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What does your spare parts inventory management say about you?Take our quiz now to find out!
Spare parts inventory management doesn’t follow the usual rules of supply chain and inventory management theory, yet this what most people try to apply to this discipline.
Not understanding the nuances of spare parts inventory management results in the under-achievement of optimization goals, over spending on spare parts inventories, and projects that stagnate or fail (find out why). Phillip Slater created this website to provide you with the online training, information, and support you need to optimize your spare parts inventory, increase spare parts availability, reduce stock outs, and achieve high levels of accuracy.
Spare parts specific training courses covering inventory management, inventory optimization, integration with maintenance and reliability, and spare parts policy development.

The Solutions Network introduces you to providers of tools and services that Phillip Slater knows and trusts.
The Reliability & Maintainability Center (RMC) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, provides comprehensive programs of eduction in reliability and maintenance practice. Phillip Slater provides consulting services specifically targeting spare parts inventory management. Sam Fowler &amp Associates places a primary emphasis on Parts Inventory efficiency, and Departmental Profitability. All Parts Inventories, Training, and Consulting Work is performed Personally by Sam Fowler, along with your management staff.

Our experience, Our focus, and our processes allow us to successfully work with dealers of virtually any size, whether a single point dealership, a large automotive group, or manufacturers.

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