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Have you ever felt that your life was unraveling, that everything that you had planned and for which you had worked was coming apart at the seams?  I never dreamt that it could happen to me – but it did! Let me tell you a story.  But first, let me say that my story has a happy ending, because I discovered a solution that helped me regain my life and exceed my dreams. The details of the story that I am about to reveal to you begin in November, 2008.  I was an early victim of the Great Recession that many people, perhaps yourself included, are feeling the effects of to this day. Losing my job came out of the blue, completely catching me off-guard.  My wife Molly was a stay-at-home mom, caring for our two young children, and I was now unemployed at what seemed to me to be the worst possible time!
With just two weeks of severance pay and waiting for unemployment benefits to kick in, I was desperate.  The fact that the Holidays were rapidly approaching only added to my level of anxiety. I knew I would be receiving unemployment, but those payments would not even cover our mortgage payment, let alone living expenses.  I was desperate and paralyzed with fear. To this day, I am stunned by the response I received when I asked if he could lend us some money to help us get through a couple of months.  You never know the true nature of people until you need their help.
The story he told me totally shocked me!  He said that about a year prior, he had stumbled upon a system enabling him to win the lottery with uncanny regularity – not always large jackpots, but always significantly more than he bet.  He could pick winning lottery numbers almost at will! When I asked, he said that he would be happy to share his secret.  I immediately ran home and following his instructions, purchased the system that has changed my life. Seven months later, I won a significant lottery jackpot!  It was life-changing!  If you’re like most people, you can’t imagine the feeling of being free from financial worries and looking forward simply to living each day to the fullest.  Today, Molly, I, and our children are living a life that most other people can only imagine in their fantasies.
And, you can too.  Click here to change your life!  In retrospect, I think that you’ll agree that it was the smartest decision you ever made.
Do you buy lottery tickets and dream sweet dreams about winning millions of dollars?  Or, maybe just thousands of dollars?  Do you attempt, without success, to pick the winning lottery numbers in dailyPick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, and Pick-6 number games? Winning the lottery by any means other than dumb luck requires the use of effective and time-tested winning lottery systems.  In fact, employing the proper techniques and principles in choosing your winning number combinations, for example, provides you dramatically higher odds winning a coveted jackpot. Lottery strategies most often revolve around how to pick the winning lottery numbers.  But, while strategies to pick the winning lottery numbers are, undoubtedly, very important, they are not the only factors to consider if you want to optimize your opportunities to win the lottery.
I know people who pick the winning lottery numbers frequently and have won significant lottery jackpots multiple times.  Yet, most people play their whole lives never winning more than a few dollars and certainly losing much more than they ever win. Are consistent lottery winners simply the luckiest people on earth?  Or, do they know how to pick winning lottery numbers?  Are they consciously or subconsciously using effective lottery winning strategies when selecting their lucky numbers? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In recent months repeating Pick 3 numbers are becoming more of a pattern than most Pick 3 players would ever imagine.
You are reading my guidelines for how to pick winning lottery numbers, which is surprisingly easier than I originally thought! I was very sceptical about so-called winning systems and guides to lottery success – I mean surely we would have heard by now if there was a secret code or some magic formula to winning lottery numbers? One of my dreams was to be rich, and the quickest way to that in my opinion is to win lottery jackpotsA (or at least one jackpot!), but I wasn’t even buying a ticket!! This was quickly followed by a grim realisation that I did not want to spend weeks analysing previous results, and despite knowing statistical theories, the thought of doing the undoubtedly necessary calculations brought me out in a cold sweat!!
As anyone would, I began my research online and was not surprised to discover many guides claiming to show how to pick the winning lottery numbers. Whilst reviewing his system I noticed that he implemented the same theories that I had thought of, and added a few of his own ( admittedly even better than mine ).
The crucial selling point for me was that the calculations to find the best lottery numbers were already done for you, and you were told step by step which numbers to play each time. Ken also had some pretty impressive testimonials of past winning lottery numbers and win rates to back up his claims. Ken is quite an interesting guy and after reading a bit about him it seems I was right in my original reluctance to try any calculations myself – apparently it took him about 2 years to fine-tune his system.

