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Australia Wednesday Lotto is one of the three Australian Lottery games that fall under the name “Lotto” for many parts of Australia.
There are also decent winning odds of landing several thousand dollars, and winning more than your ticket cost back. The Australia Wednesday Lottery odds are favourable compared to other huge lottery games such as the Oz Lotto. The UK Lotto odds of winning aren’t the best (VS other national lotteries), but with 5 prize categories and a guaranteed minimum jackpot of ?2.2 twice each week, UK Lotto has become popular in place like Canada, South Africa, Australia and anywhere else people purchase tickets online. Compared with other national lottery games, the UK lotto history started slow, with the first UK lotto draw being held in 1996.
UK Lotto rules are simple; play uk lottery by selecting 6 different numbers from a field of 1-49. In any draw where the lottery jackpot is not won its value in the prize fund will be held and added to the next jackpot prize fund. UK Lotto Odds are a little harder to crack than other national lotteries of a similar size.
17.65% of Ireland’s Lotto prize fund each week is kept in reserve to ensure that all winners can always be paid out. Three of our recommended online lottery ticket agents sell tickets for Lotto Ireland online. Massive Superdraws are held several times a year with prizes ranging from 20,000,000 to 30,000,000.
In 1972 a license was awarded by the Victorian government of Australia to a company then known as Tattersall’s to manage a lottery game. The Australia Saturday Lotto top prize is a guaranteed $4,000,000AUS, which is usually won, sometimes there are multiple million dollar winners every week! The odds of winning the Australia Saturday lotto are relatively good compared to the ticket cost, the size of the prize and the odds of winning similar jackpot prizes in other lottery games from any country. Play the Australia Saturday Lotto online by purchasing your ticket from The Lotter; they are currently the only site that offer Australia Saturday Lotto tickets online.
In fact the odds of winning the EuroJackpot top prize are almost twice as good as winning the EuroMillions top prize – 1 in 59,325,280 against 1 in 116,531,800. The initial idea for the EuroJackpot was devised by the West German Lottery company who organise Lotto games in Germany. The EuroJackpot offer a wide range of generous cash prizes paid on a parimutuel basis from a prize fund created from a percentage of the ticket sales.
Below is a complete table of all the winning EuroJackpot number matches, the percentage of the prize fund given and an average cash prize won by each player. As with all multi-prize lotto games the EuroJackpot has different chances of winning in each prize category. Thanks to the instant popularity of this game tickets are on sale online and you can win EuroJackpot prizes from almost anywhere in the world. With Super EnaLotto live draws held 3 times each week the rollover jackpots quickly reach enormous amounts. The history of the Super EnaLotto begins in 1950 with the creation of the EnaLotto Italian national lottery game. Both the EnaLotto and Super EnaLotto operated with a small flaw in their odds of winning which was not corrected until 2009.
Aside from the huge jackpots one of the other contributing factors to the Super EnaLotto is the unique and varied ways in which it can be played. This is true for playing online, however when purchasing a Super EnaLotto ticket from a retailer direct in Italy you may select as many numbers as you wish -provided you can buy an entry for each possible combination of 6. Match numbers from your ticket with the results to win cash prizes, match all 6 numbers to win the Super EnaLotto jackpot prize! The chance to win the Super EnaLotto depends on which prize category you are winning in, of which there are 5 in total. Unusually the Super EnaLotto offers the best odds for its 3rd prize category which are extremely competitive VS any other national lottery game offering a similar cash prize. Below is a complete table of Super EnaLotto winning number matches and the cash prize for each. Alongside the Powerball the MegaMillions is a hugely popular mult-state lottery that has gained worldwide notoriety for having distributed the largest lottery prize in the history of the world -€375,883,200.
On August 31st 1996 a lottery known as “The Big Game” was created that would soon become the game we know today as the MegaMillions lotto. As the years passed and the Big Game continued to grow in popularity it soon became available in available in the states of New York and Ohio when it changed it’s name to “The Big Game MegaMillions”.
Without a doubt the strength of the MegaMillions is in its high jackpots, and these enormous MegaMillion’s prizes would not be possible without the huge number of players allowed by selling tickets all over America. The MegaMillions is a simple lottery draw game with players matching the numbers they select with the numbers drawn randomly to win prizes. When the MegaMillion’s numbers are drawn the object of the game is to match them against the numbers on your ticket.
