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No more crawling under the tree to plug the lights in getting my hair caught on the branches and coming up looking like a shook cat! Current powerful man is pulling out all the stops to woo her and they are, seemingly, on the surface, pretty happy and right for each other. How do YOU think CURRENT powerful man will handle knowing the love of his life was messing around with a MARRIED man? The Robinator brought home our tree tonight and, miraculously, there was almost NO.CUSSING involved in putting it up because E helped him instead of me.
I was talking to a framily member yesterday and she was going in on being annoyed with receiving texts from the gentleman she's casually dating.

I hear more and more about people getting to know each other but spend the majority of the time doing so via text. Our vets are pretty awesome and the tech took one look at Lucy and put a mat in her exam room so she wouldn't slip. Then they checked her teeth and she has a pretty bad abscess on a back tooth that you can't see unless you were looking for it. I'm sniffling and blinking and shit trying to keep it all in but that proved to be impossible.
The tech slipped me a brochure when I was about to leave and it was information on coming up with a plan for when she leaves us.

If anyone know how to get in contact with the 22 year old young lady who killed herself behind this fool please give them this information.

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