But seriously, even though I am still waiting to hit the jackpot so to speak, I definitely feel that I have the advantage over most players who do not know how to pick winning lottery numbers or have a system in place – at the very least the system will pay for the cost of the lottery tickets. Mega Millions, formerly known as The Big Game, is a multi-state lottery game in 42 states of America including the District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands. If you want to multiply any prize that you might win, you may ask the store clerk to give you the Megaplier option. If your numbers matches all six winning numbers, then you will be entitled as the winner of the game. Pay attention to radio and television newscast if there is any news about the winner for the latest draw. Go to the retailer where you purchased the lottery ticket and see if your ticket hit the jackpot. Visit the retailer’s website and go to the “Winning Numbers” page; or you may create an account to their site and provide them with your email account to receive notifications via email.
Winners are given two options on how they want to receive the jackpot price – either you choose to receive the money as an annuity jackpot or as cash jackpot.
If you choose to receive the money as an annuity jackpot, Mega Millions will pay you through an installment basis. If you choose to receive the money as a cash jackpot, you will be given the chance to receive it in full amount. Most lottery retailers who offer Mega Millions do not encourage players to get addicted on playing the lottery. Being responsible to the players is one of the leading reasons why retailers of the mega millions are still growing their popularity all over the country. I hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully it will get you on your way to having a win. Winning The LotteryWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. Winning the Pick 3 lottery is difficult for any Pick 3 player including players who play the Delaware Play 3, Michigan Daily 3 or Missouri Pick 3 to choose which of the 1,000 numbers from 000 to 999 to play and turn it into the winning Pick 3 number. Therefore one Pick 3 number which has just been drawn is off the table as one of the playable choices in the next drawing. It is not just happening in the box form as in the examples cited, but it is occurring with an exact order match. Let me explain, in the book the author talks about taking control of your life and taking action.
I had the same numbers every week, as I knew I would be gutted if I changed them and a week later the old ones came up! I am sorry to admit that I am a naturally lazy person, and even the thought of potential jackpots was not enough to entice me. At the time I was spending A?1 a week on the lottery, and the thought of spending more was not too appealing. I know that with recent changes to the law regarding internet marketing, he would have been quickly shut down if these weren’t true.
I still believe in fate to a certain extent, but there is no harm in giving her a helping hand….
Mega Millions has a start up jackpot price of $12 million and is increasing in time once there is no jackpot winner. Six states of America that first participated in its earliest and first drawings are Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. You must select 5 numbers from 1 to 56 white balls; and 1 number from 1 to 46 mega balls as your lottery numbers. Below are the guidelines how to access the winning numbers and to find if you are the jackpot winner of the Mega Millions.

For example, if you win the lottery price of $12 million, you will receive $38,500 annually. To receive the lump sum as a cash jackpot, you will have to apply for a payday loan to get the money in full. However, there is always a tendency to become addicted to it especially if they are playing for millions of dollars.
Some of them such as the Kansas Lottery continually donate $80,000 annually to support the programs of the organizations that are linked to them. This is not just happening in the box form as in the examples cited, but it is occurring with an exact order match.
Because it just doesnt make sense to play the same winning Pick 3 number that was just drawn. But rarely would California Daily 3 players plan on playing the 640 in the evening because it was just drawn in the midday drawing. Even if one sleeps on the information overnight, the Tennessee Cash 3 players would not choose to play the same three digits in any order in the following afternoons midday drawing where at least one of the three digits would change for whatever reason. Several weeks later, and as you can imagine, no major winnings ( I did win a tennerA yippee!
It suddenly dawned on me that the lottery, although being a game of chance, was bound by these same statistical rules. However, it did occur to me that there must be other people out there who had such systems for the most winning lottery numbers.
However, I was losing A?1 every week (apart from the initial A?10 win) so when I actually started winning I would be quids in. I am sure that my chances of winning the lotto have increased dramatically – especially as I am now buying tickets ha!
Year after year, the Big Game has grown its popularity when they eventually gave larger jackpot prices and there are real-time jackpot winners from the different states. Two jackpot price winners were from Georgia and New Jersey, splitting the total amount in $233 million each.
You may choose to mark the Easy Pick options on your ticket or just let the clerk do that for you.
This is the reason why these retailers tied-up with organizations that help people who have problems on gambling.
Playing the lottery can be very addicting which may raise financial drawbacks and problems in your family such as managing money, etc. Some see repeating digits as addresses or on automobile license plates throughout their day. Generally speaking, it defies the history of winning pick 3 numbers to become repeating numbers in a short period of time of a few hours from one drawing to the next, one day or even a couple of days apart.
Players are still allowed to play multiple games in order to increase their chances of winning; but needs to pay additional fee of $1 per game. Every retailer of the mega millions have a warning page on their websites, “Play Responsibly”, wherein they give a message to players that they must not go beyond their quota and how they can help themselves by asking for an immediate help from the organizations that are linked with the lottery. Be very certain that while you play the lottery, you are simultaneously gauging yourself with regards to addiction.
Each player has his or her own unique way for winning the Pick 3 lottery by whatever method they employ to choose their numbers. Simply by adhering to the programs provided by the National Council on Problem Gambling, one’s disease can get cured immediately.

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