The minimum age to buy a MegaMillion’s ticket is 18 in most states, except in Iowa, Arizona and Louisiana where you must be at least 21 to play and 19 in Nebraska.
Aside from the enormous jackpots that build up when the MegaMillions rollsover there are also a great range of other fixed cash prizes to win.
With 8 different prize categories your chance to win the MegaMillions varies depending on the prize. One of the longest running and most firmly established multi-state lottery games in America is the Powerball.
The Powerball lottery traces its roots back to 1988 when the game was known as Lotto*America. With the rapid growth of Lotto*America some changes were definitely in order and in 1992 the game changed dramatically and became known as the Powerball. The Powerball was sold in several nations and the MegaMillions sold in several others, however on the 3rd of January 2010 a huge cross-sell expansion saw Powerball tickets being sold in MegaMillion’s states and vice versa. The modern Powerball game is designed to be both simple to play while offering many different Powerball prize winning chances. When the draw occurs 1 machine randomizes 59 white numbered balls and dispenses 5 of them -completely at random. The minimum Powerball jackpot is just over €32 million ($40 million), however in any draw in which this prize is not won its value “rolls over” to the next draw where the jackpot is bigger. With 9 different number matches winning prizes your chance to win the Powerball varies with the prize in question.
The reason for such high prize values in this game is due to the nine participating host nations which are as follows: the UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg.
While the initial concept for a multi-national lottery game was devised by the Francais De Jeux in 1994, the actual birth of the game (and its first draw) did not occur until Friday 13th February 2004.
Tickets originally went on sale only in the UK, France and Spain, when the game was consigned to just one draw a week on Fridays.
With the addition of the 6 new nations in October 2004 (and in light of rapidly growing ticket sales) the EuroMillions added a second Friday draw which would help to create enormous rollover jackpots even faster. The biggest winners in EuroMillion’s history are Colin and Christine Weir, a couple from Largs Scotland, who back in July 12th 2011 won a jackpot worth €185,000,000.
In any draw in which the jackpot is not won, its value in the prize fund is “rolled over” and added to the size of the next jackpot. The maximuim EuroMillion’s prize is €190,000,000, meaning that the jackpot can only rollover 11 times consecutively.
The EuroMillions lotto offers you more chances to win prizes than in any other lottery game.
The percentage given to each EuroMillions prize category is balanced as best it can be VS the average amount of winners in that category to try to ensure that the more numbers you match the bigger the prize you receive.
As one of the most generous lotto games in the world the EuroMillions lotto returns a full 50% of all money taken in tickets to the prize fund for players. With a huge range of prizes to be won in the EuroMillions there is little wonder why this game has such huge popularity both within the EuroMillion’s host nations and abroad. With 13 different prizes to be won the odds of winning the EuroMillions is different depending on the prize in question.
The Irish Lottery began selling its very first lotto tickets back on March 23rd 1987 when it launched its inaugural scratch cards throughout Ireland. Since it began back in 1987, the Irish National Lottery has raised more than a‚¬3.6 Billion for the good causes that it supports. The Irish Lotto is drawn twice every week by the Irish Lottery on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.00pm GMT and there are various ways you can check the Irish Lottery Results to see if you have become one of the lucky winners. For one of the prizes on the second level for matching 5 of the main winning numbers plus the Bonus number the odds come in at 1 in 1.35 million.
With 7 different ways in total of winning on the Lotto, there are a further 5 prize levels.
To win a prize on the fifth tier of the Irish Lotto, the odds come right down to 1 in 733 for selecting 4 of the main numbers with sixth tier odds being 1 in 1,755 for guessing 3 main numbers plus the Bonus number.
Your chances of a win on the 7th and final tier are 1 in just 45 for correctly guessing just 3 of the main winning numbers. You will have 90 days from the date of the actual lottery draw taking place to claim your prize.
