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To a finance manager, inventory refers to the value of raw materials, consumables, spares, work in progress, finished goods and scrap in which the company's funds have been invested.
The premium MYOB product with the PLUS on the end of it’s name has always come with Inventory and Payroll. We’ve added a new team member, Sue from Yarra Junction¬†and she has over 20 years experience performing bookkeeping and administration work for various clients and even her own business. It’s early stage for us working together but it highlights a great feature about running an online business and working remotely in the cloud. If you haven’t already read about it, read the blog I wrote about teleworking centres that are springing up all over regional areas of Australia.
Like all of the EzyLearn courses we offer all our training courses for one low price and include every training resource we create.

If you are a business looking to move across to Xero feel free to write your questions or comments. It aims to explain the nature of inventory, its purpose, the various types of inventories and the costs associated with them. These have been the major services that justify the premium price that users have been willing to pay.
Sue is writing a training guide that demonstrates how inventory (which was just announced this year at Xero) works.
If you are trying to find a way of working from home make contact and share with us what you are going through..
And an efficient management of inventory should ultimately result in the maximization of the owners' wealth.

Sue is over 1 hour from Melbourne and I am sure the commute would be hell – it would cost her time and money in transport – yet because we operate on online environment our team are all over Australia!
No more travel time, no more traffic, no more sitting in a carpark on the city roads in peak hour.

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