantly.
Let me explain, in the book the author talks about taking control of your life and taking action. I had the same numbers every week, as I knew I would be gutted if I changed them and a week later the old ones came up!
I am sorry to admit that I am a naturally lazy person, and even the thought of potential jackpots was not enough to entice me. At the time I was spending A?1 a week on the lottery, and the thought of spending more was not too appealing.
I know that with recent changes to the law regarding internet marketing, he would have been quickly shut down if these weren’t true.

I still believe in fate to a certain extent, but there is no harm in giving her a helping hand….
But to back that up, 13 has been the least drawn number as a main and a bonus ball, appearing just 234 times. Also, because so many people choose their numbers based on dates and ages, if the lower numbers are drawn, you’ll end up having to share your winnings with more people. Also if you go for lucky dip every time, you don’t need to worry about missing a week and your favourite numbers coming up. Some 27,681 people have matched five main Lotto numbers plus the bonus ball (the second best result).
This took years of developing, but it will be available to you today to beat your pick 3 and cash 3 lottery, anywhere in the world. Several weeks later, and as you can imagine, no major winnings ( I did win a tennerA yippee!
It suddenly dawned on me that the lottery, although being a game of chance, was bound by these same statistical rules.
However, it did occur to me that there must be other people out there who had such systems for the most winning lottery numbers. However, I was losing A?1 every week (apart from the initial A?10 win) so when I actually started winning I would be quids in. I am sure that my chances of winning the lotto have increased dramatically – especially as I am now buying tickets ha! Instead, rely on car registrations, door numbers and phone numbers as 21% of winning numbers have been picked this way. If no-one matches all six main numbers in the Quadruple Rollover draw, the prize money drops into the next winning prize level (five plus the bonus ball).

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