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ENTRY REQUIREMENTSTo start any AS levels you need to meet the general college entry requirements. CAREER AND PROGRESSION OPPORTUNITIESMany business students progress onto university to study business further and later progress into careers in finance, sales, administration and marketing. Unit 2 - Managing a BusinessFocuses on how established businesses might improve their effectiveness by making tactical decisions at a functional level. Unit 4 - The Business Environment and managing ChangeAsssses the external factors that can act as catalysts for change, and considers these in relation to a range of businesses.  This unit also examines the ways in which businesses manage change successfully when responding to external stimuli.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. THE PURPOSE OF RECRUITMENT IS TO BUY IN, RETAIN AND DEVELOP THE BEST PEOPLE TO MEET THE ORGANISATION’S NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS. Because of the speed with which Great Mills has grown from a single DIY unit in a small Somerset village to a multi-million pound household name, the process of recruitment has had to fit in with these strategic developments, through the formation of a broad personnel plan. The essential ingredient of a personnel strategy is to be able to translate this process into a series of practical actions.
To develop people into managers with the right qualities and abilities, which in the future will enable them to match up to such demanding management specifications, Great Mills introduced a Management Trainee Scheme approximately 10 years ago.
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With an exterior of soaring glass and rich orange tile from Germany, the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is a new landmark in the middle of a campus better known for ivy-covered, Gothic buildings. The new home of the Ross School of Business is not only beautiful, but it is also intended to be functional. The new building is full of light with warm, natural materialsa€”sandstone, terra cotta, wood, and glass.
In keeping with the overall design criteria, faculty offices are also inviting, functional, and conducive to informal meetings. Ethospace workstations for support staff are scattered throughout the faculty areas, and a large cluster is installed on a lower level for doctoral students. The clean sophistication of the faculty offices belies the expertise and coordination involved in creating them.
A detailed mock-up along with several large sample boards demonstrated Geiger's ability to produce the level of consistency and quality the university expected. Then the Geiger team customized its Tablet furniture line to meet the university's unique design criteriaa€”and its budget considerations as well. Finally, the university had to be confident that the service provider could deliver a complex and exacting installation on a tight schedule. In seven weeks, Facility Matrix Group coordinated a delivery schedule of over 65 trucks containing a multitude of pieces cut to precise specifications. There are three sectors of industry which all rely on each other in the pursuit of business success. Businesses operating in the primary sector rely on the continued availability of high quality raw materials which can be extracted and sold at a cost that will ensure their financial growth and stability.
Travis Perkins purchases merchandise from a wide range of different secondary and primary sector suppliers.
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Motorola is a global leader in wireless and broadband communications technologies and related electronic products.

Mobile phones are among the most familiar products to consumers and the mobile phone is seen by many as an essential item. The market is a very competitive one with a range of companies competing to provide mobile phone services.
In order to remain competitive, the company continually seeks to innovate - for example by building phones that are slim and well designed. The Motorola RAZR V3i is the thinnest clam-shell phone currently available (as at January 2006), just 13.9mm thin. Below are external web links provided by Motorola in relation to their business activities. If you learnt more about Creating the right marketing mix from this Motorola case study, why not share it with others? If you learnt more about Planning effective marketing strategies for a target audience from this adidas case study, why not share it with others?
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Throughout these processes there is a realisation at Great Mills that recruitment, selection and development is a two-way process. For Great Mills to meet its continued commitment to growth, it has to think carefully about the qualities of the people it employs, because many of the trainee managers it employs today will be the senior managers of the future. The aim of the scheme was to encourage applications from ambitious, enthusiastic young people who wanted to have a career in retailing.Within the Management Trainee Scheme, which has been developed extensively over the years, training is progressive and challenging, covering a usual period of 12 months.
Sometimes these interests can conflict.What are stakeholders?A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Within this signature architecture, designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, private offices for faculty are furnished in finely detailed Geiger casegoods in a European ash veneer. A six-story skylight sends a shaft of sun through the center of the building and illuminates the Davidson Winter Garden, which forms its collaborative heart.
