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On December 1st, a key will be chosen at random and one lucky player will become the proud owner of a brand new SMART car.
The promotion is open to all players from all markets and available in all languages and currencies. The Holiday Hotel invites you to come and play the 20 line slot game where you need to simply match the icons in the correct combination, according to the paytable, to win a cash prize.
Is the “points allowed” statistic the best metric to use in fantasy football defense?
Look for defensive players who racked up an impressive number of sacks during the previous season. Once you find a few suitable candidates, take a look at the QBs they’ll be facing during the week. Defensive teams that have logged a high number of TDs from fumbles, interceptions, and the like can give your score a much-needed boost.
One of the notable differences between DraftKings and FanDuel when it comes to NFL defense is the salary range. By contrast, you can save a ton of cash at Draftkings by picking up a second-tier defensive unit.
With the MLB season in full swing, you’re probably already participating in daily fantasy baseball contests. How has the pitcher performed against the hitters he’s scheduled to match up against? When shopping for hitters, focus on guys who have performed well against the pitchers they’re scheduled to face that night.
One of the toughest challenges you face when you start playing daily fantasy sports is building your bankroll.
When you win contests using the fantasy site’s bonus money, you get to keep the winnings. Most beginners make the mistake of jumping into the guaranteed prize pool (GPP) tournaments. Since you’re going to be competing on a regular basis, you need to come up with a basic draft strategy. A big part of building a lineup is knowing which players will produce the greatest number of points per salary dollar. With the help of a few simple spreadsheet formulas, some of the above data will take care of itself. For example, you might find that you’re losing a huge percentage of head-to-head contests.
When FanDuel and DraftKings host guaranteed prize pool tournaments, they’re counting on attracting enough players that the entry fees match or exceed the prize pool. With thoughts slowly but surely turning to the NFL with the preseason just a month away, it’s a good time to look at some strategy for your daily fantasy picks. Check Your Line-Up – There is no excuse not to get this right, but you can be sure that there will be a large number of players on a weekly basis who don’t do this. Use Sportsbooks – Odds makers are some of the most clued up brains in sport – if they weren’t they would all go broke.
The Quarterback – Like the game itself, your quarterback is the most important pick you’ll make. Doubling Up – It can be a good move to put all your eggs in one basket by picking a combination of quarterback and wide receiver.
Bargains – You want to find value for money in daily fantasy sports, and you’ll get no better value than a low salary player picking up a good load of points.
Use the Media Wisely – A player tweets that he is up for a big game, or a coach comes out in a press conference and says that his team is pumped for the weekend or that a player will have an impact at the weekend. Draftkings offer an interesting four level series of steps tournaments, with the opportunity of turning $2 into $200.
This step once again features just five players, and you’re one step away from the final tournament. At each level of a step tournament, at least 40% of the competitors will remain in the competition, however progression to the next level is tougher, needing a top 20% finish. A top 40% finish will normally be achieved by having a solid line-up, even if this means paying a lot of money for the top performer. A top 20% finish is a little tougher, and isn’t always going to be achieved by having that “solid” line up.
This takeover will see the user base of DraftKings rise by nearly 50% and added to this the site will now offer increased prize funds in their Legends Series with a $3.3 million fund and a $1 million first prize.
DraftKings did have a workforce of around 50 people before the merger, but this will grow to around 85 employees after the takeover. Though the takeover will mean there is a new super power in Fantasy Sport, it will mean that there will be a little less choice for the Daily Fantasy Sports players. Posted in Daily Fantasy Sports Tips, DraftKings, Fantasy Sports Tips and tagged draftkings, draftstreet, fantasy sports sites.
Should you select Tiger Woods for your fantasy golf lineup?  There’s arguments both for and against choosing the game’s most famous golfer.  Many people would say the smart money bets against Woods in fantasy golf, due to his increasing age and out-sized popularity with casual fans, but in the right circumstances, Woods can offer exceptional value. His overall physical condition means that despite being 38, he’s still a fit 38, and he may have as much as a decade of top-level golf left in his body, barring more serious injury or the simple loss of will to compete.
Tiger Woods is generally overpriced in salary-cap formats due to his name recognition for casual players, but in a straight draft format, he can often slide to a very attractive spot.  Savvy fantasy-golf players can often overthink themselves, saying, “He’s old, he’s hurt, he puts too much pressure on himself…” and go pick a younger golfer of less ability instead.