If you buy lottery tickets online with an accredited lottery ticket sales agency though, such as TheLotter or WinTrillions however, you will not have to be concerned with any of this as they will take full care of all the details for you as you play lottery online. To complement the UK's largest range of Lotto offerings, Coral Lotto is offering you this fantastic reward scheme. Irish Lotto draws take place each and every week on a Wednesday and Saturday evening, you can bet right up to the draw time here at Coral and ensure you cash in on our great fixed odds.
With draws twice a day, every day, the 49s specials betting markets give you plenty of chances to get involved.

Other benefits including lucky dip option, place your bets up to 10 draws in advance, full lotto schedule available and full results service along with ability to print off lottery receipts a€“ perfect for syndicates.
We offer industry leading maximum payout limits of a huge A?500,000 on the following lotteries, 49's, Daily Million, UK Lotto and Irish Lotto. If you're missing the Monday Millions then the new Daily Million draw is the Lotto for you, just 39 balls and 2 draws every single night of the year giving you yet more chances to win big.
Pick 3 and Match 3 numbers in the twice daily 49's lotto draw and you can pick up a cool A?700 for a A?1 stake!
Coral's dedicated lotto betting page gives you the opportunity to bet on the outcome of ten lotteries around the world without ever having to purchase a ticket. Take part in the Australia Wednesday Lottery from the U.K, America, Canada, South Africa or almost anywhere in the world by buying a ticket online. The game began to meet the growing demand for lottery tickets; specifically in New South Wales –where the game was first originally only available. This is only the minimum however and Australia Wednesday Lotto jackpots are often over that number. The odds of winning work well in relation to the ticket cost and the size of the cash prizes. This followed multiple changes to government legislation beginning in 1934 and ending 62 years later in 1994 when the UK government awarded a license to the Camelot Group to operate a national game. When the draw is held on a Wednesday or Saturday 6 main numbers are selected at random, a 7th bonus number is also selected to help players who only match 5 numbers. With a minimum €2,000,000 to win every Wednesday and Saturday –tax free with a lottery ticket online. This means that winners in each prize category share a percentage of a prize fund -made up of 52% of gross ticket sales.
The prize can even be won tax free from outside of Australia in places like Canada, Europe and South Africa by purchasing a ticket online.
All prizes awarded from a cash prize fund created from a percentage of ticket sales, the prize fund can be no less than 55% of the money taken in Austrlia Saturday lotto ticket sales. Below is the odds of winning making the number matches for one of the 6 cash prizes available each draw. You can purchase tickets (and win prizes) from almost anywhere in the world such as Canada, England and South Africa. The EuroJackpt has an almost identical play style and prize structure to the EuroMillions and is created from the combined efforts of multiple European nations.
For such great odds the EuroJackpot also offers a €10,000,000 tax free prize every draw which can be won from almost anywhere in the world if you buy your ticket online! In September 2011 West German Lottery brought together a group of nations for meeting in Amsterdam to discuss the possibility of creating a second Pan-European lottery game to rival the EuroMillions. As a simple lottery draw game players select numbers and match them against the results of the live draw to win cash prizes.
Parimutuel prizes means that each player shares a percentage of the prize fund with other players in the same category -including the jackpot.
It is noteworthy to point out that the EuroJackpot has far superior jackpot winning odds for its €10,000,000 minimum prize compared to any other lottery that offers huge multi-million jackpots. This big jackpot game is famous all over the world for providing some of the biggest cash prizes of any national lottery of comparable size.
Such huge jackpots have given the game demand outside of Italy and online ticket sales increase every day as more and more people from all over the world their their chance at the Super EnaLotto millions. This game was created for everyone all over Italy to enjoy and it would offer bigger prizes than the smaller regional Lottomatica lottery games operating at the time.
Previous to this the numbers used for the Super EnaLotto result were taken from a combination of numbers already draw in the 7 smaller Lottomatica regional draws in Florence, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Milan, Bari and the Jolly Number coming from Venice. When purchasing a ticket you can actually play in such a way that increases your chances of winning a prize, helping you to beat the Super EnaLotto odds.
Super EnaLotto live draws are held three times each week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 19:00 GMT. This means that prizes are a percentage of the prize fund and the prize fund is created from the percentage of the ticket sales that is set aside to be given back to the players as prizes.
