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Now here in this new post I am going to teach you how to promote clickbank products with a website.In order to make money with clickbank, you have to make sales. The reason I choose this service because you can get domain, hosting and website setup for less than $50 a year.
Which which is beginner friendly.Fatcow web hosting will get you a decent class web hosting with a free domain.
You should not name your website after a product name that will limit the scope of your website or even get you into trouble for copyright laws.Once you have your domain name and hosting configured, go ahead and build your website with the drag and drop website builder,You can also install WordPress into your domain to build your website. I am going to share exactly what you need to do with your website.First you need to build your unique brand. Getting a cool logo or banner could be a great start.Create an “About” page in your website.

By learning the guitar, that person is going to feel better and it may also help them in their career.So when you are promoting a product that teaches how to play the guitar, make a website with content that talks about playing guitar.
When you are a beginner in that field and also writing for the beginners, people will be able to connect with your articles.Some people will advise you to buy articles from professionals for your website.
I suggest you don’t because when you buy article writing services, these guys won’t be putting their heart and soul into that topic.
This article may pass in the eyes of google, but for a passionate reader it won’t be much.Your goal with your website is to produce articles on a regular basis. Give away free tips, advice on your website and people will keep coming.At the end of each article mention the product you are promoting and then link to it (it will be your affiliate link)When people are reading from you for a long time and trust your advice, they are going to click on the link and buy from you. In the next part I will share what are some other ways you can promote clickbank products and make money.I will also write some more about setting up your own website to make money, so stay tuned!Enjoyed this post?

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