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The first key to a great Secret Admirer Note is to clearly state how you feel about the person.
Think of your Secret Admirer Note as something that will compliment your crush and make him or her feel happy. You’re just the best person I have ever known in my whole entire life, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. If you want your Secret Admirer Note to really be a secret, don’t sign your name and leave it in a place where you know the right person (and only the right person) will find it.
The third option can be a good one, because you can wait to see how your crush reacts to receiving the note before you make your move.
If you’re going to write a note to your crush, you need to make sure you’re doing the right thing. The last thing you want is for the wrong person to get their hands on it and accidentally think the note is for them!

But don’t say stuff that you don’t mean and make sure you only write down your true feelings – you don’t want them to think you’re head over heels in love when really you just want to get to know them a bit better and see where things go.
It’s definitely scary to tell someone you like them, but if you’re sure of yourself and know that you mean well then you’ll have nothing to worry about. Here are some tips and ideas on how to write the perfect Secret Admirer Note for the person you love – even if they don’t know it yet!
In some cases, it may be best to just let your crush know you like them and skip the whole “secrecy” part of it.
Make sure that your note gets to the right person by clearly stating his or her name somewhere in it! The worst thing you can write in a Secret Admirer Note is anything that makes you seem scared or weak.
2, make sure you leave a pretty good clue – the point is to get your crush to figure out who you are, not to send them on a wild-goose chase or lead them to someone other than you. But if you really feel like writing a note is the way to go, just remember not to overdo it or you’ll look like a stalker.

You can even put it in an envelope and print their name right on the front (but still make sure you put their name on the note inside, in case the note and envelope get separated). You want the note to be as short, simple and clear as possible – remember, this isn’t a love letter to someone you’ve been dating for years. Use a pen and not a pencil – you don’t want to risk someone erasing the name and replacing it with someone else’s. It’s a note to your crush to let them know you’re interested and try to find out if they like you back or not.
And if there’s more than one “Kate” in your class, put their last initial or full last name somewhere on it, too!

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