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We developed a 10 lesson Study & Organizational Skills (SOS) program that will help your child improve time management, note taking, long term assignment planning, organization, critical reading and more.
SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse this product. Set your daily study times as it will help you to accomplish your tasks and assignments in time and you will be able to give sufficient time to each of your work so it will be easy to understand them too. Study Skills WorkshopsThe University run a programme of workshops, which are free sessions, open to students on a self-referral basis. New York: Children who are better at distinguishing rhythm also fare better in grammar skills, says a new research, opening the possibility of using music education to improve grammar skills.
Gordon studied 25 six-year-olds, first testing them with a standardised test of music aptitude. To measure the children's grammar skills, they were shown a variety of photographs and asked questions about them.
They were measured on the grammatical accuracy of their answers, such as competence in using the past tense.
Though the grammatical and musical tests were quite different, Gordon found that children who did well in one kind tended to do well in the other, regardless of IQ, music experience and socio-economic status.

There is perfect key to obtain extra ordinary grades neither it is any defined pattern but still students and learners should be well aware of all the strategies that could be adopted which will enable them to improve their studying skills and habits. This will disable your pending works which causes chaos and confusion leading to nowhere and just failure.
Once a habit is created than it becomes the routine so the major task is to create a learning and studying habit, because without you will feel no fancy in boring and uninteresting books. Because according to this principle do any change thing for at least a month and this will become your habit?
To improve your studies don’t focus on the grades and marks because they are just an artificial way of judgment. So start learning and fetching the books and start studying them for at least a month and then it will form your habit. Do focus on the learning and the practical exposure you are gaining from the specific study. The best approach is to learn-it-once approach which states that learn as you have studied it. These will ultimate give you pleasure and attractiveness in your studies and will not make you feel disappointed in the fighting for the race of good grade.

This is to do your work properly in time and don’t leave t for the end and at that point the work burden will cause you to cramp. Improve your learning habits by not just memorizing things but by also understanding them by conducting their background analysis.
Morning is considered to be fresh and pleasant so the researchers have claimed that learning in the morning is never forgotten. So wake up half an hour early than your regular routine and learn and review what you have studied on the previous day. Courses are so hypothetical that they are difficult to get understand so the best studying and learning habit is to link your studies and courses with the daily life. This will enable you to understand the concept more easily and will be kept in mind for ever and whenever you want to recall it, it will be very easy to do so than the other methods.

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