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We’re delighted to announce that from July this year, we’ll be offering our customers the chance to bet on the biggest lotteries in the world! We’ll have PowerBall, the US favourite with the nail-biting draw system that sees the size of a win defined by a single ball. We’ve got SuperEnalotto, an Italian lottery with over half a century of history behind it and the biggest jackpots seen in any European national lottery. In short, we’re now offering you bets on the greatest lotteries in the world, all in one place. If I won 100 millions, why wouldn’t you just collect my winnings and move to Vanuatu island? The big prizes are paid by insurance companies directly to the player, without our involvement. We do not restrict cards from Nigeria, however, your bank may be restricting gambling transactions from abroad. Play Mega Millions Online Lotto Play Megamillions Lottery, US Powerball and see your Lottery Horoscope!

The numerical value of a person’s name influences that person’s personal and professional development. Your pick is so unique – when you win the lottery jackpot with your lucky numerology numbers you’ll have it all to yourself. We invite you to play the Biggest International Lottery , the one who is the undefeated champion of Huge Jackpots with a record breaking $656 Million prize.
While us mere mortals might still have to work the daily run of the mill lifestyle there are some who have taken the plunge and turned gaming into the thing that turns their dreams into reality by playing the lotto online.
For lottery-players who like serious prizes and a spot of variety, there’ll never be a better virtual hub than the newly revamped PlayEuroLotto.
We strongly advise you contact your bank directly, or try using a different payment method. Some have particular methods for choosing their winning numbers, such as picking patterns or using birthdays or anniversaries.
Look at the Numerology Chart and the numerical value of the letters in your name and write down all the corresponding numbers divided by + signs, e.g.

The personality traits under number 5 are “expansiveness, visionary, adventure, the constructive use of freedom”.
All you’ll need to do is spend a little time with a selection of your nearest and dearest’s names, work out each one’s numerical value and use them and a combination of them in your next lotto entry.
That’s a great sign when Joe John becomes a lottery winner – he’ll use all his free time constructively.
Because you’ll need two-digit numbers as well, you could join together a close couple’s numerology values into a two-digit number. But, since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, people have turned to numerology to guide their important life decisions.

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