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Employers consider effective writing skills, not only when hiring, but also to make promotion decisions.
While much emphasis is placed on verbal and listening skills in communication, writing also conveys messages internally and externally for an organization. In English classes, you write different papers that are the main source of your semester grade. When you prepare application materials, including a cover letter and resume, you have a chance to sell yourself and your abilities through persuasive writing.

As you move up into management positions in a company, the importance of written communication also increases. Whether you’re preparing internal memos, emails, or sending letters to company clients, you convey a message in your writing. These skills also help in communicating via email with instructors and with classmates on group projects. Strong paragraph writing skills are key to success, as professors commonly assign written homework and papers.
Some employers may even set aside resumes and letters that have grammatical or punctuation errors.

Strong written communication skills convey intelligence, professionalism, and attention to detail skills. These are qualities that are key in leadership roles, where you represent the image of the business. You’ll get the unique opportunity to choose a writer to complete your task and give your suggestions in the process of writing.

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