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I ordered this spell and like two or three weeks later I received a check for $250 from a grant I had. Your turn to answer: Have you found journal-writing to be a meditative routine, or can it enhance meditation? You may email your own journaling question to be featured on a future episode of JournalTalk.
If you notice you’re breaking a commitment to yourself, recognize it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and decide to do something different. Connect with Carrie at her website for awesome blog posts and journaling prompts + sign up for a free chapter from her book! This entry was posted in Journaling Tips and tagged Carrie, Forgiveness, journaling, law of attraction, Love, Peace, Prompts, Sandoval on August 15, 2013 by Nathan Ohren.

This podcast series is a way to create and share within a community of people who have remarkable stories of growth and healing through journal-writing. Carrie is also a Law of Attraction coach, and after she shared what that means, she took me on a short journey to fulfill an intention of my own creation. This entry was posted in Audio Podcast, JournalTalk and tagged Carrie Sandoval, creation, intention, journal time, journaling, journals have feelings, journaltalk, law of attraction on July 7, 2013 by Nathan Ohren. For example: incorporate breathing, nature, and focusing your senses on the present moment. You could spend the time you would have spent beating yourself up doing something more productive — like journaling!
Sometimes our brains resist change, but know it’s just something that happens naturally.

The discoveries she made about herself during this trying time later became the fuel for her passion.
She is now guiding young women and their parents to transform their beliefs about themselves and the world so that they can live confidently and joyfully.

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