Below is a table showing the percentage of the prize fund given for each winning number match, as well as an average cash prize for that category. While the Super EnaLotto jackpot odds are among the highest in the world this is countered by the low ticket cost and the ability to improve your chances to win the Super EnaLotto dramatically by choosing a systems entry with more than 6 numbers (as explained above). In the beginning the Big Game was available only to players in Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland Georgia, Illinois and Michigan. The strength of the game was proven on Friday 30th March 2012 when the worlds largest lottery prize of €375,883,200 was won in a lump sum and divided between three winning ticket holders from Kansas, Maryland and Illinois.
When you purchase a MegaMillion’s ticket you must select 5 different numbers from 1-56 and 1 number (the MegaBall) from 1-46. With the MegaPlier you pay a little extra on your ticket cost to multiply the cash prize in any non-jackpot win. Below we have a table containing the MegaMillions odds of every prize winning number match.
This game was originally played in only 6 states; Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, Rhode Island, the District Of Colombia and Oregon. When you purchase your ticket you must select 5 different numbers from 1-59 and 1 number -the Powerball- from 1-35. It then dispenses 1 ball (the Powerball) at random from a second machine containing 35 numbered red balls.
Unlike the EuroMillions there is no jackpot maximum so it will continue to grow in this way if not won. The Powerplay option multiplies any non-jackpot prizes as outlined in the Powerball Prizes section.
Created by the combined strength of multiple EU nations this number draw game has gathered steam over the years to gain popularity outside of its host nations. With twice weekly drawings the guaranteed minimum jackpot of €15,000,000 each draw quickly rolls over to make huge prize amounts. The Francais De Jeux created the EuroMillions in an effort to create a lottery game which had prizes rivalling the multi-state MegaMillions game. Within 8 months however (in October 2004) a further 6 nations had agreed to sell EuroMillions tickets. The only other change to the game came on Tuesday May 10th 2009 when the pool of Lucky Stars changed from 9 to 11.
On the 12th consecutive draw without a jackpot winner the prize is “rolled down”, this means that players in the second place prize category receive the jackpot. EuroMillion’s prizes are divided across 13 different prize categories including the jackpot. 28% of EuroMillion’s ticket sales are then given to good causes within the host nation. We include the percentage of the prize fund given in each different prize category as well as an average cash value of that EuroMillion’s prize. The remaining 8.6% is used for what is called the “Booster Fund”, this booster fund is used to ensure that the €15,000,000 minimum EuroMillions jackpot can always be met.
If luck isn't on your side, you can claim 10% cashback every week with our NEW improved offer!
As well as all your favourite lotto draws we offer fixed odds on an industry leading 16 different lotto's each and every week from around the world. Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Limited's address is Suite 711, 1st Floor, Europort, Europort Road, Gibraltar GX11 1AA.
Australia Wednesday Lottery stayed in New South Wales until in 2006 when the game was brought to South and Western Australia, before in 2008 Tattersall’s starting selling Australia Wednesday lotto in almost every other territory except Queensland –where it is unavailable still unless you buy a ticket online. The jackpots are also easier to win than in a lot of larger lottery games such as OzLotto so there are often multiple jackpot winners. The first UK Lottery draw held on November 19th 1994 saw 7 lucky jackpot winners share ?5,874,778 –an excellent jackpot at the time. A Canadian or Australian winning a UK lottery jackpot will enjoy a much more valuable prize than their own national lottery top prize. There’s a great fixed cash prize for the minimum number match and a bonus number in the draw gives you great winning odds. Buy a ticket online from almost anywhere in the world –South Africa, Canada, Australia etc.
Buy your ticket at least 2 hours before the draw on either a Wednesday or a Saturday at 19:00 GMT. Irish lottery jackpot prizes start at a guaranteed €2,000,000 twice each week (shared amongst all jackpot winners), this prize rolls over in any draw where it is not won. The Irish Lotto odds become very favourable when the jackpot is over €10,000,000 – don’t miss one of these draws. Tattslotto would soon leave Victoria to be syndicated across all of Australia under different names. The draw is televised live at that time but you can find Australia Saturday Lotto results live on site within minutes of the drawing.
