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Editor’s Note: This is the third in a six-part series titled “The Project Manager’s MBA,” which analyzes six key components of leading business practice and applies them to the construction industry. Leading engineering and construction programs around the country have equipped future managers with deep knowledge of concrete, steel, hydraulics, thermodynamics and the properties of materials. Traditionally referred to as the “softer side” of the business, the concepts within many organizational behavior classes become the foundation for senior leadership. Project Organizational Structure Much like the organizational charts that apply to the chain of command within a company, a clear project organizational structure with defined lines of communication must exist for individual projects.
MotivationLike it or not, successful managers and superintendents spend the majority of their time motivating not only the individuals on the team but also the multitudes of suppliers and trade contractors who support the organization’s cause. Additionally, many managers believe that talented tradespeople are motivated through monetary compensation, but in the 1930s and 1940s, the Hawthorne Studies at Western Electric determined that tradespeople’s professional contentment is largely related to their sense of productivity.
With a formalized review process for every job, the criteria for judging performance is shown to be clearly objective, steering clear of personality conflicts and favoritism.
Serious consideration must be given to that which will allow people to perform at a high level. A live EADOC demonstration by Javier Castruita, Executive Director of Facilities Construction and Maintenance, from West Valley-Mission Community College District.
Presenter: Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC As we prepare for the busy construction season, there are a few ways to set up your projects before they kick off – to not only efficiently manage project information and connect project parties, but to automate information collection and tracking to create a court-worthy project record should you need it. Presenter: Larry Catalano, Aurora Water Capital Projects Division Manager EADOC client Aurora Water discusses best practices in managing an $80 million capital program of projects, the benefits of monitoring program-level documentation and communications, risk, costs and contracts, as well as schedules and inspection issues in one place. Presenter: Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC This webinar demonstrates a number of efficiencies and risk mitigation measures possible by transitioning from paper project documents to an accessible electronic application.
Presenter: Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC In this webinar, we will focus on communication and information exchange across your entire project team. Presenter: Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC This webinar will focus on the benefits of EADOC for clients managing the design and construction of water projects. Presenters: Ron Perkins, Vice President, Construction Service Manager, HDR and Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC Design and construction of new facilities represents only 25% of a project’s total lifecycle cost. This requires clearer determination of the valueA realised from assets and how to make value-basedA asset management decisions.
This emphasis on “hard skills” and practical building knowledge has served organizations for many years. As men and women enter the construction industry, they focus on the technical side of the business.
During the pre-job planning process, all contractors, suppliers and other key personnel should understand their roles, their direct superiors and how communication should be routed.
Most projects can be described as horizontal in nature with a project manager and superintendent facilitating the needs of anywhere from 16 to 30 trade contractors and suppliers. For many older generations, organizational motivation was achieved through intimidation and power. The lessons learned from these studies have led us to shift from the ideology of “A happy worker is a productive worker” to “A productive worker is a happy worker.” When tradespeople feel that they are productive, valued members of a company, they will be motivated to do their best work.
Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great,” discusses the importance of having the ability to retain achievers as well as the discipline to remove underachievers.

Furthermore, poor performers are provided critical feedback that may allow them to perform better in the future. Often, incentives will not be large compensation increases but rather simple team rewards such as barbecues, symbols of solidarity and other indications that the company values their work.
Schoppman is a consultant with FMI, management consultants and investment bankers for the construction industry. Learn how West Valley-Mission Community College District is using EADOC to manage their $625M bond program for improved financial management, risk management and program execution.
Topics: Connecting your entire project team to improve communication Controlling the flow of project documents like RFIs, submittals, and Drawings Linking documents and communications to locations, materials and corresponding documentation Benefits of tracking project documents and financial information in a single tool Risk management and tracking Contract Management Reporting- Graphical, relationships, and the ability for all participants to be able to create their own reports. This webinar covered: Benefits of program-level monitoring and multi-project risk management. Drawings, specifications, environmental reports, meetings and general communication all need to be effectively managed during the design phase.
Participates will learn how to reduce Risks associated with moving information across the team and the benefits of integrating the team with a single application.
This webinar will look at information relationships, how they are established, and the benefit in mitigating project risk. Decisions made and information managed throughout the design and construction of the facility will play a major impact in how efficient the owner operates their new facility.
Applying CSICa€™s method to value-based assetA management positively shifts emphasis fromA managing the cost of assets to managing the value generated by assets.
However, while these skills are obviously important, firms today consistently indicate that their top desire is to find employees with great communication skills.
For them, understanding how structures and projects get built is more important than understanding the people building them. The image below illustrates a typical project organizational chart as defined during pre-job planning. Structures such as the one illustrated here aim to limit the number of direct reports while allowing phase-specific foremen the opportunity to lead and manage smaller sectors of the project. Modern approaches to motivation, however, involve establishing collaborative environments, allowing those involved to feel a sense of responsibility for the success of the project. Many interpret Collins’ commentary to be focused on individuals within the organization, but this concept extends to projects as well. Regardless of the incentive, the most successful managers are those who focus on removing obstacles so that their people can achieve their organizational goals. Learn how Lee County switched from their old, home-grown CM approach—based on Excel spreadsheets and paper documents—to using a cloud-based system for improved collaboration, financial management and risk management. We will cover how tracking this information during design improves design deliverables and sets the project up for improved success during construction.
Many of today’s issues in the world of construction are not technical problems but people problems, which can be more difficult to manage. However, as managers and superintendents progress through their careers, reliance on soft skills becomes crucial.
Preconstruction meetings have become collaborative discussions rather than instructional sessions.

Creating a formalized post-job review to provide positive feedback as well provides a number of benefits. The time invested in this process is returned in the form of better-performing contractors and suppliers with a higher understanding of the issues important to the firm.
Ways to save valuable information management hours across multiple projects by using a program-level management tool. Whereas technical problems are often overcome with clear solutions, behavioral issues cannot be solved by differential equations, derivatives or consolidation tests. Project leaders who create this level of buy-in provide a greater motivational tool than those who approach projects from a dictatorial perspective. Effective managers understand the frustration that arises when work and productivity is inhibited and seek to actively remove any such obstacles. Prior to joining FMI, Schoppman served as a senior project manager for a general contracting firm in central Florida. Al-Bahou covers topics including: centralizing technical documents, project team collaboration, managing pay estimates, proposal requests, RFIs, submittals, architect supplemental instructions, and more.
Faster risk identification and mitigation measures possible with earlier program-level risk identifiers. Society,                                           Are u ready to do balance.   Redevelopment guideline under 79 A of MCS act dt.
He has completed complex construction projects in the medical, pharmaceutical, office, heavy civil, industrial, manufacturing and multi-family markets. Comparison of current methods, outputs, results and cash savings with prior SharePoint-based processes.
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