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Skilled leaders in education are vital and NCU’s Doctor of Education (EdD) in Instructional Leadership specialization provides you with a strong knowledge base in the supervision of instruction, curriculum, diversity and analysis of the instructional capacity of K-12 schools.
Northcentral University allows 7 years to complete all doctoral programs of 60 credits or less.
Northcentral University may accept a maximum of 12 semester credit hours in transfer toward the doctoral degree for graduate coursework completed toward a non-conferred doctoral degree at an accredited college or university with a grade of “B” or better.
The School of Education serves educational leaders by providing online graduate studies in education to reach worldwide populations. Individuals with a previously completed master’s degree will meet the basis of admission to the Doctor of Education Program. Students must complete all doctoral courses with a Grade Point Average of 3.00 (B) or higher. EdD students must demonstrate competency in specific subject areas prior to enrolling in any of the specialization or elective courses.
The School of Education has developed a logical step-by-step process that assists in completing an EdD applied research dissertation.
The School of Education offers students the opportunity to pursue an area of specialization within a degree program. Northcentral University recognizes that each student is unique, and therefore evaluates each application based not only on what courses or program of study a student has accomplished previously, but takes into consideration which specialization is being pursued at Northcentral University and their current and future professional goals. Existing EdD students may opt to switch to eight-week courses by contacting their Academic Advisor. In this course, doctoral students will explore ways of creating a culture of learning while engaging in instructional leadership tasks. In this course, doctoral students will engage the complex decision-making concepts and processes while reflecting on staff development and instructional supervision.
Instructional leaders must forge relationships with stakeholders in the community to build effective learning organizations.
In this course, students will examine the organizational structure of schools and school systems, their relationships to and effects on school programs, teaching strategies, testing and measurement, and the evaluation of programs in schools. In this course, students will explore real world experiences, and common challenges encountered by school leaders.
In this course, doctoral students will explore classic and contemporary approaches to organizational development. In this course, students will employ creative skills, manage innovation, and hone techniques to promote imaginative and flexible change strategies. At Northcentral University, we pride ourselves in being completely transparent when it comes to tuition and fees. Total program costs reflected are calculated based on standard degree program credits exclusive of the program’s potential evaluation track. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about our students, it’s that they are motivated and ambitious—but they are also busy!

To learn more, request information or call 1-866-776-0331 to speak with an enrollment advisor today.
By submitting your information, you agree to NCU’s Privacy Policy and to be contacted by NCU via automated means, including emails, calls, or text messages to your wireless phone if provided. Northcentral University strives to enable students to make informed choices about their academic program selection.
Each of our distinct schools has its own focus.The days of earning a broad education are long gone. Find the right NCU degree program for you.Northcentral University offers a variety of online certificate and degree programs from the bachelor degree level through the doctoral degree level in the fields of Business, Education, Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. Higher education is one of the best investments you can make.Northcentral University offers a variety of degree programs and non-degree programs with their own admissions requirements and tuition costs. The things that make us different - also make us better.All schools should be committed to the success of their students. The emergence of the Instructional Leadership Programme has coincided with this raft of policy change. Under the guidance of your professors, you will learn current theories and practices and how to assess and interpret data. However, up to an additional 12 credit hours will be allowed as needed to complete the dissertation research. Transfer credit is only awarded for course work that is evaluated to be substantially equivalent in content with the required course work for the EdD program. The EdD program is designed to reach national and international markets and does not purport to provide licensure or certification in any particular state or country. Northcentral University provides a detailed EdD Dissertation Handbook that explains the process and Northcentral University's dissertation support structure. The EdD dissertation is applied, project based and results in a product designed to produce appreciable improvements in the student's school or organization and must also impact the student's leadership growth. Students who complete at least 18 semester credit hours in a specific specialization may elect to have the specialization recorded on their transcript and diploma. Once existing EdD students have opted for eight-week courses, they must receive approval from the Office of the Dean to switch back to a program of 12-week courses. Through course activities, students will explore topics including technology integration, philosophically sound curriculum decision-making, visionary leadership traits, and curriculum management. Topics include: teacher perceptions, instructional leadership, supervisory behaviors, instructional support and strategies, collaborative characteristics and presentation technology. In this doctoral course, students will evaluate the skills necessary to engage stakeholders in partnerships that enhance educational operations at all levels. The student will consider the way schools are organized around time, space, and other resources. During this course, students study the organizational behavior in schools, which emphasizes the practical relevance of educational leadership in this new era of accountability and high-stakes testing.

Students will explore preferred communication styles, cultivate relationships, develop strategies, and evaluate optimal strategies for organizational growth. Change involves knowledge, understanding, and commitment from administrators and cannot be construed as an event, but rather a process.
At Northcentral University, we’ve designed our education experience to work with you, not against you, so you can achieve your academic goals without sacrificing the quality, flexibility and support you need to be successful.
We offer new courses every Monday of the year so you can get started when it’s best for you.
Now is the time to focus your education and choose the right school and accompanying program that will take your career in the direction you want it to go. Learn more about the admissions process, our competitive tuition rates and how you can finance your higher education goals.
But it's how we go about it that not only makes Northcentral University different from many of its counterparts, but in our opinion, make us better suited to truly serve you. It is evident that the programme offers teachers and schools an invaluable medium by which much of this change can be realised.
You will also develop the skills to apply what you learn to help others improve student achievement and develop assessment and improvement strategies.
An Academic Advisor or Enrollment Specialist evaluates each student individually and works with the student to create an academically sound Learning Plan based on prior academics and their professional goals.
The EdD doctoral research courses, the comprehensive exam course and the dissertation courses are specifically designed to guide students through the process.
Students will discuss methods to develop professional learning communities and evaluate the theories and research related to learning communities and instructional leadership. Organizational dynamics will be explored and there will be an opportunity to engage operational factors that influence the school climate including human resources, organizational outreach, and capacity. Finally, students will be introduced to the doctrines of organizational development, theory, and techniques. Further, change involves working with a diverse group of people and striving to motivate others to muscle through change as it is needed.
Graduates have advanced leadership capacity in educational reform and improvement, and are prepared to pursue a variety of positions in instructional leadership. To earn the EdD degree, the student must demonstrate the ability, drive and determination; and Northcentral University will provide the faculty, the academic support and process to assist in the attainment of high academic goals.
This course will prepare doctoral students to negotiate the world of education innovation and change.

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