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Sure, your odds a pretty terrible, but as long as you're already playing the lottery you might as well do everything you can to improve your odds. November 6, 2012 By Catherine 55 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. I’m literally sitting here looking for creative ways to come up with enough money for our power bill while she is¬†financially¬†set for the rest of her life and many generations behind her, should she chose.
Oh I totally get that, I have perspective and don’t think I have any desire for worldly luxuries, my life would be 10000% better if I won 100k, I don’t need the 25mil!
My fiance and I inevitably begin discussing what we’d do if we won the lottery whenever we visit Halifax. I’d get excited about winning like 100 bucks so if I won 25mil in the US and had to pay everything but like 100k in taxes I’d be stoked!
A classmate of mine in High School-his Dad won the lottery, but everyone was happy for them because he had just lost his job and they were having a hard time making ends-meet. Recently there was a story in the US where a guy’s girlfriend broke up with him, and a week later he won the lottery. I start dreaming about winning a million dollars and then get upset when I realize how quickly it would all be gone!
First person with the correct answer will win one $10 raffle ticket into the Oregon Lottery raffle! Stacked high: A?100m in cash ready for the lucky winner of this Friday's EuroMillions draw.

Thanks for visiting!If you saw my tweet last night you’d already know that one of my classmates (not one of these girls) won the lottery last week. I can’t help but dream about what I would do with that kind of money and how my life would change. I guess I’m thankful for a baby who consumes most all of my time to act as a distraction! My cousin won a small lottery (I think about $25K) when she was a kid, so her parents put it on a savings account and by the time she was 18 it was a nice sum. I know it probably doesn’t help at this moment, but the only way to get around this is to have perspective. I know it won’t happen to us, ever so I just need to keep working on doing everything I can to increase my income so we can have some sort of life! I really don’t play much but my hubby does, which works out because half would be mine anyway, LOL! They won a large jackpot but 20 of them were in the pool so they each received just over $300,000. It probably would seem a little hypocritical now after I just posted about how playing the lotto is a waste of money. Publicity photographs showed A?100million in cash stacked up safely - with the remaining A?10million presumably still to come.
There’s no doubt in my mind she will move home as soon as she can and probably buy a piece of land big enough for her whole family to live on in the small community.

Although I worked at a convenience store in high school that sold a winning 50 something million dollar lottery ticket.
A family member had won $5,000 on a scratch off a couple years ago and it was great for them.
She divided it up to her family and my classmate was spoiled rotten… a few years later it was GONE. We had a lottery winner around here, won like 3mil, built a beautiful home overlooking the whole city and went bankrupt 2 years later!
Since I have no dreams of extravagant luxury, neighbors would probably not notice a big change anyway. I think I would be extremely conservative with the money and look for ways to live off of the income. We’ve won a hundred here and there and can only dream of hitting a big one like that!
Hope she will handle it the right way and keep the fortune, so 5 years later we won’t read a story of filling a bankruptcy.
I feel like you hear about people who piss away the money on stupid things and then go broke.

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