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Powerball jackpot winners Lisa and John Robinson of Munford, Tennessee, speak to the media at the headquarters of the Tennessee Lottery in Nashville on Friday. John and Lisa Robinson said they had barely slept since defying the odds to hit the jackpot. The Robinsons, from the tiny town of Munford, with barely 5,000 residents, appeared overwhelmed by their incredible luck in the Powerball jackpot draw on Wednesday. The couple told reporters that they wanted to pay off their daughter’s student loans but had no plans to move and wanted to continue working. Rebecca Hargrove, president of the Tennessee Lottery Corp., said they would have to wait 10 days for their winnings, which the commission would pay after retailers send in the proceeds of record ticket sales. The couple have opted to receive a one-time cash payment of $337 million rather than $528.8 million divided into annual payments over 29 years. The Robinsons said they had consulted the Internet and followed the advice they found there, hiring an accountant and a lawyer to help them navigate their riches. Their lawyer, Joe Townsend, asked the media to give them time to rest before deciding on any further media appearances.
He checked the ticket four times, but even then couldn’t quite believe it, so the couple waited for the news to come on in the morning and confirm there had been a winner in Munford, which is northeast of Memphis.

Lisa said there had been no time to plan how to spend the money but she does not intend to quit her job.
The winning numbers were 4, 8, 19, 27 and 34, drawn from five white balls, and 10 as the so-called Powerball number on a red ball.
According to experts, the Tennessee couple who won a thrid of the biggest Powerball jackpot in history -- over $1.5 Billion -- made a huge mistake by going on "The Today Show" after learning that they won. After going on TV it's a good be the Robinsons will be receiving calls from long lost relatives they never even knew they had, among other organizations and people looking for a handout. With nearly a half-bil headed for their bank account it's hard to believe that the Robinsons would be able to squander that much money during the rest of their lifetime, but if they're smart they'll hand most of it over to a financial advisor to keep their family loaded for generations to come.
What lottery winners don't think about during their daydreams is the plethora of lottery wins that have turned sour, though, and the many winners who have burned through their windfalls and are now regular folks again. They smiled when a lottery executive handed them a giant check before a phalanx of television cameras. They intend to donate funds to their church and a children’s hospital and to help friends. A ticket in California was bought at a Los Angeles convenience store and one in Florida from a Melbourne Beach supermarket.

The Robinsons said it was the idea of their lawyer, Joe Townsend -- a divorce and bankruptcy specialist. The modest home and dependable car are quickly swapped for a spacious mansion and luxurious convertible. Townsend had his daughter contact NBC to get the winning family on TV, and surely enough he and his daughter accompanied the Robinsons and their daughter to NYC. Central Time, Governor Phil Bredesen and sponsors of the Lottery legislation, State Senator Steve Cohen and State Representative Chris Newton, joined Lottery President and CEO Rebecca Paul for an up-close look at first-day sales at Florence Station, an independent retail outlet in Murfreesboro. Bredesen commended the Lottery's Board of Directors and employees for a successful startup that came three weeks earlier than expected.
First-day sales will be announced on Wednesday, she added, and major-prize winners will be announced as soon as possible. "We're looking forward to providing fun and entertainment for Tennessee players," Paul said. Additionally, players with questions can call the Lottery's Player Hotline at (877) 7TN-PLAY (786-7529).

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