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Health CoachMy job as a health coach is to help people understand their intrinsic motivation for change.
Wellness coaches are highly credentialed fitness, health and wellness professionals who coach their clients in order to help them improve in the areas of fitness, weight, stress, energy, life satisfaction, health, nutrition and mental and emotional fitness. Health & Wellness Coach, Sue McDonald works with the muscle between the ears, the mind, to help you get control of your motivation for physical fitness.
Let’s Partner!Sue is a wonderful accompaniment to many other like minded organizations.
You are in touch with your senses and are aware of messages that may come in many forms, i.e. You allow time for changes to be made to your body and health (It takes time to learn, and perform the necessary work, which provides lasting results).

Coaches apply areas of behavioral psychology, counseling, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, adult learning theory and solution-oriented theory when working with their  clients. If you are an organization such as a, Wellness Company, Fitness Center, Healthy Hotels, Integrative Medicine, Disease Management Group, Gyms, EAPs, Medical Industry, Please give Coach Sue a call to help bring a new vigor to your patients and customers. The audience was buzzing with enthusiasm and could not wait to get their questions answered. These methods have proven that working with a wellness coach once a week for three to six months, allows sufficient time for the client to be successful in changing a behavior.
We want more energy”, Says Margaret Moore, founder of Well Coaches, the only health and wellness coaching certification program endorsed by the ACSM. At the end of the presentation a woman asked, “What does being fit mean?” The doctor struggled to provide a succinct response, but with some thought said it was very individual.

I help you remember and recognize what truly nourishes you, so you can organize your life around what's most important to you! So, why with the BMI data, healthy weight charts, hip to waist ratio calculators, cardiovascular tests and blood screens don’t we have an exact answer? I know we have heard it; eat better, exercise, don’t smoke, get eight hours of sleep, reduce stress the list goes on and on.

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