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It’s wonderful that you’re being so supportive, but writers are a fragile bunch and it can be difficult to find the right balance.
Writers can be so consumed by what they’re doing that they forget to do the sensible adult stuff like eating and sleeping properly. Every writer works differently, so unless this routine is massively disruptive to your own life, don’t question what works for her. A writer’s life can be unpredictable and a solid routine may be a completely unachievable thing. You might not totally understand your partner’s choice to dedicate part of her life to writing but you can guarantee that the pressure she will put on herself is enormous.
When you’re in a writing bubble, it can take over your every waking (and sleeping) thought.
It’s important to get some perspective on what you’re doing and writers often struggle with the balance of keeping a foot in the real and fictional world.
It takes discipline to turn up at your desk every day, whether you’re a full or part-time writer.
Julia Abel explores outdoor activities that have been inspired by some classic childhood books.

This month, our Book Talk panel turns its attention to the latest book by fantastic Scottish author, Andrew O'Hagan. Phrasing your question like this will only add pressure but a word count doesn’t always accurately reflect the quality of the writing.
Offer to cook and help out with any life admin if it’s a particularly stressful or busy time. If, however, you catch your partner tweeting about writing more than actually doing any, try sneakily turning off the Wi-Fi for a few hours. Writers often have to drastically alter their plans to accommodate an important deadline or project. Having the discipline to sit down and write every day is difficult, especially when you’re juggling another job and other commitments. If the pressure of a deadline is getting too much, gently remind your partner of her previous successes, her passion for writing and her role in the wider community of writers.
Whether you provide detailed constructive criticism or you simply ask how her day has been, your voice will matter and give her a boost when she needs it most. When she's not busy drinking tea, making to-do lists or alphabetising her book collection, she likes to get some writing done.

Well, some might be, but for most writers ideas, plots and characters are constantly evolving and often a piece of work doesn’t start to take proper shape until a first draft is finished. Your support will be massively appreciated and a well fed and rested writer will be far happier and more productive. Be patient but don’t feel afraid to gently speak up if you’re starting to forget what she looks like. You might even need to help with bizarre research and you’re likely to be woken up by midnight scribbling as inspiration strikes.
But be mindful and respect the boundaries in place- she might not want you to read her writing! Trying to distil a piece of work into a couple of snappy sentences can be a terrifying prospect in the early stages, so if you do ask, don’t expect to get a quick answer! However, you could be the perfect person to give that encouraging nod to send out her work.

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