Each prize category is assigned a percentage of the prize fund and winners within that prize category share that money. As you would expect from a pan-European lottery game the EuroJackpot offers a massive cash jackpot every draw as well as multiple other great prizes. Agreements were reached to conduct the EuroJackpot and 6 months later on March 23rd the first EuroJackpot live draw was conducted in Helsinki. When purchasing a EuroJackpot ticket you play by selecting 5 different numbers from a field of 1-50 and 2 different “Euro Numbers” from a field of 1-8. If you match all 5 main numbers and 2 Euro Numbers you choose with the numbers in the EuroJackpot result for that draw then you win the jackpot.

Parimutuel prizes in a game usually mean that the more tickets are sold the bigger the prizes awarded and to more people. This booster fund is used to make sure that the €10,000,000 jackpot minimum can always be awarded to winners regardless of ticket sales. In April 1996 the Italian Minister for Finance handed control of the game over to private Italian betting company, SISAL.
A simple standard Super EnaLotto entry consists of 6 different numbers that the player chooses from 1-90, beyond this however a player may choose to select 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers and purchase a separate entry for each different combination of 6 numbers that can be made from the numbers you chose.
During the Super EnaLotto live draw the 6 numbers are chosen at random from a machine containing 90 numbered balls, in addition a 7th “Jolly Number” is also chosen at random from those 90. Players winning in each category share the prize fund percentage with other winners of the same category.
In January 1999 the option to take jackpot prizes as a cash lump sum was introduced (as previously only a 26 year annuity was available) and New Jersey joined the game. The amount your prize is multiplied by is determined randomly between x2, x3 and x4 by selecting a multiplier at random from a machine containing 21 balls with the multiplier number written on them.
Below is a table of all the fixed cash prizes you can win when playing the MegaMillions (in Euros for players outside of the U.S playing online). The major rule change was in the inclusion of the Powerball, this made players choose 1 additional number from a separate pool but also made it possible for players to win a cash prize for matching that number alone! The ultimate object of the game is to match all 5 of your main numbers and your Powerball with all the numbers drawn to win the Powerball jackpot prize. This is the most popular game for people to play online and its cash prizes can be won from almost anywhere in the world. With multiple nations selling tickets the prize funds would naturally be larger thus larger jackpot prizes could be offered. The EuroMillions may have been the brainchild of the Francais De Jeux however it was up to the lottery organisers within the individual host nations to promote the game, organise ticket sales and assure the payment of all winnings. The object of the game is to match as many of the numbers on your ticket with the numbers from the draw. If there are no jackpot winners and no winners in the second place prize category then the prize is distributed to winners in the third place prize category. When playing the EuroMillions online you must be at least 18 years or older to enter the EuroMillions. The prizes are parimutuel, this means that each winning category receives a percentage of the prize fund. 12% of EuroMillion’s money is given to the government of the respective nation in “duty” taxes. Whatever your reasons are, you can now forget them all with our easy to use lotto betting page. Coral Interactive (Gibraltar) Limited is licensed by the Government of Gibraltar & regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (RGL 059 & 060).
Luckily the Australia Wednesday Lottery guarantees a minimum jackpot prize regardless of the number of winners.
You can play the UK Lotto online; this is hugely advantageous as all prizes are won in British Pounds –which are at the moment more valuable than other currencies. The game has remained quite the same since its creation, except for the introduction of a bonus ball, and a name change from “UK National Lottery” to simply “Lotto”. Equally so the minimum prize for matching just three numbers is ?10 –excellent value for the ticket cost. This new style would invigorate the game with extra prize categories, a sweet fixed €5 prize for the lowest number match, €2,000,000 minimum jackpot guarantee each week and the Irish Lotto’s biggest jackpot of over €16.7 million. During the draw 6 main numbers are selected from the 45, an extra bonus number is drawn from the same 45 –to help non-jackpot winners get another cash prize.
A guaranteed $4,000,000 AUS can be won from anywhere in the world since you can buy Australia Saturday Lotto tickets online. In South Australia it’s known as X-Lotto; in New South Wales and Western Australia it’s known as Saturday Lotto. In the drawing 8 numbers are actually chosen at random (not six), the extra numbers are supplementary numbers chosen to provide better prizes to players who don’t match all 6 numbers. What sets the EuroJackpot aside from the EuroMillions are the dramatically improved odds of a jackpot win.
