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The more you use affirmations the more your old beliefs will fade away, and your life will begin to change. Can you use the law of attraction to resolve things with your ex or should you focus on attracting someone new? This is an awesome question that was posed to me last week.  I’m so grateful this was asked because it brings up some very important points about the law of attraction and your ability to deliberately attract the things you want into your life.

For example, if your recent breakup has made you realize that you are really ready for someone that wants you as a partner for life, then focus on that.  How does he treat you?  How does he speak with you?  What do you do when you’re together?  How do you know you’re his one and vice versa?  How do you feel when you’re together?  How does your relationship feel even when you’re not together? And you’re allowing the space for the Universe to bring the love and partnership that is your divine right to you. Want to know more about deliberately attracting your soul mate?  If you liked this then you will enjoy my two audios, Six Ways To Begin Deliberately Attracting Your Soul Mate Now and Five Ways To Shift Into Love.  Please sign up at the top of the page to download them for free!

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