Then consider that your league probably gives most of its points to subpar holes (birdies, eagles) and consistently high finishes in events.  In 2013, despite the off 2012, Woods still won five events, had several other high finishes, was fourth in birdies per round, 15th in number of holes per eagle – and oh, yeah, he was the number-one rated overall player. Woods is noted for his ability to run off three or four great events in a row, and he’s also one of a very few golfers who can post a low, low number more than once in a given weekend.  Many golfers can’t seem to follow up a 65 with anything other than a 73, but Woods doesn’t have that problem.
That’s why Woods, when he’s on his game, is one of just a handful of golfers who can win a tournament by five or six or eight shots, and all those extra holes under par can make for a winning fantasy-golf weekend for whoever has him in the lineup.  Few other golfers can close out a tournament in a similar manner – Rory McIlroy being one of the exceptions – so if Woods seems primed for a super weekend, give him a serious look. The same pressure that Tiger Woods places on himself in golf’s majors might be one of the reasons he’s still stuck on 14 titles, but the flip side is that he doesn’t put as much pressure on himself in non-majors.  The result?  He’s been even tougher in non-majors where he regularly participates than his overall great number would indicate. So it’s not a major, and Woods is on the course?  Then you have to consider him for your lineup.
The minus side of Tiger’s game is that he’s already had to reconstruct his swing and game on several different occasions, and he’ll likely have to do it again to protect his aging body, particularly his back.  That’s tough for any athlete, especially one nearing 40, but Woods has shown himself to be more mentally suited to this form of challenge than virtually any other athlete, let alone a pro golfer. Posted in Daily Fantasy Golf Tips, Daily Fantasy Sports Tips, Fantasy Golf Tips, Fantasy Sports Tips. Most online DFFs use scoring systems that incorporate more statistics and scoring opportunities than found in season-long leagues. Finding one’s favorite DFF sites is a matter of finding the proper balance between statistical and research requirements, contest sizes, buy-ins and potential payouts, and special promotions or contests that offer extra value and entertainment to the fantasy player. Few things drag down a long-term league faster than chasing down late lineups or dealing with arguments ensuing from roster changes of dubious legality.
Registering for an event puts the pressure on the player himself to take care of getting a lineup in on time and according to league rules, and if he does a poor job, that just benefits the other players.
The formal legalization of fantasy sports under the 2006 UIGEA means that players can use online payment systems to participate that are blocked for use with other forms of gambling sites. Since these US-based financial institutions offer their own purchase and fraud protection, daily fantasy sports’ legal legitimacy thus gives the players an extra level of security.

To play for real money, one must provide the site with one’s real-world information (name, address, and so on). Tired of waiting for an entire season to elapse while your money is sitting in a jar on the commish’s desk, even though you clinched your league with a month to go? One of the biggest plusses to daily fantasy sports and online sites is that when you win, your winnings are credited immediately to your account. Due to injuries, time off, and despite occasional appearances overseas, Tiger Woods just doesn’t play as often as one would think.  He’s spent much of the spring of 2014 on the injury list, but he’s never been much for golf’s year-end “silly season” and he’s only played in three official PGA events since September of 2013, for combined winnings of less than $90,000, a decidedly non-Tigeresque sum. Adding in all the internal pressure that Tiger seems to place on himself as he chases Jack Nicklaus’s all-time mark of 18 major wins, selecting Tiger for your fantasy team when any of the 2014 majors is on tap just seems to be a low-percentage play.
Tiger’s a chronic tinkerer with his golf swing, and you can bet he’ll be readjusting it yet again in the hopes of alleviating some of the pressure it places on his back, that may have contributed to his recent injury.  The last time he emerged from a long layoff, his swing was overly mechanical, and it took months for some of his natural fluidity to return. Tiger Woods remains the straw that stirs the proverbial drink when it comes to mainstream sports fans’ interest in golf, and that translates directly into fantasy interest.  Woods’ recent back injury was reportedly to have caused an immediate drop of 20% in the total handle of all money bet on professional golf in the weeks surrounding the 2014 Masters.
Many casual fans of golf pay attention only to what Woods is doing, true evidence of his transformation of the game, and that’s why whenever he’s on the course, the cameras follow his every shot.  Now, not all of that 20% share which global bookies attribute to Woods injury-caused sidelining would be directly bet on Tiger, either for or against him, but a good share of it is.
Having Tiger Woods in your fantasy-golf lineup can be a winning play, but more often than not, the price to obtain him is just too high for the risk involved.  He’s still going to draw plenty of interest, but interest and attention isn’t part of the winning formula for a fantasy-golf owner. They call it the bubbly bingo game and while its bubbly quotient is a matter of opinion its top prizes are not.