Currently the nations participating in the EuroJackpot are Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, The Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden and Italy -where the game is especially popular. SISAL saved the EnaLotto from falling sales and popularity by restructuring the game and renaming it the Super EnaLotto upon their takeover. If the first number of any region had already been used for the Super EnaLotto result then the next number was used. For example pick 7 numbers and you must buy 7 entries, select 8 numbers and you must buy 28 entries. The percentages given for each prize category are balanced against the average amount of winners in that category to ensure that the more numbers you match the bigger the cash prize you win -regardless of how many people you share the prize with.
Below is a table showing how many of each multiplier ball is available and thus the odds of each multiplier being chosen. The rule changes also created more prize categories and lower overall odds of winning any cash prize. Prizes can be won for other number matches though, and a cash prize is even won for matching just the Powerball on its own.
Shown below is a table of the Powerball prize winning number matches, the cash prize you win as well as the value of the prize if you purchased the Powerplay option with that ticket.
In addition to this the Francais De Jeux had also hoped to launch the game at the same time as the multi-national European currency; The Euro. On the 12th consecutive EuroMillion’s draw without a winner the prize, essentially, must be given back to the winners.
The size of the prize fund is dictated by the amount of money taken in ticket sales and winners in each category share the amount of the prize fund given for that category. Simply choose your numbers and stake as much or as little as you want, even less than the price of an original ticket.
When you play UK lotto online there are options for system entries to increase your winning chances.
Apart from the lowest prize all the other prizes are pari-mutuel: winners in each prize category share a percentage of a prize fund.
In May 1992 the Irish Lotto was beaten by a syndicate who spend roughly €950,000 on tickets in an attempt to buy every combination. The lottery of Ireland was previously only available in Ireland, but now you can play the Irish Lotto online today from anywhere in the world.
Below is a complete table of Irish Lotto prizes, including winning number matches, minimum percentage of the prize fund given to each category and even an average cash prize for the pari-mutuel winners. You must then catch the draw which is held once each week on a Friday live in Helsinki at 00:45 – GMT +3 hours. This system created a statistically tiny possibility that a draw could be impossible to win in the event of an unavoidable duplicate number.
During the MegaMillions live draw one machine randomly selects 5 numbered white balls from 56, a second machine them randomly selects 1 numbered gold coloured ball from 46. Powerball prize amounts are shown in Euros for international players entering the Powerball online.
Match all 5 numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the EuroMillion’s jackpot -minimum guaranteed €15,000,000 every draw. You can also bet on as many, or as little numbers as you like, essentially, equivalent to Lotto HotPicks in the UK.
Our featured lotteries are; the Singapore lotto, Australian lotto, French lotto, Irish lotto, Hong Kong lotto, German lotto, Canadian lotto, New York lotto and the Spanish Lotto.
Below is a table of all winning UK lottery number combinations, the percentage of the prize fund for each category, and an average cash prize each player can hope to win. Victoria Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory it retains the name Tattslotto.
Thankfully the rule change on July 1st 2009 which created a fresh draw dedicated to the Super EnaLotto fixed this small problem. Prior to 1997 Lotto*America and Powerball jackpots could not be won as cash prizes, instead only the annuity option of the jackpot paid annually over 20 years was available. If you feel that lotto might be for you then take advantage of the many enhanced odds offers on our promotions page, and play your first game of international lotto with higher odds than normal. Coral also host their own lotto, the 49s, which takes place at tea time and lunchtime every single day of the week. Buy Irish lottery tickets online at one of three agents that deal the tickets online to players all over the world.
The jackpot is usually won each week –with such great winning odds there are often 2 or 3 people winning millions every week. Of course this changed in 1997 when the Powerball lottery offered all of its jackpotas as a cash option and increased the annuity period to 25 years, this recently became 30 years.
Whilst some bookies have low limits on maximum wins from lotto betting, Coral provides you with the opportunity to win A?500,000 on all of our lotto draws a€“ which is an industry leading amount. To be in with a shot of winning a life-changing sum of money then play the many lotteries from around with Coral.

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