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To avoid the ignorance trap, and to be able to confidently stand anywhere in the world talking about coaching accurately, then we recommend our free ON-RAMP as an excellent place to learn about coaching in general and ILS Coaching (our style and methodology).
There is great life coach training, poor life coach training and highly theoretical academic coach training.
CLICK HERE FOR PDF DOWNLOAD of 10 point checklist to help choose a life coach course wisely. The ICF have worked for decades to establish sound measures for determining the competency of coaches. To be able to confidently coach anywhere in the world and to possibly become credentialed by the ICF, we recommend ensuring that the training helps you to master the core competencies. When we built the InnerLifeSkills (ILS) Coach courses, we intentionally focused on equipping our coaches with the ability to coach inner obstacles.
To avoid the cost of this trap, and to be able to earn good income, see STEP 8 and give serious thought to this step.
ACC Level is an ICF title for a coach that can basically only coach goals, action plans and do very surface coaching. To avoid this trap, and to be able to build a lucrative successful life coaching business, we recommend learning to market and sell in an ethical, comfortable, natural and authentic way.
TRAP #10: "Calling yourself a Life Coach and hoping they will come" ~ Many folks don't know what a life coach is! We recommend that you build a brand around your area of expertise OR around the specific niche market you choose to serve. Solutionsurfers is very proud to announce our partnership with the University of California system.
It is my pleasure to announce that our next Solutionsurfers class will start on February 22 in Irvine, California. It is my belief that, in its essence, SF is a Darwinian Algorithm (see here). As such, it can itself evolve. Basically, the hypothesis states that at the beginning of goal pursuit it is better to focus on accumulated progress, what has been done so far; and when we get closer to achieving the goal, it is best to focus on remaining progress, what needs to be done.
As SF practitioners we have been using the scaling question for decades now, and we should have a lot of experience about this. I believe new exciting developments are possible in SF if we engage in a constructive dialogue with other disciplines to incorporate new insights into our practice, making it even better. It is a unique opportunity for trainees to put their coaching skills to the test – with clients who, unlike the participants, do not know how the process is supposed to work. It is also a unique opportunity for coaches to perform in front of their peers and get specific and detailed feedback on their coaching – something very hard to do in a profession where most of the interactions are one on one, and governed by strict confidentiality.
Everything sounded so abstract and sterile – as if it were a management problem in an organization far, far away. The coach did not flinch, and started working with the metaphor and the words offered by the client.
After some exploration, a big step forward occurred when the client was offered a Skaleboard to play with.
With only 5 minutes left in the coaching session, the client became clear it was a matter of deciding between two alternatives, or a composition thereof. Once given a chance to see what the different choices would lead to, the client was very quick and very confident in making a decision – it was clear to everyone in the room that she was definitely very attracted to one of the two scenarios.
What started with an abstract description of a fragmented self made up of undifferentiated inner voices and devoid of emotions, evolved during the session into one person, speaking with one heart, one mind and one soul.

The registration is now open for the 2012 California edition of Solutionsurfers‘ Brief Coach Training.
So while how to deliver negative feedback is a critical and important skill, delivering positive feedback is an often neglected ingredient for building expert performance. Formation pour Coachs confirmes Le coach professionnel est entraine a ecouter, observer et adapter son coaching au client afin de satisfaire ses besoins. Voici les details sur la page d'ICF GlobalEn temps qu’association il est difficile de recommander des ecoles sur le site. Make sure you don't waste time and money on a course that doesn't really help you to become a life coach. Here are the 2 videos of the checklist and a link to download a handy PDF of the checklist.
They have core competencies, that they hold as the critical skill sets that a professional life coach should be able to demonstrate in order to call themselves a coach. Any ICF accredited programme, like our own Level I ILS Coach 101, Level II ILS Coach and Level III ILS Master Coach have ICF ACTP (the highest accreditation). Many well trained coaches cannot confidently and skilfully coach a client's inner obstacles! This keeps coaching interesting for you, you will be able to coach your clients again and again without becoming boring, and you will be able to coach a wide range of topics. There are several strategies that we recommend to break the trap of being limited by selling time. This is still valuable but we recommend that you don't get caught in this trap, and be limited to only ACC coaching. To start with ACC Levels and then get to PCC (Professional) and then MCC (Master) Levels of skill and knowledge. Many talented, highly skilled coaches fail simply because they let their resistance and ignorance of how to market and sell block their progress.
They wrongly believe that having a business card and a basic website is enough, and that clients will find them.
For those of us who have succeeded, it has been worth the time and money, because now we get to do what we love, make our own rules, be independent and free. BUT, it's also true that many people have no idea what a life coach does and therefore they are not seeking them out, ready and happy to pay. I personally did not see much of that at the conference, but I know of the efforts of a few (e.g.
I am thinking of the SF-inspired team building exercises created by Monica Rotner & Brenda Zalter-Minden. Clients walk in with a real-life topic they want to work on, a topic unknown beforehand to trainees and facilitators alike. As coaches, we might have some form of feedback in terms of outcome (did it work for the client?
And you need to be an expert to notice the little things that are working, maybe just a little bit. Il met a jour des solutions et des strategies valables pour le client et il part du principe de base que le client est naturellement creatif et qu’il a toutes les ressources necessaires en lui pour selectionner les meilleurs choix possibles pour lui. Il est preferable donc de bien vous renseigner si vous desirez suivre un programme de Formation pour devenir Coach et de verifier regulierement avec ICF Suisse si ces ecoles sont reconnues.
But life coaching is a profession, with benchmarked measured competencies and international standards.

