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This interpersonal communication skills development program in Edinburgh is designed to be delivered in a one and a half to three hour segment. There are several opportunities for teams to excel by using fluid communication, great teamwork and being efficient. Improving communication automatically means that people will need to put the concepts into practice as a part of the workshop.
The driving principle behind the course design is to make the information both fun and accessible.
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Please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives to discuss your situation and vision. Looking for a unique corporate teambuilding event or group activity your entire team will get excited about?
We thrive on helping our partners achieve their goals through our unique and innovative suite of corporate team building events and group activities.
Whenever leading a team you will be able to criticize wherever necessary and praise when the same is due. You will be able to maintain enthusiasm and generate the same among the people for whom your ideas and proposals are important.
Understanding your role and expectations of people with whom you work- these could include your managers and juniors. You will be able to use interpersonal skills in distinguishing between intentions and conduct. You will be able to come out of your assumptions and try to understand people with an open mind. How to use interpersonal skills effectively to improve your relations with people around you.
Humor is pulled from the situation or environment, such as mentioning to a colleague that you’re trying to cut out carbs as you both walk into the breakroom to find a mountain of donuts and bagels someone brought in.
The clever and appropriate use of humor is a great way to improve communication, reduce stress, help people think creatively, reduce the fear of making mistakes, improve morale, build stronger relationships, alleviate boredom…and more! We’ve all made the mistake of not listening, and it almost always gets us in trouble.
When you are really listening, following through with active feedback will show the speaker you are fully engaged. Active verbal feedback consists of paraphrasing, clarifying with questions, then sharing your reactions.
Actively avoiding distractions means ensuring the conversation takes place in as quiet a place as possible without phone, email, or human interruptions. It’s so easy to fall back on a familiar saying, or idiom, in order to convey your meaning (message) when speaking or writing to someone else.

The problem is, the meaning you (the sender) assign may not be the meaning understood by the other person (the receiver).
One of the characteristics of great communication skills is being able to tailor your conversation to the person(s) you’re speaking to. These are just some of the sayings that are easily misunderstood or misused in conversation. CGWA is proud to offer our Interpersonal Communication Skills program, which expertly guides participants through the process of becoming savvy communicators. How many times have you had a misunderstanding with a colleague that went unresolved until both of you were so angry you could hardly speak to each other? Be willing and able to change their communication process or style in order to achieve their goal.
Be willing and able to change their listening style in order to understand the point of view of the sender.
In the classroom, we present participants with concepts, tools, and insights that are practiced extensively to create a better understanding of how they communicate and how to approach others more effectively.
Coaching is growing faster than ever, it has become the second fastest growing profession in the world for several good reasons…. We have hosted Winnipeg’s first ever Life Coaching Cafe multiple times in the past for the public to gain access to coaches and explore the benefits of coaching. It can be stand alone - or be combined with any other Corporate Explorer Training or British Outback program. Using marshmallows as slingshot ammo automatically creates a memorable occasion so this is one training that people will both enjoy and recall once the session concludes. Everyone is given multiple opportunities to begin working on their own personal communication objectives - as well as focusing on working effectively within their team. Find out how your group can benefit from experiencing the exciting Cross Boundary Communication Module by calling us today.
Have a look at the solutions we provide to successful and emerging companies from around the world.
People with different backgrounds and belonging to different communities come under one roof to work together for a common cause. I strongly suggest that you practice using humor in a safe environment—such as with family or friends—before unleashing your hilarity at work.
When they know you are paying attention, they can relax into their message, beginning the whole conversation on a better note. Make sure you hear the whole statement before making any judgments, and listen with empathy. Easier said than done, but doing this will ease the whole interaction and allow you to absorb the message without confusion caused by interruptions. When you are able to catch yourself doing these things, you can then work on correcting these tendencies and avoiding them altogether in the future. What you’re trying to do is shorten the length of time it takes to convey that feeling or idea.

Occasional use is okay, as long as you’re sure the phrase is appropriate to your topic, will be understood by the receiver, and helps to illuminate your meaning. Have you ever failed to respond to someone or ignored your concerns, causing them to feel insulted or marginalized? We also teach how to clarify misunderstandings and create a positive environment by planning for these critical interactions. The coach listens to you and asks you how long you have been thinking about these things in particular? Join the coaches at the Life Coaching Cafe on A to learn how you can explore the possibilities of your own dreams.
However, there are numerous challenges to smooth effective communication because of the diversity commonly found inside businesses today. When the slingshots with their marshmallow ammunition enter the game, everyone pays close attention.
Keeping your people engaged will mean they will walk away from the program armed with the knowledge of how to work effectively with anyone.
Well, it turns out that humor—or the lack of it—is a major component of one’s communication skills as a whole.
Make sure you are aware of any mismatches between the words being said and the speaker’s tone of voice, emphasis, facial expressions, and posture.
Improving interpersonal communication skills has been an ongoing challenge since the dawn of time. The answer to this quandary is Corporate Explorer Training’s Cross Boundary Interpersonal Communication Skills Program, now available in Edinburgh.
At worst, it can offend others, create strained relationships, and even get you into legal trouble. To understand your communication strengths and weaknesses, take our Communication Skills Self-Assessment.
It’s necessary for them to appreciate the necessity of give and take and develop a positive attitude of working together.
Using these techniques will help you see past the surface to the real message being conveyed. Surely, this calls for such skills that we can help each other for achieving company’s goals. Thus interpersonal skills program is an extremely important program for all business leaders. It enables them to softly influence people with through appropriate communication rather than inviting their oppositions.

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