As the game begins, random balls will come out in 3 separate stages to play for 3 prizes: 1 line, 2 lines and Full House. Note the bingo balls on the far right, well they aren’t seriously bubbling or anything yet, at least not so far as we can see, lol.
To make the best use of those metrics, you need to be familiar with the scoring system used at your favorite daily fantasy sports site. They can occur for a number of reasons, not all of which have anything to do with your defensive players. Try to identify QBs who are sack magnets, like Ryan Tannehill (Miami), Terrelle Pryor (Seattle) or Christian Ponder (Minnesota). But if your defense manages to gain possession of the ball and run it into the end zone, the points they earn will come in handy.
We talked about the differences between large-field and small-field daily fantasy baseball in the past.
Some MLB players are phenomenally productive on some nights only to fall apart on other nights. Think of these contests in the same way you’d think about rolling a hard eight in craps.
You don’t want to risk a large sum of your cash, at least not until you gain some experience. You’re required to earn out the bonus before you can withdraw the funds, but the cash is essentially yours. For example, if you input the number of contests played and the number of contests won, your spreadsheet will auto-fill the number of contests lost.
It’s going to be frustrating, especially if you rack up loss after loss over an extended period.
Here you’ll find a list of ten strategies that might enhance your roster, and make you into a solid winning player for the 2014 season.
Consider a player who has just had a terrible outing – is he the type of player whose head will go down and his performance will be affected again? Will he back this up next week, and go on a streak of good form, or are these performances just a rarity? Did they play Monday night, and are now playing Sunday and have had a lot of travel in between? Obviously this is easier said than done, as players have a low salary for a reason – but look at the winners of any big fantasy contest, and they’ll have a couple of players who were great value.
At each level there are qualification criteria for the next level, with players just missing out being given the chance to try again at the current.
The winner from the five will progress to step four, with the runner up having another shot at step three. Just three players feature in the step four tournament, and only the third place finisher doesn’t receive a payout. Tactically, this isn’t straightforward, as aiming for a top 40% finish requires a slightly different approach to aiming for a top 20% finish. You want the best players, and picking a roster of solid performers will give you a good chance of hitting that top 40%. You might have to think outside the box a little more here – you may have to take more chances with your line-up.
To win the series you are going to need to progress through the levels, and to do this you need that top 20% finish, so veering towards taking more of a gamble with your line up might be the best idea. Consider this scenario – if you do take the gamble you might finish 1st or 5th, the solid pick player might finish 2nd or 3rd.
Here there are just three players, with two making the money – however the first prize is $200, with just $40 for second. DraftStreet has been an overwhelming success, surpassing all of our expectations when we started the business, and we owe that to you, our loyal players. DraftKings also plans to hire several more software engineers and project managers by the end of the year.
With the NFL season fast approaching, this is a critical time for the industry and traditionally a time when firms will experience their highest amount of new sign ups.
Think about all the full-year NFL fantasy owners whose entire season was damaged by a single major injury, as happened with Packers’ MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers last year. The bad results of the past week are quickly forgotten and it’s on to the next weekend’s games. One reason is simply because they can; the interactive nature of the game allows for live-time editing and rapid calculation of the standings for any given week or contest. DraftStreet, one of the largest sites, has a particular reputation for complex scoring rules and the need for increased statistical evaluation.
Plus, the automatic scoring means that the site and software itself handles all the statistical legwork; all the players themselves have to do is pick a lineup and play.
It’s a virtual breeze to create an account on most major sites, which are based in the US and accept both PayPal and several prominent credit cards.
While offshore gambling sites of other types have often encountered problems, and have even disappeared with players’ money, the US-based fantasy football world offers far greater security.
This is done for the player’s own protection in addition to overall site security, to ensure that the player is the person claimed, that the deposits and withdrawals are legitimate, and that the player doesn’t live in one of the few US states that has declared fantasy sports illegal. And what happens if the commish himself disappears, or if other players in your real-life league refuse to honor their financial commitments? In turn, unless you’re clearing a special bonus offer that might involve more gameplay, you’re able to withdraw your funds immediately.
You might be surprised at the number of points you can rack up through sacks, interceptions, safeties, and defensive TDs. Other stats, such as the average length of possession and the number of fourth downs per game, are just as useful.

A fumble made by the opposing team that’s snatched up by your defensive players will earn you 2 points. If he manages to get the ball into the end zone, you’ll receive an additional 4 points (6 points total). Or his blockers might do a poor job of keeping the opposing team’s defensive line at bay.
