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For the movie nights you really want to pick from a selection of Brazilian drama films or period pieces, Netflix engineers fashioned a way for you to do that.As television giant Netflix expanded its global footprint to 190 countries, it has been revealed there are codes which allow users to access a full list of genres on Netflix usually hidden on 0the website.
Netflix is probably the widest and most accepted form of home video streaming that the world has become familiar with.
Curry is averaging over 29 points per game, and its over 34 games deep into the National Basketball Association season. If you spend more time on Netflix trying to decide what to watch than actually, you know, watching things, listen up: There's a way to find exactly what you want. Instead of endlessly sorting through the streaming site's 13,000+ titles, you can use specific codes to find genres that interest you.
This goes way beyond the standard “action” and “romance” genres; in fact, Netflix has a whopping 3,789 categories of TV and movies. The numerical codes, which designate pages for super-specific “alternate” genres like “Action & Adventure Based On A Book From The 1960s” and “Cerebral Crime Dramas,” can be entered into the URL to direct you to a page. The full list of codes is here, but be warned: You'll still have to do a little sorting to find something you want to watch, and the trick is only for use on actual computers — tablets and phones won't work.
This way, however, you won't be stuck relying on Netflix's crappy “suggestions” (which, in my case, are almost always polluted by my friends' viewing histories).

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Gillian Fuller graduated from New York University in 2014 and joined the Elite Daily team shortly after as a Staff Writer. Subscribers unsatisfied with Netflix's limited (and odd) genre categories can take advantage of secret codes to reveal obscure films that may not otherwise appear in the queue. One downside is that the codes only work when browsing netflix in a web browser, not via a smart TV or an app. The bad news is that while there were two separate, unofficial guides floating around the internet, they've already been taken down. If you happen upon any working codes, posting them below in the comments (or hollering at us on twitter) would be doing the world a great service. There are "thousands of secret codes that will give users full access to everything on Netflix", Britain's The Independent reports. She previously worked as a freelance writer for Time Out New York and Racked, mainly covering fashion and beauty.
One is that the movies available for streaming can seem limited, and most aren't exactly big blockbuster releases (to put it gently).

The good news is that if you're bored with some time on your hands, you can manipulate the numbers yourself and see what comes up.
If you've noticed, when you browse Netflix on your computer the URL will typically have a 4-digit number at the end. For example, 'critically-acclaimed movies from the 1970s' or 'feel-good children and family movies from the 1980s'.There's now a way to actually search according to these cool categories. Using the code 8195 will take you to the page with all of the B-Horror movies and 1252 will take you specially to Campy Horror movies. The way to do it is by installing a chrome extension or firefox add-on called Netflix Super Browse that alters the way Netflix looks by including the 'super browse' option next to the usual 'browse'. But we bet most of you didn't know that Netflix has a hidden treasure trove of TV and movie categories, which allow you to venture deeper into Netflix-land than ever before.

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