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Andrew Youngblood (The Secret Group) and Dusti Rhodes (Moth Houston StorySLAM) host a show with a format that knows no bounds.
Kate works with professionals in the business world and in her private coaching practice who are looking for a different approach to their business and lives. Her prime focus has been on hi-tech businesses, IT groups within global corporations and professional services organisations. Kate is a well respected, fully qualified international PCC coach who challenges her clients to transform their personal effectiveness, leadership style and performance. She has authored or contributed to eight best selling books published by John Wiley, including ‘Live Life.

MAKESHIFT stays as fresh as it does funny, mixing the duo’s ever-changing shenanigans with stand up sets from local and national comedians as well as the hard rocking musical stylings of house band We Were Wolves. Coming from a career in corporate advertising and marketing in Hewlett-Packard, Kate set up her own creative communications company in 1984 and has grown and developed this business through strategic alliances for over 20 years. These clients often need a fresh approach when there are complex issues to communicate in ways that people will listen and then take action. Her clients number many senior IT executives with a hearty appetite for development; people who value success, expect a high quality of life and measure the impact of coaching on their bottom line performance. Her portfolio includes corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, KPMG, Swiss Re and GSK as well as organisations in the public sector, NGOs, entrepreneurs and smaller businesses.

Kate is a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and full member of the International Coach Federation with full PCC accreditation.

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