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The main page of the blog displays highlights from each post, with an option to continue reading by clicking through to the full content. The Time Management Ninja was featured in numerous websites, including the International Business Times.
Mike Vardy is a speaker, writer and podcaster who covers time management skills and other necessary competencies for productivity. Mike’s writing has been published in channels such as Success Magazine, The Huffington Post and more. This site delivers consistent content that is easily digestible and relatable, giving readers productivity, happiness and time management tips three times a week. In addition to blog posts about motivation, productivity, health and self-improvement, Pick the Brain offers a section called 90 Day, a 90 Day Self Improvement Boot Camp. Erin Falconer, co-founder of, has a career that spans industries such as screenplay writer, political consultant, and stand-up comedian.

Managing your time for optimal productivity isn’t easily taught and not always instinctive.
Craig Jarrow delivers useful information in concise, straightforward posts that will fit into anyone’s busy schedule. This blog has navigable categories so visitors can view the content they want, including workflows, apps, book reviews, mindfulness and more. The site also has a list of resources that visitors can reference to improve productivity via websites, applications, training and more. This is a compilation of articles to read over 90 days, each focusing on important advice for self improvement. Some articles teach readers how to make their anger work for them, and others share key attributes necessary for success. That’s why Hubstaff has developed an application that makes time management automatic.

We found four excellent examples of time management and productivity blogs filled with useful information that can help you manage your time, both personally and professionally, like an expert. They cover topics such as joining a community, self-respect, perception, being a good listener and more.
Just install the software on Windows, Mac or Linux, set up your projects, and begin tracking your time, online or offline.
This blog revolves around happiness, productivity and life in general to help improve readers’ daily lives at work and at home. This time-tracking software features screenshots, activity levels, timesheets, reports and more.

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