What we mean by inner obstacles includes fear, procrastination, not knowing what to do, lack of confidence, etc.
Whatever you do, make sure that your path to becoming a coach includes knowing how to coach people to overcome their inner obstacles - to transform fear, lack of confidence, self doubt, procrastination, anger and their "I don't know what to do!" mind.
Our ON-RAMP free email course will help you to start putting coaching processes in your coaching toolbox immediately.. 1) Offer group coaching (this is an instant hour income multiplier) 2) Coach for more than 1 market and make sure that at least 1 market can afford to pay a higher hourly rate 3) Plan to grow passive income streams linked to your coaching business e.g. It's also true that there are fake and poor life coaches out there ruining the name of coaching, so that by the time you announce "I'm a Life Coach", they think "I'm not interested in that". La part de coaching est devolue a augmenter ses competences, a faire rejaillir ses ressources et a mettre en lumiere une creativite existante souvent latente. Pour faire votre evaluation voici quelques questions qui pourront aider a la prise de decision : Comment cette ecole va-t-elle pouvoir me faire evoluer comme coach ?
It's not a regulated industry, and coaching makes lots of room for your creativity and uniqueness, but there is a structure to rest on. Because coaching is a skill, and so the best way to study coaching is to be given enough theory to "understand" what you are doing, but the emphasis must be on DOING. A traditional coach only knows how to ask the coachee to solve their own inner obstacles, and often they fail to create the space and help the client to do this. Make sure that you break the idea that it only takes a business card and site, learn what it really takes.
So I know this sounds crazy, but give serious thought to NOT calling yourself a Life Coach.
Here are 2 out of many examples: Phil Keye who created a brand called "Keye Coaching" specialising in coaching children and teens, and Khanya Matlala who built her "Coach K" brand for 2 markets, young adults preparing for employment and corporate talent development teams in internship programs.
At first participants are disoriented – but very quickly they begin to appreciate the empowering nature of positive feedback.
Si vous etes completement nouveau dans le metier de coach Si vous etes nouveau dans le metier, la Federation Internationale de Coach vous recommande de suivre les trois etapes suivantes avant de commencer votre pratique de coaching.
If you are not 100% clear on the differences between coaching, mentoring, training, counselling, and just "helping" then this can be a real trap. Also it severely limits your income earning potential, because you can only coach 1 way and likely a limited amount of topics, for example only being able to coach action plans.
They created a brand using our 7 Step Dream Builder methods (included in the ILS Master Coach course) and they didn't call themselves life coaches.
Practice session after practice session, each participant’s unique coaching skills develop and evolve, by focusing on what works and ignoring what does not.
Check out the STEP to avoid this TRAP.STEP #1: "Understand what life coaching really is" ~ Knowledge is power!
Saying that we have also had some success stories of "Life Coaches." Melanie Raizon is one, she reached out to her community, to her hair stylist and the people she knew, and communicated her passion for helping people to overcome their inner obstacles so clearly, that in her case, calling herself a Life Coach worked. We have successful graduates who establish 2 - 3 different markets and so they have different titles for each e.g.

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