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Communication Made EasierThe goal of all organizational communication should be to build commitment for the shared vision. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
There are many reasons why we should try and improve our communication skills, including when we are beginning to feel angry. How Will This Affect Anger Levels?By listening more attentively and considering other peoplea€™s opinions we will be more able to appreciate the views of others. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the AngerManagementExpert website. Many arguments are started or escalate because of poor communication and misunderstandings.

By doing this and having a reasonable conversation with people, we are more likely to have control over our thoughts and how we express them. Often this occurs because we are pushed for time, cannot express ourselves clearly, or because we are trying too hard to say too much all in one go.
When we listen to small fragments of conversations we can often misunderstand or jump to conclusions which can irritate or annoy us, sometimes enough to make us angry.
By improving our communications skills some of these tensions may be avoidable providing less opportunity for arguments and anger to develop.How to Improve Communication SkillsThe biggest way we can improve our communication skills is by listening more carefully to each other. Listening to others also helps to keep those around us calm, especially if they feel very strongly about their topic of conversation or burning issue.
By showing them that you are listening properly to their view of the topic demonstrates that you are interested and are absorbing all the information.

This is especially important for senior staff and managers when they are faced with issues from employees. By allowing the other person to see that you are interested, they will often remain more calm and explain themselves more clearly.If we are able to express our views more clearly and are prepared to listen more attentively to the opinions of others, it is likely that anger will be kept at bay. By improving our skills we should be able to make our environments a lot less stressful and hopefully less hostile allowing us all to understand and appreciate the views of others in a better and more mature way.

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