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A guide to collaboration that helps students understand and participate effectively in their interactions with other school professionals and parents. Written specifically to enable readers to quickly use their skills in professional settings, the book will be a useful tool for pre-service educators and practitioners–whether they are engaged in formal instructional settings, a study group, or independent study. At the opening of each chapter is a graphic that depicts five components of collaboration and their relationship to one another. This book addresses collaboration as a style, with accompanying knowledge and skills, which guides practices in many education efforts.

The components consist of personal commitment, communication skills, interaction processes, programs or services, and context. As a result, future teachers learn how teams of school professionals- special educators, general educators and related services professionals-can effectively work together to provide a necessary range of services to students with special needs. The components most relevant to the content are shaded in the icons at the opening of each chapter.
Each Connections section is followed by Learner Objectives, which inform the reader about the main purposes of the chapter.
The objectives also help the reader to set expectations for what he or she will be able to do after studying the chapter.
Brief case descriptions and vignettes occur throughout the text to illustrate relevant concepts and principles. A research base is developing in the area of collaboration and, increasingly, research-based practices are called for. Each chapter contains a feature titled A Basis in Research, which highlights pertinent research findings.

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