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A relevant study found that children who achieved musical expression in singing, moving, memory and collaboration showed improvement in verbal communications, listening, and abilities to problem solve and play cooperatively (Brand and Bar-Gikl, 2008). Similarly, musical activities such as dancing, singing and playing instruments also foster togetherness. Accent Music TherapyAccent Music Therapy is a healthcare business focused on providing the most effective and meaningful therapy service to children, youth and young adults with special needs.
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Our final installment focuses on interpersonal communications and recognizes that musical activities and instruction may foster improved classroom behaviours.

Listening to music and listening to others (teacher and classmates) are parallel in behaviour. Cooperative group activities such as storytelling, building and sports encourage interactions with others. Also, musical collaboration includes performing ideas suggested by others, which translates to the cooperative play and accepting others’ suggestions in the classroom (Brand and Bar-Gil, 2008).
From playing instruments together in Rock Band groups, to sharing choruses and having break-out solos in the Speak and Sing and GLEE groups, AMT helps to foster friendship and inclusivity. Musical instruction is a fun way to teach children attention, eye contact, and appropriate responses (Brand and Bar-Gil, 2008).

In both settings, children practise sharing responsibility, compromising ideas, and achieving a common goal. Also, the musical tempos and melodies teach children to listen for verbal tones, and related connotations.
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