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Fantastic suggestions here – as a former elementary school teacher I SO appreciate these tips to help parents show their appreciation in a way that is equally appreciated! That said, the GREATEST gift a parent ever gave me was an amazing letter to my principal singing my praises and tell of the wonderful year her son had experience in my classroom… she gave me a copy of the letter in an envelope with a gift at the end of the year. In regards to the gift of sparkles, I have to tell you that as a teacher, I despise sparkles and so do my colleagues. Anyway, the one I chose was perfect for wedding cards (see above).  So I made my card, but felt it needed more. Once the pearls were well dried (I left them overnight, but 2-3 hours is generally enough), I took them off with a craft tool, added a small amount of Glossy Accents, and added them to the card.
I used ivory cardstock, A2 size, and folded it in half.  I then took another sheet of cardstock in the same color and cut it in half, making it slightly smaller than the base card.
Using a pointy craft tool, I made a small hole in the topper so I could feed the wire part of the flower through to the back so it wasn’t seen. Lovely card Cheryl – the embossing folder is beautiful, and the pearls do add that extra something! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Join Blitzy for FREE – and Enjoy up to 70% Discount on your Craft Supplies!!I recently found out about this site.
Copyright DisclaimerAll content on this site, including designs, text and photographs, are copyright to Cheryl Wright unless otherwise noted. I am always happy to be a guess blogger, so if you are interested, go to my contact page for details. This is an absolutely amazing website with hundreds of healthy lunch ideas for your kids or yourself. I can’t even recall what the gift was, but I know exactly where that amazing letter is filed!
Patio garden ideas can also function as a private outdoor space, particularly in apartment or condo living. For each card, I am paid $5, which isn’t too bad, except the owner loves cards with lots of ribbon and pearls, and other bling. A living screen needs maintenance and it will need to be pruned for keeping it at the preferred height and for controlling its lateral expansion.
The plants have to be watered and you will have green matter to clear out.In selecting suitable plants for your patio garden ideas, you will want to think about any existing winds and your hardiness area.

In picking exactly where to plants you will have to take in what or who you are planning to be screened from, and limiting things such as existing drives, underground services, and so forth. The plants stated here are usually not appropriate for container planting, even if you might have success with some bamboo species, for example fountain bamboo, in a container.Luxury Patio Home Garden DesignModern patio garden ideas for backyardBuilding a screen for your patio garden ideas can be as complex or as straightforward as you select. You can complete it by hand, have a landscaper build it, or purchase a ready made commercial piece.
If you decide to build a permanent, substantial wall you can take the chance to incorporate storage or screen space on the side facing the back yard. That can add the selection of enjoying sculpture, terracotta or other art and craft pieces when you sip a cooling drink and listen to any favorite music in your patio.Possibly the fastest way to provide a screen for your patio garden ideas is to combine a structure like a trellis with living material, for example honeysuckle, clematis, or passion fruit. You need to be aware that Japanese honeysuckle is an omnipresent weed in the United States.
What’s more, you can also make those screens mobile simply by planting into a container and then training the plants over a ladder made out of bamboo, trellis, or plastic stakes.

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