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ATHENA WIN has three groups of members – Corporate Members, Executive Members and Regular Members. Our Corporate and Executive members sponsor and support our organization through expanded contribution in exchange for upgraded membership status. Anthony Clemmons added 12 points for the Hawkeyes (21-9, 12-6 Big Ten), who used a 14-5 run to take a 15-point lead with 10:13 to play. Derrick Walton scored 14 points for Michigan, which honored seniors Caris LeVert and Spike Albrecht before the regular-season finale. Bernie Sanders’ stunning win in Michigan primary has brought into sharp focus the inaccuracies of presidential polls carried out by media outlets, none of which predicted the Vermont senator to win the contest. According to Patch, Bernie Sanders cut into Clinton’s support among African-American and blue collar workers in the Rust Belt, dealing Clinton the heaviest blow yet in her presidential campaign. But before we even begin to analyze what the victory could mean for Bernie Sanders and his campaign, there is a simpler conclusion to be drawn from the results, and it is this: you cannot trust the polls. Of all the polls that pitched Clinton and Sanders against each other in Michigan over the course of the last month, not a single one had Clinton leading by less than five percentage points.
There could be any number of reasons, of course, but there are some that are quite obvious, even at this early stage. For one, there were very few polls conducted a week before Michigan went to vote, meaning that Sanders’ late surge on Saturday was not taken into account.
Second, if there is one state that has suffered the brunt of economic collapse more powerfully than others, it is Michigan.
Bernie Sanders might just have been able to swing voters in his favor during the latest Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan. Moreover, a high voter turnout in Michigan could be the most important reason that Sanders could manage a win, something he has reiterated since the beginning of his campaign.

In retrospect, while these reasons are plain for anyone to see, they were missed by each and every poll that pitted Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton. With voting due in Illinois and Ohio next, both of which Hillary Clinton is expected to win, according to exit polls, Sanders would try to make sure that Michigan does not remain a mere fluke.
California, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are states with large delegate prizes, and if Sanders can give Clinton a tough fight in these states, then nothing definitive could yet be said about the race.
With the southern states already behind him, Bernie Sanders’ campaign will believe the victory in Michigan has come at just the right time.
Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Yesterday, Mitt Romney wrapped up his six state bus tour in Michigan, the state where he was raised and his father was governor from 1963 until 1969.
Michigan (20-11, 10-8) scored the next 10 points, but the Wolverines couldn’t pull any closer down the stretch and now may need a strong showing in the Big Ten tournament to make it to the NCAAs. They’re both out for the season with injuries, which is a big reason the Wolverines are in this predicament.
Although Sanders beat Clinton only marginally, 50 percent to 48 percent, the victory could be symbolic in the sense that it could alone be enough to propel Sanders into giving Clinton a tougher fight for the Democratic nomination than many expected. Some polls even went so far as to suggest that Clinton will win the state primary by a landslide, giving her margins of between 11 and 37 points over Sanders, according to the Huffington Post.
In fact, not even a single poll released its results after the Democratic debate Sunday in Flint, Michigan, where, it could be contested, Sanders put concerted efforts to swing the Democratic voters in the state. In fact, Democratic voters in the state, reeling under the Flint water crisis, could not but hope for a presidential nominee who would directly take on the establishment, and Bernie Sanders appears to be that man. As noted earlier in the article, there is also little doubt that Sanders had major support among minorities in Michigan than elsewhere, which inevitably helped him in winning over the state.

A last-minute sway in voter mindsets could not be held accountable for the great surprise, and it is quite evident that, if the Michigan primary is anything to go by, exit polls cannot be taken at face value. Turman (0) and Michigan State Spartans guard Eron Harris (14) fight for position during the first half of a game at Jack Breslin Student Events Center. A true beauty of Whitehouse Whitetails and the quality a hunter or breeder can expect while choosing the best whitetail outfitter & breeder in Michigan. Romney won Michigan’s Republican primary, the Obama campaign has reasons to be optimistic about their chances there. 16 Iowa snapped a four-game losing streak with a 71-61 win over Michigan on Saturday night. 4 team in the country, the Kansas Jayhawks, to start the season is going to be quite the test for Tom Izzo and the No. However, despite the encouraging poll numbers for the president, Michigan is one of twelve crucial swing states that are seen as potentially going to either side. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports Playing a game without the McDonalds All-American Game MVP has to be tough on a team that was expecting to have him for this big gam, but the Jayhawks will need to try and forget their beef with the NCAA over his eligibility and focus on the task at hand. For the Spartans, that means one less guy to have to guard — and quite possibly the most talented big man in the country. You can add the absence of LaGerald Vick to this list as the former five-star shooting guard is out with an eye injury.

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