A custom version of Geiger Tablet furniture in a beautifully figured European ash veneer creates a clean yet richly detailed aesthetic. Then, to further support collaboration, each office is furnished with a table and Geiger Woven chairs in a matching ash frame for guest seating. Each office has an individually controlled thermostat, solar window shades and one operable window.
The European ash veneer throughout all the offices and many of the Ethospace workstations has a highly figured grain with an extremely consistent quality.
Yet, a quantity sufficient to meet Geiger's standards for quality and consistency isn't always available.
From the sushi bar to the workout rooms to the Winter Garden, the building is collaborative, functional, and arrestingly beautiful, just as its designers had envisioned. These businesses sell the raw materials to businesses in the secondary sector where they are refined, reshaped or packaged so that they can be sold to businesses in the tertiary sector. It is important that the goods purchased are of high quality that will satisfy customers' needs.
If you create products that customers want, the other parts of the mix can be designed to meet customer needs. In April 2005, the market research company Mintel produced figures which showed that 80% of the youth market in the UK has a mobile phone, and that over 61 million people subscribed to an airtime contract.
With a 3G or WAP-enabled phone, customers can browse special Internet sites, which means they can look at football scores, search cinema movie times, or live-chat with friends. Motorola mobile phones are increasingly being used to capture and share experiences, in addition to making arrangements, tell jokes, and flirt without the personal nature of a face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact. The casing is made from aircraftgrade alloy, and the outer screen from glass, as no conventional plastic materials were strong enough.
Organisations want to see a return on investment (ROI) for the money they spend on a promotional campaign.

In the early stages, candidates - especially the strong ones - are selecting for whom to work.
Therefore, when deciding who to employ, any specifications must go beyond a simple description of a job or of a role.Management is a way of getting things done, with the support and commitment of others. Candidates undergo a period of training in one of the stores and also have short spells at Head Office and other support departments. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of the business.
Locating enough high-grade veneer to furnish a project this size required a global network of sources. Fortunately, relationships with our global network of suppliers helps us meet demands for large amounts of A-grade veneer," says Jamie Aragones, account representative, Geiger.
Using Geiger veneer technology, Ethospace workstations in the dean's suite are equipped with identical ash veneer tiles and top caps.
It is the responsibility of those who negotiate with suppliers to buy quality products from fully reputable and environmentally friendly sources, at the right price.
Motorola has partners such as MTV, with high quality sites providing diverse and entertaining content. You can also enjoy your favourite ring tones, music clips and games with a state-of-the-art polyphonic speaker sound and an integrated 3D graphics engine.
The table below demonstrates the significant return achieved through this campaign and how adidas successfully achieved its marketing objectives. For Great Mills to attract such candidates, it has developed a range of opportunities which offer genuine career prospects, a rewarding role, good remuneration and job satisfaction.This two-way process continues throughout employment, as only by satisfying the needs of the individual employee will Great Mills obtain the commitment to organisational objectives which is needed for organisational success and only by contributing to organisational success will employees be able to satisfy their personal employment needs.
External training is also undertaken, which include the development of management skills and the opportunity to attend a personal development programme in the outdoors.
This image is important to the way we teach and to our belief system," says Graham Mercer, assistant dean, Ross School of Business.
A work wall contains additional open shelving over an L-shaped desk that could face either the windows or the corridor. It is also essential that supply is reliable so that the product is available for the customer on demand. 3G (third generation) phones offer much more effective access to music and video downloads, because the networks they work on provide faster connections for downloading content than previous generations of phones.
Every aspect of its promotional campaign, both online and offline, was continuously monitored and measured.
It involves making decisions - some day-to-day and some long-term - and includes planning, organising and co-ordinating activities.
Because of Geiger's wood manufacturing expertise, the custom Tablet furniture was still priced lower than competitive products, offering the university exceptional value for finely crafted furniture. This enabled adidas to demonstrate that becoming the Official Sportswear Partner of the London Games and the exclusive licensee of all branded (adidas + London 2012) and event branded (London 2012 only) apparel was cost effective.
At Great Mills, management specifications include four areas relating to the qualities and abilities of managers.
For example, noisy night-time deliveries or a smelly factory would be unpopular with local residents.Internal stakeholders are groups within a business - eg owners and workers.
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