Notice that a TD will earn you 6 points regardless of whether it happens as a result of a recovered fumble, returned interception, kickoff, punt or field goal.
Use the 6 tips outlined above to draft a productive defense that will contribute its share of points.
But I’m going to share something with you today that will motivate you to reevaluate your approach. In the linked article, I gave you some tips on how to draft pitchers and hitters according to whether you’re competing against just a few players or hundreds of them. Don’t spend so much money on him that your offense looks like a third-tier high school team.
A larger field means that your team will be stacked up against more mediocre teams than would be the case if you were playing against a few skilled competitors.
Are Vegas oddsmakers predicting a low-point game, suggesting that the guys on the mound will successfully keep hitters at bay?
But once you get some experience under your belt, you’ll want to register accounts at a few other DFS sites. If you happen to win the $150,000 first place prize in the King of the Diamond tournament at FanDuel, good for you. Or your spreadsheet might reveal that you’re getting pummeled on Mondays and Thursdays, but dominating the field on Wednesdays and Sundays. With that in mind, use the plan I’ve outlined above to build your bankroll from the ground up. Use the NFL injury report to not only know who is injured, but work out who the replacements will be and see if they can gain you valuable points. Therefore, if a team is well ahead on the spread, you won’t go too far wrong in picking some of the players for your roster. Spend the most time researching this player – maybe list all of the starting quarterbacks, and cross them off one by one.
Or is he the type of player who will train extra hard and will come out the following week determined not to let it happen again? Knowing which type of player is which will go a long way to giving you those vital extra few points. This works best in leagues with lots of players, as it can go very well or very badly – when it does go well you could be aiming for that very big prize.
Maybe you expect a quarterback to have a good game, but his pass protection isn’t great, and the defense he is facing is leading the league in sacks? Secondly, many fantasy players will indeed react to these comments, so by not picking the named players, you won’t be one of the sheep – always a good thing in fantasy sports. Step one starts with a buy-in of just $2, with the winner of step four either winning $200 or taking an entry into one of DraftKings major events.
Consider that most of the players might pick the obvious players for their roster, so picking another player might pay great dividends if the popular player has a bad day as most of your opponents will have a bad day too.
Here you should be going all out for the win, so taking another gamble with your line up might be the best idea – finishing second is OK, but the winning prize is five times the second prize. However, Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings has assured users that the site will incorporate the best of both the sites. The merging of the second and third sized sites in the industry will present a fascinating rival to number one FanDuel and industry insiders are wondering if this acquisition might open the market for another firm to test the dominance of the new big two.
Major injuries, trades, sudden and unexpected declines in performance – these are the bane of fantasy owners, just as they are for real-life NFL teams. Other sites are more casual and entertaining, but don’t be fooled: Everyone who plays is out to win, and they’re playing as well as they can according to each site’s rules. Everyone who pays an entry fee (as little as $1, with so-called “freerolls” and play-money events also available) is there because they want to be there. One of the best ways to use it is to draft a defensive unit that’s scheduled to play against a QB who has a high interception rate. At the time of writing, the top-ranked San Francisco 49ers cost $5,600 while the bottom-ranked Jacksonville Jaguars cost $4,500. Instead, pick a solid pitcher with a great track record and focus the rest of your budget on building a well-rounded, dependable lineup. The upside is that you’ll stand a much better chance of consistently winning cash prizes. Conversely a sunny, still day might be the perfect day for that quarterback to throw those bombs. The totals line also tells a story – you’ll immediately know which games expect the most points.
Are they playing the second of back to back home games – and are therefore completely settled and had a full week of training? These events can be played at any sport, and if you were to win a step one event at, for example, baseball, you’ll be able to use your step two ticket at another sport. This tactic is a gamble, and will give you more high finishes but you’ll also bomb on a regular basis. Consider if you do gamble somewhat, you are giving yourself more chance of both winning and finishing 3rd, which will give you either $200 or nothing.
A defense with a strong record for intercepting passes should have multiple opportunities to exploit.
Before long, you may become the type of daily fantasy player other beginners would do well to avoid.
When deciding between two or more players, looking at this factor can make the decision somewhat easier. Consider as many factors as you can – the more work you put in, the more successful you’ll become.
The solid pick player replays step 3 when he finishes 2nd and goes out anyway when he finishes 3rd. The solid pick player will finish second often so will take home the $40 on many occasions. If you have pressing real-life matters or just need a breather, there’s no pressure to play every single contest or week. If you finish first more than once in five times when gambling, you’re making more money than the solid player.

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