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The primary end-users of the Mylife service are older persons with reduced cognitive abilities, and the secondary end-users are formal or informal caregivers.
Development of methodology, including ethical aspects, for trials to evaluate how the service meets the needs of individual primary end-users.
The objective of Mylife is to support independence for older people with re­duced cog­ni­tive function by giving them access to simple and intuitive services that are adapted to their individual needs and wishes.
The expected outcome of Mylife for the primary end-users will be (1) increased inde­pen­dence and wellbeing in home environments, (2) decreased social isolation and thereby increased participation, (3) stimulation of cognitive abilities, and (4) self-services based on Internet-enabled applications. Oh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that from friends, acquaintances, people at church, teachers, therapy and medical professionals.
Many times, children with high functioning autism have days that can best be described as normal.
They are the days that leave you trying to shake the cobwebs from your brain and saying to yourself, Maybe it’s me? Many times what someone from the outside sees is the behavioral characteristics of a spoiled brat.
What those people don’t see is the child who expends every amount of emotional, mental, and physical energy in his or her body to maintain composure for an entire school day. They don’t see a child who has sensory processing disorder and has an adverse reaction to the fluorescent lights in the store, or the bright red color, or the sounds of all of the people talking around him. Those people don’t see the child who has an intense fear of getting lost in a store, nor do they see the child who has such an extraordinary sense of smell that his brain cannot process all of the smells of the people, the perfumes, the paper. Their feelings of lack of control create a sense of urgency to be in control…They feel out of control, so they want more control. Unfortunately, because of their lack of social skills and weakened ability to read the emotions of others, their desire for control often comes across as mean, rude, and aggressive. Adding to the anxiety and feeling like they have lost control, children with HFA have very rigid thinking.
These children are built on routine, they are built on things being the same, and things being the way they perceive them.
They also find something they are interested in and obsess over it to a point of driving everyone around them crazy. If it is a movie, these children know every word to their favorite part (they may not know every part of the movie), they know the words to every song, every movement of the characters, the entire movie set. D has an unusual obsession with The Doodlebops. He knows every song, every movement to every song, what each of their instruments and costumes look like. The level of rigid thinking seems ridiculous, but their minds use this rigid thinking to maintain control and to feel as though they have some control. Please leave  comment here to add to the list of characteristics, or offer any other helpful information in future posts. One day he was doing something that was inappropriate, but totally age appropriate for a boy his age.

Katie, trying to figure out just what they are going to fixate on is enough to drive us mad, isn’t it? Also my son went to camp out in the middle of nowhere with a re-enactment group (none of whom he had met before) but can’t stay overnight at home without me!! He drives & will drive to different places but does struggle with walking anywhere alone!! SHOUTcast v1 is the original streaming server software and goes back to the 1990's when it was deveopled by AOL (NULLSOFT). Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates regarding network issues, discounts and more. For the secondary end-users, the outcomes are: (1) simple and inspiring user instructions and (2) reduced stress caused by worries, repeated ques­tions and calls, as well as passivity. Our psychiatrist actually defines high functioning autism as inconceivable anxiety. Of course, there are other diagnostic criteria, but anxiety is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle. It is important to be aware of the triggers with your child or the child you are working with. These children are not your typical creatures of habit, instead they perseverate, or obsess, over things being the same all the time.
If it is a certain comic, they will know everything about the characters, from their favorite food to their shoe size. His thoughts are so rigid that he is unable to get past what is on the show to play with what is in real life. I have said that IRL many times that what is considered to be HFA is really so very low-functioning in many ways. I don’t remember what it was, I am sure it had something to do with tormenting his siblings. For example, even though she’s never actually had any negative experience with a dog, she is currently terrified of them (we have a 50# dog at home who she usually tolerates). I have come to a point where I just assume he is going to begin perseverating on anything I say and try to watch my words, news that he might hear, etc. We just had my son’s kindergarten screening meeting and his teacher made the same profound statement when describing him to who will be his new principal. After arguing with the dr for 4 yrs that there was something else besides ADHD and OCD going on I switched to another dr at a different facililty. The final service offered by Mylife supports time-orientation, communication and recreational activities. Mylife will also create new business opportunities for SMEs and enable a greater uptake of electronic self-services.
In our house, some of the triggers are lack of sleep, fear of losing control of himself, fear of disappointing someone else, changes in routine, and not knowing or understanding the expectations of those in authority are just a few.
Their food must taste the same, their favorite place to eat should not change the menu, they want only one brand of pencils, crayons, or markers.

He cannot pretend that a long yellow shirt is DeeDee Doodle’s dress when playing with Pouty. Now she’s fixated on my having a seizure because about 2 wks ago I had one while out running and spent a few days in the hospital and then again while home a couple days ago. That can be such an awesome blessing for you, especially if you have a strong support system, with lots of love and encouragement. I will be sharing with friends so they can get a better understanding of what we go through. I’ve always wanted to put my experience in writing and your words have described them to a T. Upload your MP3's, create station ID's, provide your Second Life friends with links to all major media players and much more! Therefore, he attempts to control the situation by pushing the littles away from the control panel inside the elevator, he often yells at them to get away, and he will stand with his body against it to be sure that no one can get near it.
Instead, he cuts up a pillow case, uses a pink crayon, and colors it to resemble the piano dress that is worn on the show. It drives me nuts especially since her behavior is making my younger daughter get scared about things she isn’t scared of on her own. He also snatches toys away from my son, and if not given it back,will throw twenty minute tantrums. No one would listen to me til about two years ago when a dr asked me why i didnt get early intervention with him. School is full of routine changes with fire drills, assemblies, testing, substitute teachers, and more. I do not give in, since it seems a bit unfair to take from my youngest to give to an older kid. I explained out situation…she was very upset that we were failed by his doctors all these years.
Not understanding the expectations is usually not an issue, but with a substitute or new teacher, there is a lot hanging on his inability to read social cues. We can’t just stay isolated all the time, and homeschooling helps us to be more flexible so we can go places when most people are at work and school, but regardless, we still have to go places! He still has a way to go but he has gained confidence knowing what is wrong with him instead of believing that he was a bad kid as others told him. Even his school has commented on how much he has improved in the past year and noted it in his IEP.

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