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Master Certified Life Coach and Grammy Award winning documentary filmmaker who loves helping clients break their own rules and create a life they deeply love. The best way to find out about coaching is to book yourself a free session and ask a lot of questions. Some people call themselves a life coach and have not studied anywhere with anyone in particular. When people are face to face they tend to be more guarded and present their perfectly put together Social Self, rather than the wholeness (and sometimes messiness) of who they really are. Believe me, I know everyone can look nice but I'm more interested in what's going on under the sweet smile. And we can move forward much more quickly without the Social Self pretending everything is peachy. Since I've been doing this awhile, I can hear the subtlest of changes in my client's voice and energy level. In face to face meetings, we all tend to want to impress, appear intelligent and be good little clients. I help people give themselves permission to break their own rules and create a life they love. Often as clients, we're not sure exactly what's holding us back from doing what we want, and if we do know, we are resigned to thinking we can't actually change it. We often assume if we were to tell the truth about what we want in our career or relationship we'll deeply hurt others. If you would like to see if coaching is right for you, I invite you to book a free consultation here, no strings attached. With all the thoughts that fill the mind how do you know which thoughts are intuitive thoughts?
In an NLP Techniques and Power of Thought workshop I asked participants to begin tuning in and listening to their thoughts. Familiarizing your self with various aspects and inner voices is like learning to recognize different callers before they tell you who they are.
For some reason Chase starting thinking something was seriously the matter with his friend. Carl remembered being fourteen playing on his aunt’s enclosed patio with a basketball, punching it up into the air. What I have discovered is that my Intuitive Messenger interrupts the daily mind like an Emergency Broadcast System, although not all the intuitive thoughts are warnings. I welcome your comments, questions and any stories you’d like to share about intuitive thinking. Subscribe to PostsIntuition Has a Voice of Its Own; Examples of How Intuition SpeaksAnything IS Possible! I have a great fondness for this quote from Maya Angelou and it sums up perfectly for me life as a Woman in Midlife. As we head towards the end of the year I always like to find time to reflect on what has gone by and look forward to what the year ahead might bring.

I asked my tribe of friends for words to describe women in midlife, words that we'd use to describe one another (asking for positive words to describe themselves was sadly likely to be a stretch too far!). Your Unfolding Your Life Vision collage book will be a personal, portable work of art and a visual affirmation of your values, goals and dreams. Makes a meaningful and unique gift for milestone occasions like birthdays, bridal or baby showers, weddings or graduations. Watch Jennifer on San Francisco TV talk show The View From The Bay where she shows an Unfolding Your Life Vision book. Listen to Jennifer talk about the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit on Kimberly Wilson's Tranquility du Jour Podcast.
The Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit and other creative envisioning tools were featured on the Arts and Healing Network. BEC is an ideal English language exam for anyone who has a professional job or is preparing for a career in business. Students of Business English at ISE are typically post-graduates looking for a globally recognised qualification that demonstrates a recognised level of professional English. In a maximum class size of 10 students, Business English teaches both written and spoken Business skills. The course can be joined at anytime, as classes run continuously with a suggested study period of 12 weeks sufficient to prepare for an exam. My clients can tell the truth much better sitting on their own couch, with their dog on their lap, staring at the ceiling, (without someone staring at them). Others, because things are just "meh" and they have a hunch they could be a whole lot happier. We are far more productive, generous, and loving when we are living a meaningful life, doing work we love, rather than being stuck, trudging along in a cloud of resentment. I am certain there are a slew of people whose voices you naturally know; colleagues, good friends and family members. We have reached a point of transition, there is so much change in our lives both physically and emotionally.
I'm not a great one for making New Year's resolutions as I feel it's a way we set ourselves up for failure.
The words they came up with were an outpouring of warmth and love and recognition for the journey that we have all been on by the time we reach midlife. Students should have an existing English level of IELTS 4.0 before joining the Business English course. They can cry, get angry and tell the truth more easily without having to worry about their mascara.
I don't use a template and always meet my clients exactly where they are on that particular day. In the following scenarios you can almost hear the urgency and intensity in the voices of the two men as they received intuitive thoughts from their Intuitive Messengers. All of a sudden I had an impulsive thought to call and check in and see how their trip went.

We have the opportunity right now to grab the second half of our lives and reinvent ourselves should we choose to do so.
These are the women who pick me up when I fall down, the women I laugh with, the women I cry with and the women I celebrate with.
Students practice and develop interview and face to face skills, taking examples from real life business scenarios together with useful business language for meetings, sales, presentations, negotiations and deals.
And we all do that better when we feel safe and protected wearing our favorite fuzzy socks, drinking our favorite tea, in our favorite comfy clothes.
It may be about not giving yourself permission to do the thing you know in your heart you really want to do.
Creating a life you love is possible and the rewards are beyond any words that can be blogged about. We can face changes in midlife either with a heavy heart and resentment or embrace this new phase in life with excitement. Rather, I like to take the time to sit and reflect with a journal on all the things (great and small) that I've achieved during the past 12 months. I studied for a few years with Martha and completed the Master Coach Training Certification, which was a rigorous and stunning education. Good coaching helps us to tease out the truth from fiction and move forward in the best way.
Isolating types of thoughts and becoming aware of sensory differentials makes intuitive thinking more consciously accessible.
I then like to day dream a little on all the things I hope for and plan for in the coming 12 months. I also studied Positive Psychology extensively, worked at 2 different career centers, and am a Hoffman Institute Graduate. That way is usually slowly, in turtle steps, when we know what is right and true for ourselves. Read through your list a few times to become familiar with the voice that briefs you, your own Personal Inner Secretary.
Sure enough the ball hit the glass roof and shattered it spraying glass fragments every which way.
This has been the year that I decided to truly 'show up' in my life, and I do so with more confidence than ever before.
For example if I tune into mine right now this voice might say things like, “Today is Friday. I imagine an attractive well dressed woman in a navy blue tailored suit, chic, sharp, and…dead pan.

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